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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 12, 2011

An eventful night.....

*Whatever i go into detail with, this is consent on both parties. Me and daddy do agree on this and this is not abuse.*

I am pretty much wiped out, right now. For some reason Daddy was in the mood to discipline me tonight. Sure, i disobeyed but not so much to get the treatment i did.(giggles). But, it was different, and i like trying new things.

Today, Daddy tried and did, scratching and poking with a fork. Yes, taking a fork and scraping it along my back and everywhere else that i am sensitive at. That means my feet.Ugh, that is one place i even hate Daddy touching or messing with, is my feet. And of course He makes a bee line for my feet.

I gave a fight, which is why i am very sore now. But all and all it was fun. It was new, and it was a lot of dominating me. The only thing that i was worried about was my wound from October. But, it was exciting. Finally Daddy is being more dominant, which is what i am pushing Him to be. And i really liked that.

Now the hard part comes into play. w/we have to take care of E/each O/other. I come down from the so called high and i have to take care of Him because He starts to act up on His breathing and such. Im pretty much worn out, but of course being a 24/7 slave, i don't get to relax really. Sure, i get to calm down for about an hour or so, and then it is right back to doing chores and such.
 i really don't mind it, but sometimes, doing this, can wipe me out a little bit more than other times. It's just that, i guess sometimes, i want to throw in the towel and whine and say i want to have a break. Yea i know, its a whiny bit of me, but it is who i am, and what i struggle with a lot.

But, that is the whole part of this lifestyle. it is the challenges we go through, the joys we have and etc. This is why its called a lifestyle because you work on it each and every day. You do not have any stops or breaks and it does wear you down.

That is why i am writing this down, to jot down my thoughts, jot down my emotions to show what goes on, in my life each and every day. To show my struggles and how i get through them. I am merely not trying to brag or say, well hey look at me. That isn't who i am. I do this blog, to show what i go through, and why i love being a slave. and it is also, a lesson being taught as well.
 To show new slaves/subs of some of the challenges they will face as they progress in this lifestyle, what to do and etc. This is to show, what the mind and body will be going through and how you get through.

Like for instance. Right now, i am very sore, and pretty much bruised and cuts. But, that is what i love and why I'm a masochist. I love seeing the bruises and the cuts, it shows me that i took this for Daddy and that He is proud of me. But, that is part of being in sadomasochism.

There are times, i think to myself, I'm not a real masochist, because i cant take the pain, or i don't want it. Sometimes i whine and cry about it and it makes me rethink, am i truly a masochist. And the answer is, yes. Not all the time can i be a perfect little mousy who is a masochist, and love pain all the time. The body is sensitive and you just want to be left alone. That is what we are, humans, and it happens from time to time. It just sucks, that my mind will go into that routine when i don't feel like being touched, or when i don't want the pain. It makes me rethink things over a lot, but of course that is me over thinking a lot.

But tonight, was interesting. It was something new that went on, and my mind wraps around it, well because its new to me. It makes me think well do i like this, and why do i like it. And if i hate it, then why do i hate it and from there talk to Daddy about it. And that is how the lifestyle is suppose to go on.. not like its always going to be perfect.
  Okay, so i need to stop rambling and get on with, do i like it or not and why. Hm, this hard for me.I think this one is half and half for me.
 Lets get to the pros and cons and why i liked it and didn't like it, shall we.

Pros- Daddy being more Dominant-big plus
 Love being helpless
 Trusting Daddy

Cons-Hate feet being messed with
 Didn't like at times i couldn't get away and was trying my hardest
 Hated ears being messed with
 My tigerness coming out
 Worried He might hit my wound

Okay, so that is mostly the pros and cons to that, and why i liked and dislike it. With the pros i like it because Daddy is finally becoming more of a dominant, which i have been trying to strive for. I love doing what He wants when He is in control. Means i can be tied down or pinned down and He still is in charge. Always love that feeling. And the other two, of course always play a huge key into this. And it is a wonderful feeling to have when you are doing some dangerous things.

 Now the cons. The cons for the most part are a bit shallow or such. I really don't like people messing with my feet. Its an old thing with me, and i don't even let Daddy mess with them. Why He went straight for them. So, i try my hardest to kick away when i could. I also don't like my ears to be messed with.And i think that is what most of the turn offs came into play. Is that thinking, i really don't like it, and why it is punishment.

But all and all, i pretty much liked it. I liked the teasing and when it would stop and it was exciting. Would i do it again, sure, hopefully not on the feet and such, but i would do it again.The only draw back to this is that i become sore and bruised from these activities. But that is what this lifestyle is for. Until next time....

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