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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 18, 2011

Thoughts of the lifestyle in chat room.....

ik:What's bdsm
me;lol power exchange is in every form not just sexual
me:BDSM is Bondage,Discipline,Sadistic and Masochims
me:power exchange
ik:You are a slave in your brain
me:lol in my brain. no
me:im a slave, heart body and soul
me:it is who i am
B:someone roleplay with me , bdsm 
me:b, this isnt a game
le:slave what are u doing?
me:le, i am blogging, and doing a bit of my slave duties
B:lmfao@slave duties
B:what is that
me:Im a slave in the lifestyle.. i do things
me:as in clean and cook.And after that
me:i do what Daddy wants or needs, like putting something up or getting Him something to drink
me:things like that
B:so lucky to be ur master
me:He is lucky to have me as well lol
ik:Slave in what way tell me one thing your a slave to bro
B:but do u get pissed pff by ur daday sometimes
me:and im a slave in the BDSM lifestyle
me:i have a Master and etc
ik:That's called a chor
me:yes B i do
me:no, ik it is not
me:i am a domestic slave
me:Not all slaves are sex slaves you know
me:shakes head
me:well its true lol

ik:Have you heard of the bt killer
me:yes, and those people
me:who are sadistic as hell
me:they have snapped
me:are not real people in the lifestyle
me:and do not know reality from fantasy
me:why this lifestyle is dangerous as hell
me:because people who are sadistic needs to know where the lines are at
me:and to never go over them
ik:I'd like to try some of that
B:it's complicated to understand for me
me:it's not a game
me:its very complicated
me:i mean sure there are the basics
me:but the deeper you go
me:the more it gets complicated
me:and so many twists and turns

Okay, i  was chatting in the rooms again, and some things came up. So, lets begin, shall we.
 The first thing that is highlighted is pretty simple as to knowing what BDSM is. I have written it down about a million times, and i will be writing it more and more each time. In a nut shell it is power exchange that is consent. Of course some people will not understand this, and i will probably have to keep writing it out and explaining it as much as i can.

Now, the next thing that is highlighted is something that is new. It can be funny how people minds work and what they think a slave is or can be. I just love how people assume that this is all in my mind and nothing else to it. As i have said over and over, i am a slave, heart/body and soul. It is who i am, so being a slave is not in my brain at all. It is an identity of who i am.
 But of course people do not want to hear me out, or to actual have an open mind. They just think oh, you are crazy and sum it up to that. Which is annoying as hell.

Someone was joking around with wanting to role play in this lifestyle. As i pointed out in the pm, that this is not a safe lifestyle. In fact those who do role play in this lifestyle, get hurt more so than the people who are owned by one Master and such. The reason being is because people just jump into this lifestyle, without any warnings. Without any trust and etc.  Why this lifestyle is consent and etc.

Now, the guy who asked what slave duties are. All slaves have them. For each slave it is different than what my duties are. And i have had a lot of slaves/subs whine to my Daddy, when He talks to them, that they wished they were me. But, it's funny, why whine about having someone else's duties. Each person is different, each Dom and Domme have different duties for their slaves.

I mean sure, i wish i had some of the duties other slaves have, but i love what duties i have and i love my Daddy with all my heart and soul. So, I'm not about to whine and such. But, as i have explained a bit in the pm of my duties. Duties, are basically what you do every day in the lifestyle. Like for me, it is cleaning, cooking, putting groceries in the cart, pushing the cart and putting it on the counter, and etc.
 Now, some of us, some think these are just chores. Now, if they were chores, wouldn't i just call myself a housewife?Yes, i would. But, I'm not, slave duties are not chores. They are to please your Master and to please them. Yet some do not want to think like that.

