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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 15, 2011

Conversation and thoughts on sex....

dp=dumb person

me:lol i love
me;how people say
me:you need sex
me:likes its an addiction
dp:love is love
me:yes love is love, but there is more than sex
dp:in love
dp:if people own u
dp:they cant love u
me:hm only one person owns me lol
me:yes they can
me;i am owned and HE loves me with His whole heart
me:i think someone needs to learn more about the lifestyle
me:instead of assuming things
dp:its not that
me:yes it is
me:you have no clue
dp:its just that y no sex?
me:what a D/s relationship is bout
me:because you dont have to hve sex
me:to be in love with someone
me;or to be owned
dp:u can have sex with ur partner
me:not sure what put it into your head, that sex is love and nothing else. me:But, i think you need to learn what love truly is
me:W/we dont want it
me:dont need it
dp:ok wat is love?
me:love is hard work. Love is something you do with actions, by caring for a 
me:person, helping them in need, making time for them, to grow, to learn to 
me:bond. And that doesnt involve sex
me:sex, is just the act of having babies, and not a true emotion that goes me:into it. Sure
me;sometimes making love is good, but its not like that all the time
dp:but wat about the desires
me:the feelings
me:those are fleeting moments
me;those only last what two minutes or so
dp:they come naturally
me:what about the stuff afterwards?
me:no, they do not
me:it comes from making them come up
dp:no 1 invites the feelings
me:yes they do
me:why its called foreplay
me:for sex
dp;wen ur with ur partner u do foreplay
dp:then sex
me:and those feelings come up. Why i say they are fleeting moments
me:they dont stay at all
dp:wat about wen ur without ur partner and ur alone
me:I do my own thing. I miss Him, and i think about Him, but i do my hobbies
dp:and u get the feelings
me:reading and writing mostly
me:i dont have sex on the brain 24/7
me:i dont get those feelings
dp:well may be u dont realise
dp:wen some1 touches u
dp:u would
me:no i dont
me;i really hate it when someone touches me
dp:even if some1 kisses u?
me;i dont like that as well.
dp:wat if some1 holds u and kisses u off guard?
me;i would smack the fuck out of them
me:i dont like to be off guard, because it brings up things
dp:but im afraid of u
me:lol why?
dp:coz ur going to smack me and box me if i kiss u or touch u
me:lol, if it off guard
dp:u know there is no harm in kissing
me:for me it is lol
dp:its just another sign of love n care
me:id ont like to show my affections, like in public and such
me:but i do show it differently

Okay, i was chatting with someone on the topic of sex.It does come up a lot since I'm in the lifestyle and a lot of people assume that it is all sexual and what not. So, of course this topic came up once again. But, i take a different approach with this. Why do people love sex so much? Is it because of the intimacy they get from it? Is it because in some way they feel loved? Is it to just to feel pleasure? What is the real reason behind so many people making sex sound like an addiction? Because clearly i can not comprehend this at all.

Sure, i have had sex a few times. Not the greatest memories i have and why i am still not quite active in it.But, i still cant grasp the fact that some people can not function without sex. Sex can be a beautiful thing but not all the time. It's not always going to be that wonderful. It's not always going to be something you need in life. Maybe i cant grasp it, because i don't think about sex. I don't think i have to have it all the time and not function without it. And it shows in this pm here.

Asking me these kind of questions, are pretty much hard for me to answer because it is hitting my personal space. And also it is getting more into my life and Daddy's as well. So, it becomes hard for me to answer these questions without thinking of the reason behind it.

See as many of you know, i was raped when i was young. And it took a very long time to forget those memories, to block them to a certain point.So this does sorta shape my outlook on sex. It does make it a bit uneasy for me to understand why people need sex. But, then again, i don't understand it, because i don't have those feelings for the most part. But that doesn't mean, I'm not going to have sex for the rest of my life. I do enjoy it a bit, but not so much that it exceeds my every day thoughts and what not.

Maybe it will be a mystery to me for the rest of my life, but that doesn't mean, I'm not going to give up and not try to find out the answer behind some people needing and wanting it 24/7.Maybe its all the reasons that i have mentioned above. And that is why they crave it. But that doesn't mean, people like me and Daddy are freaks or weirdo's who hate sex. It's just that W/we don't need it or want it, like everyone else does.

W/we love to be O/ourselves and be different from everyone else, which W/we are. It's just W/we dont understand why others think W/we are strange for not having it. Strange for not needing it all the time. I have had so many guys tell me that if i was there gf they would have sex with me all the time. And i dont understand why.

The reason being is because i hate being touched. I hate being touched when I'm off guard and it will trigger memories and what not. Why i am delving slowly into this and trusting little by little with Daddy.But that doesn't mean  i do not love Him with all my heart and soul. It's just that sex for U/us is a little part of the love W/we have for E/each O/other.

And it makes me wonder if these people who crave it all the time, do they have the other part of love? The parts that you have to work on so hard to keep? I don't know, since i do not have those answers, but only assumptions, and i really hate assuming on things. Until next time....

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