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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

March 10, 2010

Outing for today

Well today since we had money went out to get food for about two weeks. We have to take the bus since we dont have a car and it was kinda crazy. Getting on was alright but little people was on it because it had snow the night before and kinda stayed for today. We went shopping at walmart...had to help out an old person for the second time this week. They dont help anyone out at all and kinda sad that customers have to help others in need.After doing that sat outside for oh ten minutes get on with my hands full of groceries and the lady infront of us was being super noisy and really rude. Asking me what im making and to just shut her up told her making italian chicken and then baking on the side. She asked if it was for class which i dont go to school and said no making it for me and my fiance. She gave me a rude look like shessh you dont need that much food and just turned around. Then the whole way back to get home she was eavesdropping on what me and my fiance were talking about. That was very rude and just try to ignore it but comeon do people have to be that dang rude. And it was like that since yesterday at rush hour at walmart. Rude people i was lucky to keep my temper in check. Sigh people need to learn manners in montana or get more iq.

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