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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 15, 2011

A little look of what goes on,in the internet world

scf=so called friend

me:just relaxing and doing my slave duties here and there
scf:why u always says , Salve.. its feels awkward tome. .don't use the word slave
me:because it is who i am
me:i am a slave in the BDSM lifestyle
scf:u just love the man .. not his slave
me:I am His slave
me:and i am also His fiancee
me:same with Him. He is my Daddy and He is also my fiancee
scf:kkk.. u don't know the proper meaning of slave..
scf:who can't do a single thing without the permission of his master..
me:i do know the meaning of it
me:and i dont do anythign without Daddy's permission
me:but i do have a mind of my own
me:it doesnt mean im a robot, but i do what He wants and wishes
me:and such
scf:don't u fall asleep .....as u r own.. so how can u say that u can't
me:i dont lol
me:I dont yell at Daddy or cuss Him out. I cant sleep when i want to, i me:wake up when He wakes me up, i cook for Him, i do what He wants
me:i do nothing on my own.. except here and there
me:other than that, Daddy tells me what to do
scf:so ur not the real slave ..
me:lol i am
scf:so plz don't call u r self with this word Slave
me:i am a slave
me:in the lifestyle and it is who i am
scf:tell me one thing . shall i ever see u r face.. ?
me:i dont know
scf:even i don't know ??
me:well im saying, i dont know if you can even see my pics
scf:yeah.. thats what , am i want know !
me:i dont know
scf:who u scared of me ??
me:no, rules
me:BDSM lifestyle
scf:am not going to reveal anything abt u !!3
scf:yup . no rules .. so why u bound to be isolated one
me:it doesnt matter
me:yes, i have my rules, it is who i am
scf:should come forward n show n write abt u .. like the others ppl does
me:this is my lifetyle
me:im not like everyone else
me:and im not going to do that
me:I live in my lifestyle, that comes first
me:i do write about myself, or who i am
me:in my blog and on here
me:that should be enough of what it says about my character
me:and not by pics
scf:but i will question u everyday .. whenever we talk to each other
me:and the answer will still be a no, on the pics
me;other things, if its within the boundaries i can talk about it, i will
me:other than that, i go by my lifestyle
me:the only thing i want back is respect
scf:i don't think i ever talk to u in vulgar.. or say anything which hurts u
me:doesnt mean anything. I cant and wont show pics. Just not who i am.
me:All i ask for in return is respect
me:for my lifestyle and for me
scf:God save the girl !!! God save the girl
me:I am saved
scf:Who said..
scf:its u r sole perception!!
me:because im a christian first and foremost
me:then im a slave
me;then im me. ashpea
scf:noo.. u r now misleading me
me:no, im not
me:it is all integrated
me:if you have something to say, you can say it
scf:sorry no more words.. am following a new rule now
me:lol and what is that
scf:no more talks to anonymous person
me:lol then take me off the list then
me:cya later
scf:will consider ..
scf:abt this.. not now..
me:lol why not now/
scf:cauz i need time to do some clicks.. will do this job tomorrow
scf:is it okk if u unfriend me from u r list .. than viceversa the same will happen from my side as well
me:lol, i really dont give a crap, really
me:i think you are childish
me:to not be friends with someone all because of a pic

Okay, well i have a few, well quite a bit of things highlighted here. The reason i am posting all these pm's is to show you guys how a 24/7 slave goes through, just on the net alone. You get to see people's perceptions and what they think of you, way before even talking to you, which is quite sad. You get to see how they judge, you get to see what their logic is on this lifestyle. And sometimes, yes, sometimes it makes me take a few steps back, and ponder why i am even in this lifestyle. And if i should still be in this lifestyle. But, i know who i am, and what i am, but people just cant cope with the fact that i am a slave in the lifestyle and this is not a mere fantasy, or "role playing" for me. This is my life, and this is what i go through on a daily basis. So, take a seat and watch this ride go on from here.

Okay, the first thing that is highlighted is that someone is uncomfortable of me saying that i am a slave. Sorry, but i just cant stop saying I'm a slave just because you don't like it. Same thing for saying Daddy/fiancee. These things i was trained on, and it is to show respect to my Daddy and for this lifestyle. Sorry, but if you have a problem, then you shouldn't talk to me. Because i will be talking a lot on this, just like i talk a lot about God and such. (Another topic for later).
 But, I'm not going to stop being myself just because you don't understand anything about me, or my lifestyle. If you are curious and want to talk about it, fine, I'm up for that, but keep your opinions and such to yourself. But, with this, it didn't work. As you see, he has it in his head that I'm not a slave, but i am. Sure, I'm not bound like slaves were in the old days, shackled all the time and don't have freedom.
 That is what people do not understand. Us, slaves in this lifestyle are different from slaves back then. Yes, we do have Masters and Mistress's but we are also free and consent. Different things also, is that, we have limits, we have our own minds, we are strong, we are ourselves still. Slaves back then didnt have that. They didn't have an identity, while we do.

And i don't think people understand that. They have it in their minds, that we are like slaves in the old times. That we are just weak and etc. That isn't the case. This lifestyle is consent, and yes, i do emphasize on that a lot because that is what it is. Nothing more to it. If people are forced into this, then the people that did it, are sick and such. And shouldn't be in the lifestyle. But, this is consent, this is our choice, no one elses. And i think that is why most people are so close minded on that.

