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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 7, 2011

Questions what i do in the lifestyle...

why do i like pain?
To an extent to this, i really dont know why i love pain. Ever since i was little, i always could take pain and for me, it was sorta like a game. And then going into the lifestyle, it is more pushing my limits with the pain and taking it for my Daddy.

How can you look and think Daddy/fiancee is your Daddy and not your real father?
Hm, i was asked this question, and i tried my hardest to answer this. Most of this lifestyle is mental. And you are not doing it for mere physical stuff, even though about twenty percent is physcial, it all comes down to being mental. And this is part of it. I think of Daddy as being my Daddy Dom, first and then my fiancee. He is my Daddy Dom, who acts like a father figure in my life. He is my fiancee but became my Daddy Dom, while learning about the lifestyle.

Why are people ignorant in the lifestyle?
Hm, i think the reason being is because they do not want to be open minded about the lifestyle. They already think, that the people in it, are mental and need help. They dont want to be open minded and see why people are in the lifestyle. Plus, it is said in the US, you can be active in the lifestyle, if it does not leak into your real life, like work and such. SO, how is it a mental or some kind of mental thing?

 I think that most people, already have their ideas on it, and their set ways, and do not want to hear about it.. They close their minds and keep it blocked off, and just judge people, because they are ignorant and dont want to learn.

Whats different from lifestylers to "weekend warriors"?
A lifestyler, is like me and Daddy. W/we evolve this around o/our lives. W/we keep doing this, and do not have a turn off switch for it.

While, a weekend warrior, only does it when he/she wants to do it. When their moods wants to be dominanted in the bedroom. And only for about an hour or so. SO, its sorta like a one night stand.

If you are being hit then its abuse?
Okay, this turn into an ugly snowball effect in a room. But, i hate the term hitting for one. It is the word people use for abuse and it is for the most part, for abuse.

I say, whipping and spanking instead. And, when you are doing that, no it is not abuse. You consent to the lifestyle, so you consent on your Master or Mistress to do what they want.

How can you say its not abuse when you are being hit and such?
This is easy to know when or where the line for abuse is. This is, and i keep saying this, is CONSENT. when you cant take the pain anymore and feel like you are going to shatter, you say a safe word, and the Dominant stops.

That in regards is not abuse. It is consent and not in any way or shape or form abuse. A Dominant will stop, when a real person who is abusive, does not stop, when you say stop. They will keep doing it, til you are truly hurt and when they feel like stopping. That is what abuse is.

Do you have to ask permisson on a lot of things?
If so, why?
Not on a lot of things, but with a few i do. And this is where my rules, me and Daddy's set of rules come into play.

Do you think all women should be a slave or the woman of the house?
If so why?
No, i dont think that all women should be a slave or woman of the house. The reason being is because all women are not the same. plus, i dont believe in cults and such. I think each woman has her own choice to be in the lifestyle or be truly who they are.

Do you think it is your role to be a slave or womem of the house?
If so why?
Yes, because this is who i am. I am a slave, just something i have always been and always will be. It fits who i am very well and i think that this is what God wants me to do.

What things can i not cross?
There are a few things i can not cross. And that is, no obeying anyone online. Doesnt matter if its a simple order, i can not and will not do it. Because it shows disrespect to my Master and shows that i am not loyal to Him.

Another one, is showing pics. A lot of gasps i get for this. It is one of O/our rules, that W/we keep. I can not cross this at all. It will show how disloyal i am to Daddy and by not keeping the rules.

Never ever say i will not be His slave, for something that is simple and such. Because if you simply say this, then you show that in simple tasks or even one day, just up and leave and not take this lifestyle serious. It just shows your Master how you are not grateful and not serious in it.

Why no real pictures of me?
Again, a rule of O/ours.. After being threaten to be killed and me taken away from Daddy, not showing any pics to anyone, without asking Daddy's permission.

What things can i am allowed to do?
I can talk on my own, as in, talking to Daddy about anything and everything.

I can chat online, without Daddy's permission. Of course boundaries are set there.

I can, do my hobbies whenever i want. Read what and when, whenever, but i do have to do my duties as a slave as well.

and etc..

what i have to ask for permission with?
NO, cybering online.

No, obeying another Master online

NO, saying no to Daddy

and etc.

~sexual questions~

do i have to ask Him for sex?
Um, to a point, i do, but for the most part, He knows when im horny and etc.

Do i have to ask to touch myself?
Yes, Sometimes it is annoying to ask, but i love it. It shows that He has control and when i can do that or not.

Do i have to ask to orgasm?
For the most part, no i dont. Sometimes when He wants to be mean, He will deny it, but other than that, i can do it without asking.

What things do you do to get into trouble?
Oh i do a lot of things to get into trouble. Sometimes i act up. Like, turning off His computer when He says not to. Or i huff and puff when He says not to. Just in order to get punished. Just little things, that will push His buttons.

How does He punish you?
well, W/we have different levels for that. Depending on how bad i have been, is the punishment i will get.

like, minor/moderate- belt to back, legs, feet, thighs, and vagina.

extreme-freezing cold showers, choking,drowing, belt to back,legs,feet,thighs while wet. and then begging to be good.

But you do have to say something if He hits you too hard or bothers you?
yes, this is a must when you are doing sadomasochism stuff. You never know when the slave will hit his or her breaking point. plus it is a good idea, that the Dom will stop after a while and ask if the slave is okay.

Whats the worse thing that He did that i hated?
I hate facials. one thing, that goes into my past.I dont like the feel of it, or me having an allergic reaction to it.

In the begginning did He tell you the rules?
Yes, He did. After about two months of talking, He told me He was in the lifestyle. After that, asked if i was interested to be His slave, and from there, i was. He told me the rules that i was expected to uphold and etc.

Every Dom and Domme should already have these rules down.

How do i know what the rules are, and what to do?
Well after i have been in this lifestyle for some time now. Those rules for the major ones, stick. So they dont go anywhere. So, you know where the line is at. But, some rules will be changed during your course in the lifestyle. And the Dom will tell you the new rules and expect you to do them. It will take time to get use to it, but of course, it will come natural after a while.

Give an example of soemthing that has changed.
Something that has changed for me, is phone sex and doing the Dominating over the phone.

So you guys did live by each other when you started this?
Yes, W/we did. i was in TN, when i first met Daddy, and He was here,in MT. It was over the internet that W/we first did this.

So how did you guys do it online and over the phone?
It was hard at first. A lot of limitations and what not. W/we started things slow. First with rules and to following them. Then from there started doing small commands, to know that i was willing to obey Him and to take this lifestyle serious.

It's all about the trust?
Yes, this is all about trust. The three things i always tell people is this. Trust, communication and consent. These three you will have and will need in this lifestyle.

If you do not have trust, communication and consent in a scene or doing this in real life, every day. Then it can be a dangerous thing. YOu need this, because this lifestyle is dangerous and will not be fun, if you do not have the right mind set for it

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