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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 23, 2011

Thoughts on people and such.....

sp=stupid person

sp:what're your interests..?
me:reading,writing,watching movies,hanging/pleasing Daddy and cross stitching
sp;pleasing daddy..?? what's that..??
me;BDSM lifestyle, Daddy Dom
sp:wow, not very sure bout that...care to explain a bit..?
me;bdsm is Bondage,Discipline,sadistic and masochism.. it is power exchange
sp;is that sexual..?
me;not for U/us
jme;ust pure power exchange
sp:i see
sp;not sure how that works
me;well mostly it is respect, trust and communication and such
sp;i see...wow, never heard of it
me:most wont know it, unless they are in the lifestyle or someone tells them
sp;oh, okay
sp;you into guys..??
me:i have a Daddy Dom
me;that should tell you
sp;it doesn't...what's a daddy dom..??
sp;sorry, not into this language
me;a girl cant be a Daddy Dom
sp;oh, okay
me;yea lol
sp;you not single then
me;no, im engaged and owned
me;yes, the lifestyle
me:im the slave lol
sp;wow, okay
me;yea lol
sp;is it a fun life..??
me;it is very rewarding but it is also a challenge
me:and frustrating
sp:i see
sp:well, i like good old normal sex and relationships
me:most do
sp;i do
me:im just different from other people
me:yes, like i said most do
sp:yeah...cool...to each his own

Okay, today I'm going to spice this up, and put this in different colors and such, because i want a bit of change. So, as we go on today, i will point out a few things, that is bothering me in this pm.So, someone Pm's me in the chat room, and i feel like I'm being interrogated, which is not a good feeling at all. 

So, i try to ignore that and try to give people a chance. I get a lot of questions and most of them are the same, as the first one is, well what are your interests. My lifestyle will always come up in that, because it is a part of me. Don't like it, then don't talk to me at all, because i will talk a lot on it and etc.

I don't mind people asking me questions and such. I like to give an insight of my lifestyle but please don't be rude to me. So, in the pm, we have an idiot on my hands. As usual, sigh. But, this language or lingo that the lifestyle uses isn't that hard to understand. So when you have someone who acts like they cant understand, all it does is annoy me. Because I'm not talking in jibberish, I'm talking in English.

So, i go on to explaining in little words, since this dude is kinda making me mad, what the lifestyle is about. But,what gets me, is that he asks, so you are taken, well of course. I said about twice, that i am taken, with a Daddy Dom and such.. and also it is in my profile that i am engaged and owned, yet they don't read this or they do and ignore it. 
 It tends to make me upset and wonder why have a profile up, if no one is going to read it and respect your wishes on things you are expecting and such. 

Now, onto the next parts. Is this lifestyle sexual, as i have posted most times it is for other people, but for me and Daddy it isn't. For U/us it is power exchange, nothing else... yet people do not want to understand that at all. I get a lot of weird comments on that. But, i hate how people assume that this lifestyle is all sexual and such. 

Onto the next part, is this life fun?Well, sure at times it is fun, but for the most part it is a challenge, why its called a lifestyle. A lot of people think this lifestyle is nothing but fun and nothing serious to it. Being a slave is very rewarding and you grow, learn and bond with your Master, but it is also very stressful and such, and people cant grasp that at all. 
 When you say this, people ask, well how is that possible, you have all this blissful stuff, when in reality it isn't like that at all. So, i really hate his replies, by saying, oh i see. That gets on my nerves, its like you have opinions on things, but you just want to be snotty for no reason. 

The last few parts, annoy the hell out of me. I hate when i talk about my lifestyle, someone who thinks they are better than me, by saying, well i like normal sex and what not. Yes, i understand most love the "vanilla" lifestyle more than the BDSM, but you can keep that to yourself. 
 I hate the fact that he tries to say that I'm in the wrong by sorta repeating it. I understand you just want a normal sex life, that is "vanilla" good for you, but don't try to beat me with your snobbery. And act like my lifestyle isn't a good or wise choice to be in. 

I know what i am doing, it was my choice, and let it at that. Don't try to rub it in my face and say all this stuff, all it does, is for me to not talk to you and keep on going with my life. And this comes to the last bit, is what he says. "To each his own", i hate this stinking line. It's like, we have to agree to disagree and it really annoys me. 
 In subtext or reading between the lines, is saying this: i cant accept your lifestyle, but i respect you, but i cant talk to you anymore because you are in the lifestyle. And this really annoys me so much. Yes, we have our choices, but don't put this down, because it just shows how shallow you are, and that you are really close minded and don't want to learn at all. 

I think the one thing i don't like about this lifestyle, is how people can be so predictable in their words and actions and sometimes it makes me want to take a few step backs and wonder if i am normal and also make me wonder why i chose to be in this lifestyle. And that is a bit upsetting that the more i talk to people, the more people are close minded than curious and want to understand. Until next time....... 

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