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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 27, 2011

Someone trying to give me advice....

oo:i wanna know every about u
the good and the bad
me:well we will take it slowly lol
oo;ok sounds good
me;well hm, lets start with, who i am... i am a slave in the BDSM lifestyle
owned for four almost five years, to my Daddy/fiancee
oo;what u mean BDSM lifestyle?
me;Bondage,Discipline,sadistic and masochism.. power exchane
oo;is it company?
its a lifestyle
oo;and what you mean by slave to it?
me;im not a slave to the lifestyle, im a slave... in the lifestyle.... as saying
me;im the bottom, take orders from my Master
me;so what
oo;what is those orders
me:everything that falls in line with my hard limits and such
oo:like what?
me:well it can be from just listening to Him, to making food for Him and et
oo:whatever asking you you ll do it for him?
me;yes, the falls in the limits
and my morals
oo:so is it religious things you doing?
me:no, its not religious, its a lifestyle
but i do believe in God and i have morals
so those things go before Daddy
oo:ur master is ur father?
me:no, Daddy dom
oo:sorry but i think daddy mean father?
me;no, it means Daddy Dom in the lifestyle
oo;what is the benefits to it?
me;power exchange, love,bond, growing,learning etc
oo:with whom exchanging?
me;power exchange
with Daddy/fiancee
oo;daddy fiancee?'
me;i just told you
Daddy Dom
oo:he is ur fiancee?
me;yes, my Master is my fiancee.. instead of saying Master
oo;how you become a member?
me:well you have to really want to be in it, because this lifestyle is very dangerous.. and you need to know what or who you are, and the limits and such
oo:tell more about it
me;well for each person it is diferent and what they do in the lifestyle. But me and Daddy, are sadomaoschism...
which is love to give and receive pain
this is where it can become dangerous
oo;how you give love and receive pain?
me;i don tknow, ive always loved the pain.. always been a part of me, but receiving it, is easy, you just take the whippings and such, with consent
oo;till you get bloody?
me;no, not for U/us
He does it til i beg to be forgiven, which can take some time, and i can be bruised from it
and a little bit of scratches here and there, but that is about it
oo;he does with others too?
just U/us
oo:wy u do not do normal sex?
me:well for U/us its not sexual, but i will give you a question, what is normal sex?
oo:i mean comes by nature
but no pain
ni hart
me:lol it doesnt mean that this isnt normal for me. everyone will have a different explaination, of what is normal sex
darling i wanna give you advice
me;sigh and what is that
oo:our body and health has givento us by ALLAh god and we should take care to it
and you have mind use it on the right way
me;rolls eyes, and i do take care of it. and i do use it the right way. Being in this lifestyle, doesnt mean i am sinning and such, it is who i am
oo:get the answer from your inside once you done with i am sure you ll get a feeling and i am sure it s bad feeling
me:im doing exactly what is right. ive been doing this a long time, and you dont know much on it. So, i wont take this advice at all
oO;so do not let this guy you call him master using you for his desir
me:rolls eyes
i think you need to back off of that
since you do not know exactly what you are talking about
but one day may remember my advice and i hope you will not be late
like i said
im not taking this advice
since clearly you do not know what you are talking about
oo;he is beating youu to get sexual desire and you call it lifestyle 
me:rolls eyes no
there is no sexual stuff to it for one
two, its not desires and calling it a lifestyle
oO:look to ur self and the world around  do not loose you young age doing some thing not normal
me:for you it is not normal
for me it is totally normal
but of course that is society for you
always saying, that if you are not having proper sex, which is one position, then its not normal
and i pity you for being a clone to that
oo:do not warry about me or our society
me;oh im not worried at all, im just stating facts here
me:and what kinda makes me mad, is you trying to give me advice in something i have known for a long time, and what is and who i am
and what question is that
oo:how many people in this lifestyle
me:a lot of people
oo:hw mane
me:im not sure how many
its more than a hundred
that is all i know
me;but there are a lot of them
me;anyways why do you want to know
how many people are in it/
are you going to say, we are all sick in the head or something
oo:just give me aproximitly number
me:i dont know
why do you want to know so badly
may we stop talking about it?
me;shrugs, but i will not stop saying Daddy/fiancee and such
me;because it is showing respect for one, plus it is who i am, and this is my lifestyle
how the rules go
oo:who made roles?
me:the roles, oh people who started this stuff, back in the nineteenth century, which was sad...
but rules, well Daddy made them up
and with each Dom or Domme, will be different rules
and orders
oo:out of this what you do in ur life?
me;out of what? in the lifestyle, i do a lot of domestic things... if that is what you are asking
oo;yes tell me
me:yes, i am a domestic slave, with also being a maoschist as well
me:domestic slave, is cleaning, cooking, basically being a home mom in a way, but with orders and such.. and a masochist.. is love pain... so do a lot of whippings and such
me:im looking for work
oo:u live with parents?
me;no i live with Daddy/fiancee and His uncle
oo:hw old he is?
me:He is 29
oo:u r going to get married?
wy u said it s dangerous??
me;because it is
for example, with the pain and such, there are things that go on.
for instance, choking, drowing and such, you gotta be careful
also, another thing is, i got hurt on accident without Daddy communicationg to me that He was going to do something, and i have two lovely scars now lol
oo;how accident happened?
me;well, Daddy came up behind me about two months ago or so, He was going to bit my neck, but i didnt know what He was going to do, i fought back, and of course fell on a stupid piece of machinery
im still hurting from that, to this day
oo;r u happy?
truth plz
me;yes, im very happy
oo:getting hurt for no thing??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me:that was an accident
they happen from time to time
oo:i hope you wokeup before ur life get over
me;rolls eyes, this isnt a phase, this isnt something i don tknow what goes on
im not that stupid
oo:i am really feeling sorry for you and people likeyou
me;i know who i am, and this is my lifestyle
i dont need pity
i dont need anything
i am jus tputting out who i am
and the thing i want back in return, is people to respect my lifestyle and like me for who i am
oo:being nervus means u r doing wromg thimg
me;im not nervous at all
im very calm inside
and i know who i am
whether you think im doing something wrong
im not,and who i care
who judges me is God
and Him alone
oo:you should follow god roles 
me;i do
and God doesnt think this is bad
oo;not some one called dadd
me;yes lol
whether you understand or not
doesnt mean you have the right
to say i am in the wron or not
youa re not God