So, he goes on to listing a few things that a person cant do on their own. Well, i am a 24/7 slave, yes, and i do have a lot of restrictions... just what Daddy wants me to do. And what he lists, i do not do on my own. Like sleeping for an instant, i go to bed when He does. I cant just go to bed because i feel like it. I stay awake, no matter how tired i am. I stay up because He wants me to. End of that.

So, the next thing that is highlighted, i need to explain a bit. He asks if i am scared of him, by not giving my picture out. I am having a lot of problems with this, because our society is dependent on showing pictures than actually talking to a person and getting to know them that way. So, he asks me that, to sorta guilt me in a way. And i do get tired of this a lot on the Internet. Because it shows me how many people are clones and cant be themselves, and rely on pictures to know someone.
 And also, people gasp, who are in the lifestyle, that i can not show my pictures. There are reasons for it, and i have ranted and talked on this subject so much, that it is getting nauseated. I don't know how many times i have to repeat myself, or how many times i have to post it before it gets stamped into people's minds.

It's like you have to show your picture before you even speak with people and that makes me so upset. What is the point of typing, what is the point of even trying to articulate yourself through words if someone is going to sum you up by a damn picture? It's like everything now a days have to be visual and nothing has to be read and such, which is pretty sad. But, as you see in this pm, you see how i feel on it.

Okay, next two highlighted, i will lightly touch. He wrote, well you need to come forward and write like other people. Sorry, but I'm not a clone. I am myself, and that is how i got disowned from my family and also not really getting along in this life, because i am being myself. I hate when people try to put me in a corner and give me ultimatums, all that will do, is bring out my bitch side, and i will pick, you will be blocked and not on my friend list. Plus, it is also, sorta like a command. And, i can not take orders from anyone... and that will always be a rule. And that is what the next question was about. Told me, he was going to question me everyday on that. Sorry, but that isn't going to work. I don't cave like most people do. I've been through a lot in my life, and i have made a pretty much hard skin for this kind of stuff.Enough of that.

Anyways, next highlighted part he speaks about  bringing things up. Like, acting nice to me is going to make me show my pictures to you. I have rules i go by, and i do not bend them for anyone. So by bringing up that you have been nice to me, shows me that you are only doing it, to get something from me and that is a huge mistake on your part. That does not sit well with me and will not take that lightly at all.

The next thing he says, makes me a bit upset. He starts bringing up religion in a small way. Saying i need to be saved, as in, like I'm a sinner and a heathen. Which shows me two things. He is crazy, and that he is also already judging me and assuming that i do not have God in my life. Which i bring up, that i am a Christian, i am a slave and i am myself. It is all integrated inside of me. It is all intertwined inside me, and people don't understand that at all. Most, like him, think that since I'm in the lifestyle, I'm a demonic person, and not for God. That is wrong and a myth.
 Yes, me and Daddy are Christians, first and foremost. W/we obey God before i even serve Daddy. And then my slave duties come next, obeying Daddy and then talking to friends, as who i am. People think, well you are serving two Masters. Actually I'm not. I am only serving on Master.. who is God. Being a Daddy Dom doesn't mean He is my Master truly, hell most things i do not listen to at all. Second, W/we have morals, for an instant, some people in this lifestyle like to do scat and pee, which is a hard limit for both of U/us. Also, another thing W/we will not do, is demonic things, like the crucifix stuff and what not.  So as you see, W/we have O/our morals intact. I do what God wants, and if it is something against Daddy, i have to say that to Daddy even though it hurts me. But, also, this lifestyle for U/us is power exchange and nothing else. So there is nothing wrong with it in God's eyes. In human beings eyes, that is a whole different story.

So, as you can see, that does hurt a bit, because someone judges me about what i believe in and what my lifestyle is about, and just assumes my life is hell and what not. It just upsets me, that without ever getting my side of the story, they have already made up their minds about what and who i am. And with him saying that, its almost as bad as saying, i need to be locked up in an insane asylum. 

And last but not least, the last part of the pm. I really hate how people can be so childish about things,when they cant get their way on things. It's like throwing a tantrum, and its not very becoming for adults. But, as you see, he threw one, saying i will not talk to anon people anymore. And that ticks me off a bit, because how can i be anon, when i have talked to him over and over, and talking about different things in my life, talking about myself in small ways and such. It's like slapping me in the face and saying, oh i was just here to waste your time.
 That is one thing i hate most. Is people wasting my time for no reason. It's like a game for them, while for me, i am here to chit chat and make friends. In the end if you are going to say,well i don't want to talk to you anymore, in so many words, then don't even try to talk to me in the first place.
 Sometimes i don't understand why i talk to people about who i am and such, when in the end, its always the same. Wasting my time, only wanting cyber and etc. And its been irritating for the most part, but the more i write this, the more i think, its to push myself to talk more. To push myself to not be anti social and give people a chance. Which at times, is my downfall, but you have to learn sometime.

Anyways, with this, you kinda get to see more of what goes on, when i chat with people on the internet. You get to see how they perceive me and etc.. and how i cope with it. Until next time.....

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