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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 26, 2011

So called friends rant

RM:Wow Danuta encourages people to kill themselves :3 how lovely
me;well you did it for attention
RM;No I wanted proof and I use to cut myself ~.~ when I was younger
me;all tha tis going to do, is make people mad, like me for instance
me:using that to get proof on stupid stuff
Rm:oh that's fine
Rm;because since Im SUCH a horrible person
Rm:I'll remove you and Ruki
me;i dont care
P;gonna remove slave?
me;oh and unlike Danuta I won't kick you
me;like i care if im booted or not
P;remove people that dont care about ME ,because i CARE about them 
P:"and dont tell I DONT CARE 
Rm;She allowed that ass to continue to bully me
me;lol oh yea i did
me:sorry you got problems
Rm;Like you ~.~
Rm;you're name has Nymph in it
Rm;and Slave
Rm;oh god ;/
me;yor point
Rm;You're name reminds me of a @~%^% XD
me:and you are this shallow
me;shakes head
Rm:Actually shallow is when you think about yourself
Rm;and think oh I am great
Rm;which I am not
RockerXMiyuFor all I care I wish I could have died already ~.~
me;are we an attention #&%~$
me:there crazy nut on block
rm:Nymph is just a spoiled brat where daddy gave her everything
rm:%@@# it
Rm;Yes crazy nut dead
Rm; suspended SlaveWaterNymph from the room

P:and she dont write in my profile "get well soon"
P;when she was i give my shoulder 
me;maybe beause she is trying to survive and what not
me;have you consider other people's lives/
me:its not all about your world
me:and i see what kind of friend you are
me;and it is quite sad
P;you can ASK to my friends if im a FAKE friend
P:go ask to them
me;i know you are selfish and always whining
me;when people dont give you attention
P;selfish me:?
me;you have a lot of growing up to do
me;you whine all the time
me:why doesnt someone comment on my stuff
me;blah blah blah
me;h yes
P:like i told
P;ask my friend if im selfish
me:you are
P:if they im ,im
me:and you whine a lot
me:how about you pull yourself out ofyour world for a while
me:maybe you will get nice friends
P;im not selfish
P:and i know it
me:oh yes you are
P;i love to share
me;lol that is selfish right there
me;you always want something in return
me;that is selfish
me;yes, p
me;you just dont want to see
me;which is sad
me:and i love how you talk about people behind their backs
me;very friendly of you
P;i cared about you
P;like a sis
P;god see it
me;rolls eyes
me:see all about you again
P:m not a fvcking lie
me:shessh no wonder why you dont have friends
me;so now im getting under your skin
P:i have friends
me;you dont know how livid i am
P;but true ones
me;at you for supposedly being my friend
me;and when i get kicked out
me:you start talking bad about me
P;of course
me;yet tha tis very friendly of you
P:make me sad
me:backstabbing and shit
me;why dont you say it to my face
P;when we care about people,and they d0ont care about us 
me;instead of waiting for an opportunity when im gone
P:you know is true...
P:ts your 2 ID?
P:remember wire dont let have 2 IDS...
me;this is Daddy's id
P:you can get ban...
P;its ok
me;shessh, someone doesnt even listen at all
me:this is Daddys id
me:not mine
P:none of my business
me:then why bring it up
me;it's okay, when i get on my name, you are gone
me;i tried being nice and such
me;but i dont need this shit in my life
me;i have enough shit going on

Well apparently i deleted the most important stuff that was on suppose to be put on here, but i wanted to show how shallow people truly are. But, this is a pm, about people being total assholes.
 Okay in the first part of the conversation, a crazy ass girl was trying to pin things on me, when i didnt do anything that all.

So, i will begin there,shall we. Well, this girl was whining about someone being unfair to her in another chat room, because of stupid things. So, i mosie over to the other room to see what was going on, because i was bored and what not. Nothing of the sort was going on, just her being a troll really.

She came back to that room about four times with different names, and posted the first thing in that room. So, in the room she was in, i told her, that it was a bit attention whorish of her to do that. Because it is an attention whore move, and it does piss me off as well. Because i am an ex cutter and you dont see me doing any of this non sense at all, and it makes me mad when children do this. Just gives us a bad name.

So, i didn't hold back any of my thoughts on her, and she didn't like it one bit. Why should i be all nice to a person is fucking messed up?So, she goes and does things, as to what my family would do. Pick my name apart and say oh my gosh its horrible, since she has nothing else to go on.Which doesn't hurt me at all, just makes me laugh and shake my head, since that is how low she went to try and hurt me.

Then she goes to say, oh I'm not going to be like the other person, when she actually did it. I just love how people are hypocrites and think they are better than everyone else, when in reality they are just like those people, if not worse.

So, after i get kicked out of the room, i get on Daddy's name to see what is going on, and to chat with a friend. I get back in, and not even a damn minute goes by, that my so called friend talks bad about me. This is one thing that pisses me off. Is having a so called friend, talk bad about you, behind your back.

That is one thing i will not tolerate at all. And as you see, i get into it with him. I was tired of all his damn whining and complaining but being a good friend, i let it slide. But, i do some small mistakes its like end of the world. That is one thing i hate about people. All they want is to take and take, or give and want something in return.

And, this is what the dude clearly was. I'm so sorry, that my life is busy, and i ignore things in my life, and not talk about things because i don't want attention or to really talk about it. So sorry that i am trying to survive in this world, yet you say i live in my own little world. Yes, i had him actually say that.

All that does is piss me off more. It just shows me that you think, i am just wanting things and not giving back.And that isn't me at all. Why it makes me so fucking mad.It's like saying, oh, all she cares about is herself, when in reality i do not.

I give myself to my friends, right after God and Daddy, but of course people don't want to see that at all.So it makes me mad when people say all this bullshit. Yes, i have a fucking problem of giving my emotions or sympathy to people. For reasons as to why, its clear, when people whine and whine, i shut down. When people do not want to take my advice just a tiny bit, i do not give my sympathy or emotions at all. To tell you the truth, who truly wants to do that? Would any sane person do that? Because i think not.

I just love how people in wire club and every where else, are all the same and it is kinda hard to give any kind of emotions to them. Plus i get tired of people who are the type, look at me look at me, and if they don't get that, then they want to kill themselves or something else. Sorry, i don't stay around for that type of shit. Reason being, because i have enough stuff on my plate, than to hear you whine over stupid shit. I have a lot of adult things to do in my life, instead of dropping everything to hear you whine about how bad your life is... and when i try to do the same, you don't give a shit. So why should i give any care to people like that.

To this, i had lost quite a bit of friends, which i really don't mind, since I'm not really attached to them, but it did hurt me in a way. Of talking about me, when I'm not there and acting like you are my friend but then do that, it will make me upset and mad. As a friend online says, i can easily erase people from my life, i can do the same.

I know people come and go in our life, but a lot of people do not stay in mine, and you know what, i have already accepted that. So, that is why it is easy to accept them leaving, accept that no one will stay permanently, except Daddy. But, any who, Until next time....

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