Okay as for this person i was talking to, i still don't understand why they wanted to know who i am and such, if they are just going to place judgement on me anyways, and try to give me advice when they do not even know what this lifestyle is about. This is one thing i do not like about people. They always say, i want to know you, completely, but as you see, all they do is want to see your good side and not any other sides at all. Why i put do you want the good and the bad, because i know how people are.

So, we are going to go through this a bit, and go a bit deeper into my thoughts on this. Now, after telling the guy what my lifestyle is, he asks if it is a religious or company.I'm not sure why people who do not know anything about this lifestyle will either think that or something completely else. It's not a cult or anything so why ask that kind of question. I guess it just boggles my mind on it.

A question i have never got til now, is with the whippings and such, does Daddy do it til i am bloody and the answer to that is no. W/we do not do permanent damage, i.e. scars and such. Also, W/we do this lifestyle without trying to bruise me and what not, which in most cases cant be helped but W/we are not the insane type who does it til i bleed pretty bad. Just not who W/we are.

Hm, i get asked this question a lot. Why don't you like normal sex.And my answer is always this, well define normal sex. Because normal can be defined in so many different ways. I just hate how people ask me, oh so being in the lifestyle, is just a freak thing. It's not normal and what not. Well for one, i like to be abnormal, since almost the whole society are clones. I love the lifestyle because it is who i am, and what W/we do. So it gets on my nerves when people tell me, that I'm just a freak who needs to learn how to be normal. Why do people want people to be clones of others? What happened to the culture and diversity that use to be? Shakes head.

The next thing that gets me mad is people who wants to give me advice when they do not know who i am, And what makes me more mad, is that people think this is all in my head. Like i am deluded in this horrible nightmare that is suppose to be my life. I hate how people assume things in my life, or how i am, and think.

Wasn't that the whole reason the guy wanted to know who i am? Instead of telling me who i am? I hate when people try to tell me how to be, if i wanted that, i would of stayed back at parents place. There is a reason why i have a mind of my own. There is a reason why i have thoughts and a personality. It shows that i am a human being, and i know what i am doing in my life. Sure, you may not understand who i am, or how i live my life, but that does not give you the right to try and sum me up within a few talks.

This will get you into some deep trouble with me, and my Domme side comes out, and i become a bitch.Yet people are shocked when i become mean. It's like for them i have to be this perfect little doll and when i show any other side of me, its like, who are you? And then just leave. Why i don't get along with a lot of people.

I think that is why i don't fit into this mold, but then again, i don't want to fit in anyways. I am happy where I'm at, and i love my life. Sure, you don't understand my mind and why I'm in the lifestyle and what not, that does not give you the right to judge me. I don't judge you so why do they do it to me.. it boggles my mind.

I'm not sure what or why Daddy's age has anything to do with this conversation at all. But i do know a lot of people ask that question and do i know Him and etc. Hm, most people will not know who He is, since he keeps to Himself. But, also, I'm still trying to figure out what His age has to do with marrying me and such. Guess that will always be a mystery. Oh well.

But in the end, i love how this dude says that i am a sinner in so many words, and that i need to open my eyes and see that i need to be in a 'vanilla' lifestyle to be with God. That is another i become a tiger on. Is this. I have written that i am a Christian as well in the BDSM lifestyle. That doesn't mean i am a sinner and that God doesn't allow it at all. What W/we do, is fine with God, even if you do not agree.

If you don't,then keep your opinions to yourself and let God judge me and Daddy on what W/we are doing. Plus, if it was so wrong, would God help U/us in O/our life? God wouldn't do that, if i was sinning big time. But, with this,i think people need to keep their own opinions to themselves on this. Even after i give you a piece of my mind, you don't see me, giving you advice on stuff.

Plus, i think people need to learn how to think before speaking. Yet, that will never happen. People always wants to be nosy and butt into people's lives. But, as you see in this pm, you get to see how the majority, who finds out that i am a Christian and a BDSMer. It's like a big shock for them and you have to go by all these rules that society has made up. I think people should stop going with what society wants and be who they are. But anyways, Until next time.....

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