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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

July 5, 2011

What is on my mind lately....

Sorry i havent been on lately. I still havent been feeling all that well. So ive been trying to relax and hoping my stomach would be better. Seems like some days it is okay but then others it isnt. I still dont know what is going on with it. Daddy got me vitamins and sunflower seeds where there is iron in it. I've been taking them and hoping that is the solution to why it is hurting so bad. It seems like it helps calms down my stomach but it acts right back up when i eat anything. So im eating pretty light, since for one it is stinking hot out and two because i dont want it to hurt so much.
I really do hope it gets better. Sigh. Okay on another note, I had a pretty good fourth of July. Before the third, W/we tried to shoot fire works but couldnt. Just didnt know where to shoot them off at, since Daddy's uncle got pretty dangerous ones. W/we went to a park here, which was a good place to shoot them but it was sorta a fancy park and closed at ten p.m. So W/we only got to shoot off some for maybe like ten minutes or so. And of course got bit by misquotes a thousand times. Not even funny, espically when im sorta allergic to them. So after that W/we waited till the third. W/we went up town, maybe like five minutes away from O/our house and went to that park. Which was pretty nice. W/we did the fire works for about two hours and then stop since the public fire works started. W/we watched them, which wasnt too bad.
What was surprising is that i did some fire works. Usually im the one who just holds the fire works and Daddy and his uncle shoot them off. But Daddy wanted me to, and i was like sure why not. So i shoot off some of the spinning things. Which was fun, but burnt myself probably seven, eight times. The punks are freaking dangerous lol. After that W/we went home, and of course go upstairs and i look at my legs, im bitten so many freaking times by misquotes. Somehow i dont remember them getting me. Ugh, I was just trying to forget my pain for a bit and have some fun, which it hurt like hell. But i wanted a good memory with Daddy. :)

So on another note I found something out, which didnt really surprise me, but sorta made me upset. Well Daddy found the uncle internet bill on the couch and he read it. It shows that W/we are behind by a couple of months. It needs to be paid, but since the uncle just wants to pay the electricity because he has too or it goes out or choose the internet. I think its pretty stupid. He has enough money to buy his food which he racks up to a whooping four hundred bucks. In two weeks. And then buys anything else that he doesnt need. Like he goes to bsw each day and buys things he doesnt need, for about twenty plus dollars. Never uses it. And on the food, he only eats a bit of it and then lets it goes to waste. I sure wish we could do that. Just let O/our food go to waste whenever we feel like it. But W/we cant. Oh because its just stupid to not eat any of it and like you are just throwing your money away. He is upset because he has to pay a lot of money on the electric. Well shouldnt of let it go down the tube. It was only 90 some odd dollars for a month but since he let it go and thought the Gov. will just pay it, that it is racked up to paying 170 a month. I dont know why he thinks its okay to let bills go unpaid. I just think its unfair. When Daddy had a job he was paying all the stuff in the house. W/we paid the electric on time, we paid the internet, the rent etc. W/we didnt gripe about it. And on top of that made less than the uncle. So we paid for everything and got O/our own food. So if we could make it on that, then the uncle can surely make it on his. He makes more than Daddy ever made.
But the reason he cant pay the stuff is because A.) He is a big baby. B.) He uses his money on useless stuff. C.) Gets everyone else to pay it instead of him. Sigh, i just wish W/we can get out of here soon and just be on O/our own. I know that he has money because he is thinking of flying back down to his sisters place. And you have to have money for that. It is nice to get a break from him and all his damn drama. It gives me and Daddy about two weeks to do O/our D/s relationship more freely and be actually happy and content.

Oh almost forgot. I am reading the Wizards first rules series by Terry Goodkind. It is really good. Im on about chapter three already. I love the fantasy in it. Kinda makes you wonder what is going to happen next and i love that in a book. I have had always heard good things about him and i finally decided to pick up his books and read them. Glad i did. Im the type of person who really doesnt like wizards and dragons in fantasy, since they are done so many times and you really cant be original with it. Kinda gets monotonous but once someone does it in a good way then i can get into it. This is one book that i can. The only other dragon or dragon fantasy i love is the movie, Dragon Heart.

On the other books... that i am reading. Okay on the Black jewel trilogy, I havent really read anymore of it. I may pick it up soon enough. I mean it is alright but this one isnt one of her best books. It is alright for what it is, but it could really pick up. I'm about probably a hundred pages into it and its not picking up. She barely talks about Dameon and not any of the other characters that she made up. Its like she got onto this different idea and made up these other characters. If you are going to do that then make it a different series with them in it. You already made this story with the main characters so why not talk about them and about their past. I just dont get it. If it is the very first book of the series, you would think it would be about the characters she has already made up. Nope, its about different people but the same surroundings and such. Maybe that is why i just cant get into this book. Who knows maybe it will pick up, i hope it does.

On the next book, I am reading Middlemarch as well. Yes i read about five to six books at once. But anywho Middlemarch is really good. Im on about chapter six or so, i know im reading these books slowly, since im not feeling so well. You would think i would read them a bit more since im not well but that isnt how i am. I like to read them when im not in pain and in the mood. This book is a Victorian Era book, which i love so much and it is pretty good. i know most will say its boring but it is a gothic tale, and that is what i love so much. I love the old gothic ones, kinda keeps you gripping on the edge for more. And this book exactly does that.

Now this book that im reading is with Daddy. (Gasp) Surprise huh lol, i know i am. He never reads books. I mean W/we tried reading books together but he is soooo picky. But this one, it is called Sodom and Gomorrah In Search of lost times. It is another classic and seems very interesting. I like the metaphors of the flowers, which represents sex. Very interesting how he had written it. W/we are on Chapter two of that novel and hopefully soon enough to read more of it. Hmm i think this is the end of my little rant for today. Until next time....

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