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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

November 27, 2011

Maybe Delusional dreams i had last night.

I had two dreams last night that stood with me. Not sure why, but these are kinda scary and then again not.

i will go with the first one i had..

i was sorta back at my old place, or maybe my new one.. not sure which, but i know that i was leaving and going somewhere else. Then i was on the train with my so called best friend. She was going with me, and we were best friends. I had tiger and kanga with me, and i didnt want to go anywhere without them. Of course had stops on the way, and we all got out, to get something to eat, and we stop at safeway.. i ate a couple of pears, and it had oreo cookies in it. And i thought that was weird. Went to paid for the stuff and the train blew the whistle and the conductor said, you have a minute to get on...
 So, thought had enough time to at least pay and get on the train. But it started going and i was stunned by it. I thought we had a minute to get on, and i knew it wasnt that long at all. So, we all sit there, and the train was going. We didnt want to leave without paying for the food,and the lady said go ahead, dont want you guys to get stranded.. So we ran to the train, and it stopped. Got on, and i didnt have tiger or kanga at all, and i had to pull the emergency cord to go and get them..

 And that is all i remember of this dream. i think some of my real memories got tangled up in this dream. Think being sick is making me have delusional dreams, and i dont like havin these sort of dreams at all.

Onto the second dream...

This one was a bit weird. I remember being at home, the old house, watching some weird shows with mom. And it was on ABC, or something like that, and it was a Disney movie or something. Then it kinda switched to me being on the beach, and i was swimming in the ocean. I was scared and cold, and didnt know what had happened at all. Still thought this was a movie or something, so i just floated there, stunned.
 I finally realized that i was a mermaid, and my goal and the reason i came up to the surface was to find someone alike, or maybe a human friend to love. So, i keep swimming and swimming, and going out more into the ocean.
From there, it kinda switches that i bumped into this girl. She was pretty nice and quiet and i asked her what she was going out here and such, and she never gave me an answer. She just walked toward me, into the ocean.. and i was a bit scared that if she found out i was a mermaid, what she would do to me.(mind you, this part had a Mistress feel to it, and not sure why).. and she starts swimming with me. Im holding onto tiger, and lambie as hard as i can, while swimming..

 And for some reason, a ship was coming our way, i said, hide.. really loud, and we went under the water. It took me two or three times, to hit the deep end, and swim to the area i was familiar with. Finally got down there, and its this house, that i made my own. It was pretty neat. Had quite a bit of bedrooms and wht not, and i had my own bedroom. I made it into one of the little childrens bedrooms.. and i went in there to read a book.Mind you, that bedroom was full of books.. and what funny, is that, none of the stuff, was wet. it was like, it was in its own little bubble.

And the lady i was with, she was amazed at where she was at. and i told her, do you like it? She was a little bit scared, saying the celing may come down, so we both went out, but before that, i said we are under water. Trying to hint what we were. I think she knew, because she wasnt surprised or anything. So, we swimmed out of it, and it was dark and such. While i was squeezing through the coves and such to get out.. and trying to hold onto tiger and lambie all the while.

Finally got out of the coves and such, and came to the surface, and i didnt have tiger or lambie, and i was panicking. i was aksed her where they were at, and she said she had them. so, i was relieved about that.

Then switched to us going to this bar or something, to met up with some people. But, insteAad it was this weird, mall type place. And the lady wanted to check her eyes out, and when she did that, it turned the security devices on.. so we had to book it, and we were hiding in a weird bathroom/garage.

 Some people were following us, so we got into this car, and drove off.. and while in the car, you could see an areal view of Cal. and it made me sick...

and this is all i remember of this dream.
 Now, im not sure why im having these dreams, but i can slightly guess, it was because i didnt have my emotions in check, and gave me these weird dreams. Or it could be, that im sick right now, and i always get delusional dreams, which suck like hell. Who knows, well Until next time.....

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