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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 23, 2011

Conversation with friends....

Rk:nymph can u tell me abot ur life
Rk: what u do and what is like beng slave
Rk:please im curies
me;well in the lifestyle, im a domestic slave, like cleaning and cooking... also sadomasochism....
me;um like pain and such
Rk:what kinds of pain do u like it dos it hert
me:yes, it does hurt, but also pleasure... um well ive done whippings, drowning, choking etc
me:sadomasochism.. is love to give and receive pain
kb: whoa
kb:um slave
Rk:do u hert him to
me:no, ruk
me:He doesnt like pain
Rk:do u call him master
me:yes, but i call Him Daddy
kb:well you could tie him up and tickle him with a feather
SE;but i do respect nym for good judgment calls
me;lol kitty
me;i would get in so much trouble
Rk:do u cleen in no cloths
kb:oh or tie him up and eat cake off him >.>,,,,
me:no, i wear clothing
Rk:oh im sory
me;it's okay
me:kitty, i would still get into trouble lol
Rk:i shudnt ask but i realy am curies
me;its okay to be curious
me;just dont try any of this
kb: i wont
Rk:do u weer cloths he likes
me:i do caution that people who are of age, cautious
me:it is dangerous
me:um sometimes, ruk
me;i mostly wear what i want
Rk:do u get yell at when ur mad
SE:ow nym i did not know
me:well i yell at Him, and then that turns into a no no lol
kb: maybe we shouldnt ask but i gotta know
Rk:im sory tell me to stop if im embearesd u ok
me:i know ruk
me:lol know what kitty
Rk:u weer a coler yes
Rk:whats r rules u cant breek
me:um, yea, what is my mood mostly
me:well i can not cyber on here, or obey another Master
me:or not saying i will be His slave or something silly
me:no yelling, hitting, biting and etc
me:oh no photos to anyone
Rk:do he tie u up
me:um He has done it
me:but its a bit boring, and i can get out of it lol
kb:but its like a fluff thing right he doesnt really hurt you
Rk;do he tie u up or lock u places
me;no, i do get hurt, but
me;there is a limit to it
me;when i cant take it anymore, i will say stop or a safety word
kb:like a safe word
kb;knew it
Rk:like a cage or sumthing
me:usually He will stop and ask if im okay
me;no, i havent done cages
me;but i've been tied up and left downstairs for a while
Rk:and is abot girls beng slaves
me;usually, i say stop or i dont say anything He knows im not well
me:no, guys can be slaves as well
me:and girls can be the Mistress's
Rk:i think is intresting
me;it is interesting and fun, if you have the right person for this
me:but it is dangerous as well
me:so you gotta be careful no matter what
Rk:i think it wuld be fun to be a slave o.o
kb;i i couldnt do it though
me;its very hard
me;and challenging
Rk:or have one
me:ive came close to throwing in the towel five times lol
me:and its hard taking care of a slave lol
SE;yes agreed nym be carefull
me;yes, W/we are
me;like for example
Rk;i like that
me;wasnt careful one day, two months ago
SE;trust the one you are with
me;and i hurt myself pretty bad
me:this lifestyle
me;trust, communication
me;are the two most things you need
me;more so in this lifestyle
me;i have that with Daddy, but you can get hurt still
me;like i did lol
me;well not everyone can be in this lifestyle
Rk:is like u has to obey like havimasr i do martal arts i know how to lissen o.o realy good
me;yes, you obey your Master or Mistress
me;but there are limits and such to it
kb:its lik 4 play sorry ><
me;well for U/us, no.. kitty
me;this is just pure power exchange
Rk;ya like hasingmaster u just obey u dont ask why
me;oh, sometimes i do ask why
Rklor say no
me;lol and that gets me into trouble
me;and yes, i have said no
me;do it a lot lol
kb:nav its who she is >:O be have
Rk:who cares nymph
Rk;its who u r
me;oh i know it is who i am
me;this is just a glimpse of what people think of me
SE:if nym says he is wrong i do not judge
kb;they are dumb .___.
me;yea they are
Rk:and its sumthing i think is kool
me;they are ignorant and are not open minded
kb:its intersting to say the leat o.o
me;well people get scared after they hear just a little bit ive done in the past four years lol
me;i have that all the time, and i dont care. im proud to be a slave to my Daddy.. it is who i am
me;if you cant accept me for who i am, then you shouldnt be in my life
me:It's one of the reasons why my family doesnt speak to me anymore
me;with other major reasons lol
SE:acept or go on
me;and keep your opinions to yourself, if you dont like it lol
Rk:ya i think that to..i do sumthing..im ashamed of
SE:your personality oline is so sexy nym
me;i use to be confused, and a bit ashamed of being like this
kb:with the way things are now the world is aceptting some of it .___.
me;lol, i dont think it is lol
me;only a little bit, but there are countless
me;movies of negative on the lifestyle
me;and the way people talk to me
me;its still there, and id ont know if they will ever truly accept it
me;they say it is a disease
me;to be like pain and be in the lifestyle
kb:well maybe because they never tried it ^^
me;no, or even try to understand why people are in the lifestyle
me;and i mean the sane ones lol
Rk:nymph..i want to ask quesions agan
Rk:r uallow to work and has friends
me;yes, but work wont know that im in the lifestyle though, but friends will know
Rk;what cant u do dos ur master get mad at u when u come on wire club
me;i can chat on here
me;but of course there are boundaries
Rk:can u go out alone do u walk on a lesh sumtimes
me;like no cybering, no giving out photos, no personal stuff, like sex and stuff,
Rk:dos he know me xd
me;no obeying Masters or others on here
me:Yes, i can go on my own if i wanted, but it is not wise here
me;yes, ive been walked on a leash before and it is exciting
me;and He knows im on here, and i talk to people
Rk:i know it look exsiting
me;i like it, it makes me feel proud to be a slave
Rk:dos he know my name on here
me:maybe, i dont really talk about specific people though
me:He just knows im on here
Rk:ya..see i pictere in my head chains and nakedness and leshs
me:well no chains here, but um would like to have a punishment and rewards room one of these days though lol
Rk:lol whats it meen
me:well in the house, will have seperate rooms
me:sorta like a dungeon in the house for punishment
me;O/ours would be seperate... like having the tools for it and such
me:for the purposes of punishing and rewarding lol
Rk:wow how do u get punish
me:well most times, i am choked, and when i am on the floor at that time, then i am whipped with a belt, naked, legs,back, butt, thighs and etc
Rk:is it like on websites yes i go to porn websites the slave ones r my favorit
me:and for extreme cases, freezing cold showers and then the whippings
me:no, its way different for U/us
me;this is just pure power exchange
Rk:oh i c lots of humelitsion sites and i think wow so embaresing but i like it and i think of it and is sexy
me:yea, W/we've done a bit of that
me;and it is humiliating, but it can be interesting, just have to be careful and such.

Okay, this is just an insight of my friends on the Internet, who actually can like me for who i am. Answered the questions as best as i could, but this shows you that there are people who are curious in it, and are open minded, and then others who are close minded.

This is a bit different, but to show you, that people can be open minded and like you for who you are, and not make fun of the lifestyle you are in and etc. Until next time....

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