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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 12, 2011

Thoughts on stupid people in the lifestyle.....

DD=Dumb dude

me:hi there
dd :hru
me: im okay and you?
dd:i need to speak to ur oswner
dd: im ok
me:that's good
dd:because i was hoping he would let me borrow u
me: no
me:it wont happen
dd:its not ur decision
me:actually it is
me:The slave has the power
me:and the decision
me:and i say no
dd:um no, slaves r not to have power i thought?
me:yes they do
me:they are the ones to tell the Dom to stop and etc
me:we are not weak you know
me:someone needs to learn a lot more in the lifestyle
dd:wat do i have to do to have a session
dd:teach me
me:Well you need a slave who is not owned really and is willinging and trusts you
me:which will take a lot of time
dd:when i used to have slaves
dd:i enjoyed, mental anguish
dd:while having my toes sucked
me:um okay
dd:i am kind of thinkin about jerkin off tonight too
me:um okay
dd:i have gotten more into roleplaying here than watching porn
dd:it makes the nut more enjoyable
dd:i wonder y ?
me:shrugs, i dont know
dd:can u bring me a slave?
dd:the thing is, if i had one session with u
dd:u would leave ur owner
dd:n stay with me
me:lol no i wouldnt
dd:u really woukd
me:you know why? because Daddy knows my needs and wants, while others dont and never will
dd:im very good
me:no i wouldnt
me:i dont care if you are good or not
me:you would never mesh with me
dd:i will learn wat u desire
me:lol nope
dd:u see, wat i do
dd:is i will give u wat u need
dd:it will be good
dd:n u will crave it to the point where u will grovel at my feet n wait for more
dd:after i have mind control over u
dd:i begin physical domination
dd:it will get to the point
dd:where when u hear my keys
in the door
dd:u will automatically get wet n be eager to please me
dd:ur new daddy
Daddy:you need to shut up and go. This is her daddy speaking and she is not going to be talking to you anymore. You are abusive, demented, and crazy. show some respect and stop being such an ignorant moron

Okay, i am going to point out some things with this pm. For one, we have here a person who thinks he is in the lifestyle. second he wants to take me away from Daddy(bad idea) and three going on, to what he wants to do. I will highlight some things that was said, and write more to it. So, let me scroll up and see where to start with.

Okay, with the blue, about asking to speak with my Daddy to own or loan me out, is a big no no. Reason being, is because Daddy never and never will loan or let someone else own me. This is both O/our decision and i like it that way. I love being His only slave and vise versa. The reason being is as you will see a little later on, most people in this lifestyle are crazy and also, i do not mesh well with any other person in this lifestyle and never will. So, when i speak on terms for Daddy it is for both of U/us and not my decision as well. But of course most people will not understand that at all.

Moving right along with the next one....The highlighted green and sorta yellow text about it not being my decision. Hm, it is my decision. It is my decision to see if i want to talk about maybe giving a picture out to someone i think is good and etc. So matter of speaking i do have the decisions in this lifestyle. Sure, i can make them and most of them i can go with, but in the end for me Daddy makes the decisions and what i can and can not do. (You're probably thinking, well she is talking out of both sides of her mouth.) And for this, its kinda hard to tell you in words, that in the end it is Daddy's decision. W/we both make them but in the end, to do them is Daddy's for the most part. But, when it come to the internet world, i have the say so in it.
 It is true, we as slaves do have the upper hand. We do tell our Dom's and Domme's what we like and don't like and what our limits are. So, we do have the power in this lifestyle. We tell them when and how much pain we can take and so forth. So, thinking that slaves are weak and have no say so in it, is basically saying right now, you are an abusive person and will not listen to your slave and etc.
 Which is the case with this person. He doesn't listen to his slave or slaves he has had. And you wonder why he doesn't have them now. Hm... but, to say that we don't have rights to speak up and to speak our mind, then you have no business to be in the lifestyle at all. These are the basics in the BDSM world and if you don't know them, i highly advise you, to learn them and learn them properly or do not be in it at all.

And with saying you thought that slaves don't have rights and such, i advise your butt to get facts instead of going on your own personal stuff. That "i thought" routine will get you no where with a slave.

On to the highlighted dark blue about me finding him a slave. One of my biggest rules that i can not break is that. Finding another Dom a slave or to obey them. And that would fall under that rule. The reason on the rule with no obeying any other Dom or Domme, and finding slaves is because that would be disrespect to my Daddy. That would be slapping Him directly in the face and saying that i do not vow to Him and that i do not give my word to be respectful and loving and etc to Him.
 Most people in this lifestyle do not understand that. When a slave gives his/her vows to a Dom or Domme, it is to respect and to be under their guidance.. Not to be doing what we want. That is not how this lifestyle works out.

And with him saying, all these ifs about having me, is a pipe dream. Do not try and chat with me, saying oh if you were my slave and such, i would do this and this. Sorry, that is going to be an automatic chew out and then block. I do not talk to people who want to try and own me, because i know where it leads to. Mostly people threatening me and Daddy about killing Him and taking me away. (Which in some cases, it has been done.) And I'm not about to be talking to crazy people in the lifestyle.
 As you see with me talking to him, i tell him off, because it is my right and it shows that i have love, respect and honor for my Daddy and told him it wont happen and to just leave it at that. Of course he doesn't listen, and at the end i had to have Daddy come into the picture. (Which i don't do that often, since i can handle it on my own, but he was really abusive, and it does tend to screw with my mind.)

