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July 13, 2011

Pressing matters.....

Well i am quite mad as you can say that. I know today isnt the day i found out about this but still its finally sinking in. As some of you know it, there is a huge if but i think it will kick in, that the social security in the US will get cut because you know why, because oh thats right no money.
So twenty million people(if not more) will be out of homes and etc on Aug.3 if this goes through. I have never liked this president and this is the reason why. Ever since he got into office its been him spending money on bull shit. Everything has been collecting up.

In fact last year we had a lot of people with out homes because you got it, not enough money for the whole nation. You know what got hit the most, home owners. Yea we got a bail out, but do you know where that money went to, you got it to most of the car dealers and businesses got it and only about maybe four to six percent of home owners got the bail out.

This is what our nation is coming down too. If you vote for him to stay for another two years, i will tell you this, within half a year we will broke and not have anything left. I advise that these college dumb asses and etc vote for someone else, but that will probably not be the case.

Oh yea, did i forget to mention that this will hit the poor but lets talk about the government paychecks. They havent talked about doing that. Oh yea, they make a lot of money. The president gets about fifty dollars an hour.. now they can cut back his fucking check, and what about the rest of the gov. cut all their checks back. Let them have checks that are about the same as ours, about six to ten dollars and hour. That is fair enough. But no they want to take out the poor. Why else would they hit social security? Hmmm...

But anyways I just had to rant this for a bit, because i feel pretty bad for the people who this will hit.

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