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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 15, 2011

Conversation with so called doms

S:well, why are you slave?
S:a slave?
me:because i am a slave in the BDSM lifestyle
me:hence the id name lol
S:oh, so you like hiting and stuffs...  ?
me:whippings and spankings yes
S:and slaps
me :im a masochist in the lifestyle
me:i dont like the terms hitting and such
S: ...Dv she migth be the one
me:one for what?
S:ok, sorry for using them
me:its okay
S:but we have been waiting for the one dv...can she be the one? is that enought to be the one?
me:one for what?
dv:it is
dv:soon i will sleep, she must be the one, ed
me:one for what?
dv:we have been waiting for this moment for ages
me:waiting for what?
S: i know..it finaly ...is time dv..time to unleash our power and own her...
dv:slave do you have a master?
me:um no
me:I am engaged and owned
dv:but together we can do it
me:oh no you are not
S:but way if his owner, what do we do with him?
dv:he doesn't need to know
S:what about his owner?
dv:we won't tell
me:No, it will not happen
me:seriously dont make me get my Daddy
dv:it's our dark secretget ur daddy
dv:we can own him too
me:you will be told off
me:um no
dv:hurry up before i fall asleep
me:well then you will just fall asleep then
me:you need to learn what this lifestyle is about
dv:teach us
me:before trying something totally stupid
me:well for one
me:this is lifestyle is CONSENT
me:and when a slave is owned
dv:is owned
me:and her Master will not let her play
me:you leave her the hell alone
dv:ed shall we go on?
dv:or get another one
me:now go somewhere else with it
me:yes, get another one
S:i dont think so, i think we were wrong
me:because i am not in the mood tonight

Okay, how funny is it, that after i get done blogging about one pm i get this in a main chat room. It never ends lol. So, again, this is to show you, how crazy people are, who are in the lifestyle, and also people's thoughts and such. And tonight, people who are in the lifestyle, think they can just own me. Luckily i am writing here and no on regular paper, because my handwriting would be atrocious. But, anyways, lets begin this, shall we.

Okay, So the first thing that is highlighted is about something i really hate people writing. Asking me if i like to be hit and such. with this lifestyle it is consent, so saying i love to be hit, makes it sound like im in an abusive relationship and such. Why, i hate those words being written. It is whipping and such.. its less threatening for one, and two, doesn't really sound abusive.
 You may think this is silly, but i have had quite a few conversations about the terms and how they are used and such. Why, you have to be careful at what you say in this lifestyle. If you don't choose your words correctly, it can start a huge fight. Silly i know, but you can also understand why. This lifestyle gets a lot of rap for that and why so many are close minded on it.

Okay, this is where i start getting upset. With the purple and yellow text, it shows they are talking about me and ignoring what i am saying. Sorry, i know i am a slave, i know my place, but one thing you do not want to do to me, is cut me out of a conversation, especially since i am not your slave. Keep me in the loop, and don't keep doing this and ignoring me, all it does, is pisses me off. I really hate when people ignore me and talk about me when I'm right there. It shows me, first of all, that you are thinking and up to something, two, making some kind of plans with the other person, and it has to involve me.
 Sorry, I've been through a lot in my life, all that does, is brings up things in the past. I do not like to be whispered about, when I'm in a room, i don't like being ignored and planning a scheme.

The next bit, is a bit illogical for me. Why ask me if i am owned, if you already have your mind made up? Why waste your words and ask me, if i am owned, when you already have it set that i am going to do what you want. That still boggles me, and also it makes me upset. Why ask a question, if you are not going to listen to the answer at all. Still kinda makes me wonder about people. Maybe they think they will get their answer, but you have a rude awakening with me.

