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January 31, 2011

My thoughts on somethings.....

Well i haven't been able to get on as i like too, but i finished Memoirs of Cleopatra, by Margaret George. And i must say, ive written a couple of things on it, while i was reading it. I know i know, the thing im going to paste is comparing her to Elizabeth Tudor, but i only did so, because people has always said, that Cleopatra was a great ruler, and only Elizabeth Tudor came into my mind, she is the only one who has done a great job in ruling. SO here is what i thought of the book, and i will add one more thing before i paste it, I think that Margaret George did a good job in writing the history on her, but do not agree with the one thing i stated before hand. :)

About the book im reading, Memoir of Cleopatra, is sorta getting on my nerves. Only thinking she is a true queen but not loving her people and etc. Only wanting human love and need a man to make that happen. In these areas she isnt strong at all, just a weak woman for those days, and cant governor her people without a male at her side. okay so here is the stuff before hand.

In my wallet,.....
comparison to Elizabeth Tudor and her

In the beginning of reading this book, it took me almost 6 months to pick this book back up. That's how boring Cleopatra's earlier childhood was to me. Was almost like the rest of the historical books went but this one seemed dull to me. I wonder why George made it boring? Since her other biographies are really interesting. Im about a third into the book and finally it has picked up a lot. Thankgoodness for that. It is pretty interesting that Cleopatra is sorta like Elizabeth Tudor, in a sense. But then it is only a few things.

Like some aspects, Cleopatra and Elizabeth did rule as queens, with good heads on their shoulders.-- but after almost half way through with it, i dont think cleopatra is ruling with a good head anymore.

I think both are independent-well not anymore. and have minds of their own, and again not what i thought of in the beginning.

Had lovers in secret, well cleopatra had sorta with caesar but then came public. While elizabeth everyone knew that her lover but didnt really say anything about it. It was hidden all the while. Only her few, trusted people knew.
both loved their land more so than the husbands/lovers. but then again cleopatra is more for the husbands and not her land.

now the opposites

Cleopatra ruled with husbands.
Eliazbeth didnt. She married the church.

Cleopatra had children, four to be exact.
Elizabeth didnt have children, but was rumored to have

Cleopatra was/is compared to Isis and other titles.and believes in the gods/goddess.
Elizabeth was called the Virgin Queen and she believed in God.

Cleopatra didnt understand nor how to combat war.
Elizabeth did, she was fierce in all things as a boy should.

Cleopatra indulged in her feminine side, like sex,clothes,and etc.
Elizabeth indulged in her masculine side. Loved hunting,riding, entertainment,fashion was her only feminine thing she loved.

I think the reason i like Cleopatra is because she is sorta like Elizabeth but in her own time. And after reading further into the book, i see that my interest has faded completely. I will read the rest of the book and will lay rest that scratch i had itched.

i think reading more about these historical figures kinda give you a deeper look into who they were, how they lived their lives, ruled and etc.

It gives me great pleasure to read and soak in as much as possible about these people, because i feel like they are a part of me. Almost feels like its part of my lineage and i must know more, must research until i can fill this thirst of mine.

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