I love how people always say your Master is lucky. Yes, He is lucky, but it makes me think, well they are just saying that because i am a slave and do what He wants. And most people like to fantasize that their significant  other to be submissive and do what they want. It's like, oh, they will do whatever the Master wants and such.
 It doesn't go like that at all. I mean sure, I do what Daddy wants and etc, but there are limits and etc. and people do not realize that there is more to this than just i do what Daddy wants and such. And when i explain it to people, they are like, well damn, I'm glad I'm not in the lifestyle and such. So, it makes me wonder, why even say this in the first place. All it does, is kinda makes me annoyed and i just have to ignore it. Onto the next highlighted part....

I noticed that a lot of people who do not understand me being a slave, always ask that. In what way are you a slave. Well, just like it says, i am slave to my Daddy. Heart,body and soul. It doesn't show that i do this because i get a kick out of it, and not a slave one in a while. And some people do not want to understand that some of us are actual slaves, where this is an identity.  Not sure why they want to just ignore what people have to say and what they do in this lifestyle.

I love this next question. Because it shows me, more of myself. And to answer this question, is by saying, yes i do get pissed off at Daddy. I'm not a little angel 24/7. I am a human being after all. So, yes i do have a temper, so there are times i do get mad. Daddy does know when i get mad, but He warns me to calm down, or else i get into trouble. For the most part i can not calm down and i get into trouble, but ti does spice up the lifestyle.
 I do love getting into trouble, but of course there are times that you can go to far, and actually get into trouble. For other masochists will know what i mean. You have reward punishments, that spice up the lifestyle and then you have that line where if you cross it, you are in big trouble. So, when this question comes up, i only talk a little bit about it, because it becomes more and more of a tangled web.

The next bit, kinda makes me mad. I have been waiting for this to come up, and it actually did. I love how people will bring up these killers who were a sadist in the lifestyle. So, as you an see in this pm that i get into a bit.

These killers who were sadist in the lifestyle, are fake people. They were brought up by domineering women who had abused them and they became sadistic. That does not mean they are correct in the lifestyle. This lifestyle has a lot of lines that you can not cross inside yourself or in real life. Like with sessions and such.

I think that is why most people think that we are freaks and such, and that we are all serial killers, but that isn't the case. I have only talked a little bit on the lines that can not be crossed. And I'm glad that i can at least touch it a bit now. The lines that are there, visible and invisible are these.
 Where the abuse comes into play. Most people who are sadistic are abusive people. And where that lines come into play is this: if they do not listen to you at all, when you say no to anything then that is a red flag. If they start trying to Dom you and you are already owned, then this is another red flag. These are just some of the things that goes on.

I have heard a lot of women talk about them being with abusive people who they call sadistic. And you have to watch out where that comes from. Some other things, is if they like to hurt you on purpose, then its time to get out of it. These are some of the lines you can not cross. The ones that are inside, is letting go of the control. Letting go of common sense, and just snap, as in liking things much darker than you did and etc.
And i guess it gets a bit old, that most assume that people who are in the lifestyle will be serial killers and what not. If that was true, then we would have a lot more serial killers in this life, now wouldn't we.

The next line is a bit annoying as well. When someone hears about my experiences in the lifestyle, they always say,oh i would like to try that. I always say and i am saying now, do not dabble in this. This is a real lifestyle and not some game at all. I wish people would leave things alone when they think some things are hot and such.

And the last one, this lifestyle is complicated. The more you delve into this lifestyle, the more it gets complicated. It's like a web or an abyss. The deeper you go, the more mazes and such it has. And that is true, this lifestyle has so many things you can do and be yourself. There are a lot of twists and turns in this lifestyle and a lot of restrictions and rules, because it is dangerous, but it is interesting.

It is interesting that some people can understand what this lifestyle is and still have an open mind, and wish most would do that. Of course that is a wish. But, with the twists and turns, it took me a lot of time to understand most of what goes on in this lifestyle. I have done a lot in this lifestyle and i haven't even hit the peak of it. And I'm glad i haven't. I love learning and growing in this lifestyle and the most i love of this is bonding more and more with Daddy.

Well, until next time.......

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