Now, the next bit in purple and blue, make bothers me a bit. For one, it shows how crazy and unstable they really are. Trying to gang up on me, and trying to do a "gang rape". Sorry, this isn't going to happen at all. All that does is brings out my Domme side. You will just piss me off, and i can click over when i have to, and that will set it off. Plus, trying to dominant my Daddy as well, will only set off my tiger side. No one, messes with Daddy. I don't care who you are, but you will not joke about trying to take me away from Daddy or try to assume my Daddy is something He is not.
 All that will do, is set me off, and become a bitch. And I'm not pretty when I'm a bitch. But of course, you do have people in this lifestyle, think they can take whatever they want. And in this case, you get to see it. I hate when so called dom's think they can own me and do what they want.

To me, all it will do, is piss me off, and you will not earn the right to be called properly. That is why trust and respect are earned not given. And why most can not fathom that. But, as they were putting their heads together, you can see that their logic, would not work, as for one, it is virtual, second, how can they do this stuff? That is one thing, i can not understand about people in this lifestyle. Well, i mean the fakes ones at least. Why do they think they have the power when its via Internet?
 I mean, what can they do? If you think about it, nothing, unless they are really crazy can find you by your email and such. But of course, i hope most of you are smart enough to hide your information and not give it out. But any who, i just don't get why they think they are superior over the Internet.
 There are far more limits than it is in real life, so why do they delude themselves into this kind of thinking. My guess is that they are so far gone, that they don't care if their logic is sound or not.

So that makes me wonder, would they pull this stunt in real life? I really hate thinking this question over and over, and it creeps me out. Because i think, in some ways, they would really do this, and i feel sorry for girls who allow this. It just boggles my mind that so many people do this. They think that this lifestyle is by taking the power instead of giving it. They think that, well with power exchange, it doesn't have to be consent, and we will take it when we want. That is not how this lifestyle operates, yet people still do this, and most of all, slaves let it slide.
 I think that slaves especially need to step up their game, and be actually a bit more dominant when it comes to these people and give them a taste of a reality check. Sometimes it works but not all the time, but i think it would help lower the people who think they are dom because of what they know and such.

The next bit shows me that they have no clue what this lifestyle is about. Basically in words, i am to shush and do what they want and keep it from Daddy. Sorry, but W/we do not work like that. In this lifestyle, you have to be open all the time with your Master or Mistress. That means not keeping secrets, keeping things that are important from them and etc. That also goes for this.
 For most Dom's and Domme's they will not let their slave/subs to not "play" with anyone without their consent or not at all. In my case, this is both of O/our agreement, that i will not "play" with others and same for Him.So, that means, i am not going to keep secrets from my Daddy. I am not going to obey another Dom because i am a slave.
 Sorry, but that is not what slaves are all about. A lot of people think slaves don't have a say so and do the bidding's of all Dom's and Domme's. That is false. We only listen to O/our Masters or Mistress's. No one else, if they say to obey another one, then we will, but other than that, its not going to happen like that. We have a mind of our own, and not some kind of robot or weakling. No, we are strong, and we have a lot of say so in this lifestyle, and you can see that in this chat.

Now, the thing that they don't understand is this. You can not Dom a Dom.That is illogical and also irony or a oxymoron. That being said, how can you Dom a Dom, if they are truly a Dom. They are the top and you cant bend their will just because they are a Dom. Now, if they were a switch then yes, because they yield to that, but other than that, you cant. So, it makes me wonder, do they even know about this lifestyle, i mean the basics as well. To me, i conclude that they have no clue about anything in this lifestyle but deluding and delving into their desires as they wish to be a Dom.

At the end of this conversation, you get to see, that maybe a little bit, they are getting a wake up call. I know i am hoping way too much here, but as you see, they get the picture and finally leave me alone, after i put them on block and kicked their butts out, but it also shows, that i can handle things on my own. And that, no one can really tame me but Daddy and only Him because the secret is, i let Him. But, i do want to say before i end this, that i advise you, if you see people like this, tell them off and go somewhere else, because these people are always abusive and crazy. Always look out for yourself when you dont have a Dom to take care of you. Until next time.......

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