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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 26, 2011

People who think they are better than everyone else rant

ja=jack ass

ja;really bored in my life
ja;make me fun
ja:make me some laugh
ja:if u can
me;idont know
ja;wat u don't know
me;to make you laugh and such
ja;u girls r waste
me;excuse me
ja;u don't know how to make a guy happy
me;look bud
me;for one i am engaged and owned
me;two, i do not make anyone happy unless it is Daddy
me;maybe you should keep your damn opinions to yourself
me;fucking dumbass
ja;wat the fuck
ja;u talk so bad
me;so what
me;you are talking bad about girls
me;but that is okay
me;yea, okay hypocrite
ja;i'm not talking abt bad
me;yes you are
me;saying girls are a waste
ja;i'm telling the truth of girls
ja;and that they cant make guys happy
me;um no
me;you are just staying your egotistical pig opinions
me;saying girls are a waste
ja;i'm telling the truth of girls
ja:and that they cant make guys happy
me:um no
me;you are just staying your egotistical pig opinions
ja:u r geting angry with me now
me:not mad, im telling the truth on guys
ja;that no no
ja:i'm saying the truth
me:its the truth
me:you dont like it when its turn back on you
ja;no baby
ja;i doesn't turn on me
ja;girlz r girlz
me;yes it does
me;and guys are guys
me;which are pigs
me;who cant make a girl happy
me;or please them
ja;oh oh
ja;just wait there
ja:who the hell said guys don't make happy
me;now how is mad
me;you dont like it do you
ja;we r the guys who die for the girlz
me;and its true
me;they cant make a girl happy at all
me:lol yea right
me:in titanic u haven't seen a guy dies for a girl
me:and we girls
me;always do what guys want and to please them
me;lol that is a damn movie
me;guys are just pigs
me;that is what they are
me;nothing but that
me;while us girls
me;are superior
ja;it's a real story base movie
me;lol no its not
me;its historical fiction for one
me;which is made up
ja;us girlz r damn fucker
me;with loosely based history
me;no you guys are just fucking jack asses
ja;u girls have big ass holes
me;lol while you have limp little cocks

Okay, since i not going to highlight anything in the conversation, i will do this instead. So, a few days ago, i had this conversation with this guy. He thinks he is all that and what not, and wanted me to entertain him. Well, this doesnt go lightly with me at all. As you can see in the pm, i give all i had on this dude, because he is being a pig and he needed to learn his damn lesson. 

So, what started this huge fight or what not, is that he wanted me to entertain him.That is a big no no, since im not allowed to obey any, nor do i want to, and i told hi that in the best possible way i could. And i get, well girls cant please a guy. My first thoughts are this, why should girls please guys? We are not back in the fifties or so, doing that. 

We have a lot more going on than just that. So i set hi straight on that. When people think they are better than the other gender, you will go down and really fast for that matter. So, i start getting on to him, and saying that he is an egoittical pig, which is correct. So, i go on to saying that what about men, they dont please women for the most part as well, and not singling anyone out for that matter. All i was doing is just telling him, it could go both ways, than just what he thought. 

But of course he tries and reference a movie that is not really historical at all, and saying that all men are like that, when in reality they are not. So, as to conclude to this, since this is going to pretty short as the pm shows all of me and my fiestiness, you know what is going on, so i dont have to rant as much. 

But, i wanted to show, that even to this day, not all people are going to be wonderful and what not, and if you try to mess with me, try and bring some good come backs that make me speechless, or else its going to be useless. Until next time...

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