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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

November 7, 2011

Interworks of Ashpea, Part three

*This needs to be revised and edited, but i will post it for now, and repost the new one, when i have the chance*(This is the story, how the damsel met her knight)

Oh, where oh where do i begin with this tale. This one, is sorta still going, so it will be sorta like a cliff hanger, til i get more memories, more things to write about. But, this tale, begins with a damsel in distress and a lonely knight. You wonder how do these two meet each other, you say?
Well, here we go. On a muggy, hot summer's night, the damsel was on the computer, chatting with people, somehow trying to make friends, and to talk about God to others. She was a complex person, you can say.
Always talking to herself, always quiet, unless someone speaks to her, or if she thinks she needs to speak up. Always, obeying orders, and always confused why she did them. Even when she was compelled not to do them. And on that fateful night, she had thought over and over, of ending her life.

She couldn't take the pressure of being abused by people. Couldn't take the pressure of being a burden to anyone anymore. And that night, she was on the computer, trying her hardest to talk to someone about what was going through her mind. That night she had prayed and prayed that God would help her out. To not take her life, or to even cut so deep, that she would need to go to the hospital.

She had cried all the tears she could and her courage was ticking before her. What was she suppose to do? She knew that if she killed herself, she would go to hell. And she also knew that her cutting was getting out of hand, and needed someone's help, someones guide to get her through this. To tell her, it will be alright. A crying she goes, hoping someone would listen to her and open her eyes...

He was a lonely knight, looking for new friends online. That fateful night, someone spooked him to his very core, that he went online, to seek someone to share his feelings, to help him cope with his fears. And that is why, you see him, scanning the rooms for people to talk to.

But, lets get some insight, of who he is, maybe that will show you, why he was on, that fateful night.

He has always been a loner, always wanting friends in his life. To share thoughts and hobbies together, and to not be so alone in this world. He has been sheltered all his life, and he yearned to be free from that sheltering. Free, to do what he wanted on his own time. He has always felt, like no one truly cared for him, and that is why he was on, that fateful night.

It was that and feeling afraid, that he needed some security in someone, even may that be a stranger, to calm down, and try to sleep.

Until,he kept seeing this name in the chat room.

He kept pondering if that name was a bot, or if she was just a spoiled brat, that thought her life was so horrible, but in reality, it was really good. Until, he had this feeling, he should try and chat with this person.
In the end, he was glad of meeting this girl. Glad that he could talk to her, without being so closed up. And she was grateful, that He was in her life now. Glad that someone cared an inkling of what she talked about. And the two of them, chatted and hit it awkwardly off, until well through midday, the next day.

After that night, they started to chat more and more, and ended up, talking on the phone, that led to trusting more and more of each other.

In those months they known each other, their souls had collided with one another. Syncing into one heart, that beats strong, without merely being together in real life.
In their moments of knowing they were going to be together forever, their lives had gotten even worse.

You see, the damsel's mother, did not like the knight at all. She knew the knight was stepping on toes, and wanted to take the damsel out of the grasp of the evil dragon.
So the evil dragon, kept hurting the damsel more and more, taking away computer, phone and everything, telling the damsel to never talk to the knight.

But what the dragon didn't know, is that this damsel had a mind of her own. A will that went beyond the dragon's ambition to keep her locked away, that she started talking to the knight, without the dragon knowing.

How to keep the dragon at bay, was to please her in any way, so she wouldn't suspect anything was out of the ordinary, when one night, in December, a phone bill came in. The dragon took one look at it, and started hurting the damsel for it.

After that, the damsel had to work very hard to pay off for the mistake the dragon had done. And in due time, the knight, knew what was going on. He had to figure a way to stop this evil dragon from her evil deeds, but he wasn't sure how to do that.
How can you truly stop an evil dragon from her deeds, she thinks she is doing right? As time wore on, and the abuse kept going, the knight asked the damsel to come live with him.

But the damsel was confused and conflicted to stay with her family. She didn't know if she could truly leave her family, knowing that maybe somehow she could make a family out of it. Until one may day,some months of meeting her knight. That the day came, she had to be whisked away from her evil plight.
The day, where everything had turned so ugly. She still doesn't know, how it turned so out of control. When the words came out, that she was to leave in a few days, after she was fired from her job.
Bouts of fighting, hitting and ugly names were called for hours on end. Until that night, those dreaded words came to form. The threat, the damsel was worried, that would come true at any time. The threat on her life, that she needed to flee.

And how those three days were so bad on the damsel, she couldn't sleep,unless the door was locked, and her knight on the mic with her. Staying up, to watch her sleep and to hear if anything is going on, if the damsel was asleep.

Finally the day came, where she was to meet her knight, who had turned into prince charming, from saving her from her family. She was so nervous, that she couldn't sleep, nor eat anything for two days straight. And while that was going on, she clutched her plush tiger to death, fearing, if he would like her in real life, like he has done on the computer.

And after a day of flying, she met her prince charming. Very charming indeed he was. First meeting him, was an instant struck to her core. She knew he was her soul mate from day one. He was to take care of her for the rest of her life.
Yet, this tale isn't over just yet. Going home, was something special, that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Sitting next to him in the taxi, both so quiet, nervousness was in the air. The taxi cab driver asked if we knew each other long, and made some small chit chat. Until he took my tiger from my arms, and started giving him his soul. Making my tiger talk to me, to ease the nervousness in the air. And that will never leave this damsel's mind.

Now, wouldn't you like to know, what has happened with prince charming and the damsel, you may ask? Well we will see in a few moments.

In the background,five years they have known each other. The knight, turned into prince charming, turned into a Master in the B.D.S.M lifestyle. While the damsel turned into a princess and into a slave in the lifestyle. Who is bonded to her Master to this day still. And their love for one another has grown and intertwined even more so to this day.

Their bond for one another, is so strong, that nothing will break it. Nothing will be able to break these souls from one another.

And that is how these two found one another, that fateful night.

*yes, i know this needs to be corrected and added to, but i generalized a lot for now, because i will go into depth with it, in another chapter or part. Why so many wholes in this one, sorry for that. *

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