Another thing i was going to point out to the highlighted part is this. When people say, oh i wish you were my slave, and if you were with me and such, they don't get the full aspects of what this lifestyle is about. This lifestyle isn't one big orgy fest that goes on forever. No, its a lifestyle and life goes on. There are days it will be boring as hell. Days that will be rememberable, days that you just want to throw in the damn towel and fight with your Dom. But that is what this lifestyle is about. It's not about having sex all the damn time. Its not about being erotic or turned on in a sexual way all the time.(I mean sure, at times it is a turn on, and it can be sexual and fun.) But this lifestyle is to learn to grow and bond with your Dom.
 So when people say, i wish you were my slave, they are thinking, well damn you are a nympho who is good in bed, and doesn't see the aspects that i go through each day. They don't care about my personality or my well being. No, all they care about is sex. And i think that is why most people are in the lifestyle, is for that reason only. When it is more than just that.

The reason behind it is this. When someone gets to know me, they only get to know about a third if not less of who i truly am. Some only talk about my lifestyle, some only talk about my hobbies, but no one except for Daddy, has ever asked me, what my hopes, dreams and everything from what i love to what i hate goes on in my life. And when i do try to open up, about what is going on in my life, people snub me. Saying at times, oh well the lifestyle is suppose to be always wonderful, and not harsh. And you are in an abusive relationship(which pisses me off a lot) and etc.
 The only person who truly got to know me is Daddy. That is why W/we mesh well for one of the many reasons i am with Him and fight to be His slave. But people don't want to see that far into the lifestyle. They just want to see only the minor fractions of it, and the sexual side to it.When people come along and see a few sides of me, they judge me and go on their way. Which i don't really care, but i am pointing out the facts of why people don't want to get to know me fully.

Onto the next highlighted part, the red... I think that makes me mad, that people don't listen to me. And that is in real life and on here. And it makes me so mad and frustrated because it brings up memories that i don't want to deal with at that moment.But, when i say you are not for me, and that i am engaged and owned, it means respect that and talk about something else, or go away. It doesn't mean, to keep talking and saying oh I'm so good in bed and that you will want me and what not. To tell you the truth, if i wanted someone, why would i be with Daddy? And especially someone online? I'm not here for anything but to try and get to know people and maybe observe. Doesn't mean I'm going to serve someone and do what they want. But, people don't realize that. They only heed their own desires and just to say, i will learn your desires. What that means between the lines, is that all they want is some booty and then go their merry way.

Sometimes i hate seeing what peoples intentions are. And i think that sometimes it would be blissful to be ignorant at times. But, i was at one point in time, that and i don't want to ever go back to that. I do get tired of seeing through people, i get tired of weeding out the stupid people and actually find some nice people. I know, i do say that a lot, but i do keep my hopes up that someone out there who is truly in the lifestyle could be friends and chit chat. I just know i have to be patient on it. But as you can see, im not good with patience, well on this though.

And on to the last bit of the highlighted parts.....Which pisses me off a lot. The guy goes into detail about doing mental and physical things. Which does not sit lightly with me. Even as i write this, it still has a hold on me, which I'm trying my hardest to shake. When someone comes up to me and says this, im going to do mental things to you, and to basically brainwash me, sorry I'm bringing Daddy into this. I was abused for 20 years. And i know what it is like with mental pain, I'm still trying to resolve all of what my family had done to me. And it is a touchy subject, so when someone does that, i hate to say it, it kinda breaks me down a bit, but of course my walls come up and Daddy comes in. As you see at the end. For the most part i do take care of the stuff on my own, block and take off friends list. But, this dude would not listen to me, and i thought it would be wise to get Daddy into this.

But with him saying that, it brings up a lot of blocked memories that try to bust through, and me fighting as hard as i can to shut them out. People don't understand the impact they have on other peoples lives. All they do is say the words but they don't understand how much meaning it has to others.  I know this very well and i try my hardest not to hurt people with my words. Sure you make think that is funny, but i know how hard and hurtful it is, that someone you love deeply for, say something so hurtful and that it carries on in your life. The words that people speak do not go away like a physical injury. After some tending to it, it will go away in a few days. But, with words, that doesn't go away. Sure, you can tend to it, but if you don't deal with it right away, it can fester up, and become a cyst if not something worse.
 It can make someone very bitter and make them become hateful. It can make someone kill a person by other peoples words. And people don't care or try to not hurt someone with their words.

I never knew how much of an impact words had on people, til i went through the mental abuse and other things. Even when reading the bible, that we have to watch what we say, because our mouths are double sided and i now understand that. Our mouths can give good meanings and demeanor or bad and hurtful ones. But it is our choice what we do.

But the reason i highlighted this one and saved it for last is because of this. What he said, that i will become wet when i hear his keys in the door. It shows that he thinks that this lifestyle is all about sex and nothing more to it. And i hate to break it to this person and a lot of people's bubbles who think this lifestyle is nothing but pleasure.
 Most erotic stories always talks about this lifestyle is so sexual. Like, the women vagina's are glistening and what not. Sorry to break it to you, but it is nothing remotely to this. This is a lifestyle, that means you live it in your life. You revolve it around your life. You do not come out of a role and etc. You live it day in and day out, and guess what most days, its not going to be pretty.

Most times for me, it is hard, its a challenge and struggle to strive to be a good slave. It doesn't mean im going to be cheerful and love it all the time. Just how life goes. But it does mean though, that you grow, you learn and most of all bond with your Dom. And that people who think this is all about sex, needs to step back and look more into what this lifestyle is about.

That is something i do not understand about people.Why do they think that this lifestyle is nothing but sex? Is it because when you say power exchange, they think of sex? Not all of us are into that. Some like me and Daddy love the power exchange in everything. But of course that is why people assume so much on this lifestyle and why they already have their opinions on this. That is why i am speaking out and writing on it. Until next time......

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