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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

July 20, 2012

Gotta love idiots in this lifestyle.....

The_Master:wamt to chat?
me:ok but im engaged and owned
The_Master:a shame. But ok. Do you have any pics of you slave
me: nope and you will call me ashpea, not slave
The_Master:I'll call you by your user name, which is slave
me: no you will not
me:and with that good bye

You just gotta love these people who think they are in the lifestyle. They think that by saying oh i will call you what i want, is being a Dom then they need to rethink that. I dont mind talking to be in this lifestyle, i seriously dont. But the ones who do talk to me are just looking for one thing, a slave to own. And it gets tiresome pretty fast.

As this chat was going, i thought he just wanted to chit chat, but of course i had a feeling he had another motive to it. So i wrote right there that i am engaged and owned. To show that i am not looking for this. And i knew that was the response i was waiting for. And he hit all the donts in my profile. So i knew that this chat would go down really fast. 

With that, i do not like people who think they are in the lifestyle or just talking to me in general. Yes, my nick says slave, but do not call me that. As it shows that i am yours when im not. And i clearly stated that to this guy, and he thought he was being all macho and a dom by putting i will call you what i want basically and that is slave. 

From there, i just had to leave. I dont talk to jack asses who think they are better than me. And if they cant respect me just slightly or acknowledge that i am a human being then i would talk to them all polietly. Other than that, you are just going to get my Domme side. Which that has been out for quite some time now(another story for another). Anyways, enjoy the small chat and Until next time. 

July 7, 2012

My thoughts on a question on sodahead about rape

Do sluts ask to get raped?

I do not usually get really angry on here but one thing that pisses me off is people saying sluts ask to get raped. I made a poll the other day about it being no panties day and some guy was saying any girl that did that is an immoral slut who is asking to get raped. I have been raped. I was wearing Jeans and a t shirt. was I asking for it?
How about instead of telling girls not to get raped we tell people not to rape?

Edit: I am leaving this open but ignoring it for it is bringing up bad memories if I do not respond to you this is why.

No one asks for it:
I was raped as well, and it makes me pretty upset that people would do this. When i do talk about the rapes, to people(who i dont know), they always tell me, what were you wearing. Like that is the most important thing they care about. It is to assess and see if i was innocent or if i asked for it. It really gets tiring. It is rape, no one asks for it, why else would it be called rape? It is a forced power exchange that no one needs to go through. And i mean no one. So people who say sluts or whoever deserves it, should be very ashamed. And i see that eight people have said yes, and im ashamed of them for saying yes. 
I usually dont talk about things like this on sodahead, but i thought i should speak up for once on here. :)

This kinda irks me as well. i never really talk about my past with the rapes on sodahead til today. I usually ignore posts like this, but i thought i had to say something on this. I think it is sad that quite a bit of people thought yes sluts do ask for it when no one does. Why its called raped. Well this is my thoughts. Enjoy and Until next time...

My views on sodahead on voting age going up....

Should we move the minimum voteing age to 30?

I don't think you should be able to vote until you have experienced life on your own for a while. You can't make an informed decision if your living off mom & dad and having everything provided for you. Get a job, pay your taxes, try and buy a house, start a family, get some reallity under your belt then you can vote.

I have to comment on this, since it is bugging me a bit. So, you want to raise the voting age because in general most people dont know hardships. Hm, i think this is wrong. Each person, goes through hardships in their own way. Would you let, let's say, a fourteen year old vote, because they are emancipated from their parents and know hardships and being on their own, than a thirty year old? 

You really cant compare hardships/experiences in life to age. And not everyone lives with their mom and dad, dont have a life. That's like saying, okay i dont have a life, since im living with family and its just so much easier, not having a job, so much easier living with people that hate you and call you names and etc. In fact, i think people who live with family who hates them, live in reality a bit more than you think. Just wanted to put my thoughts out there on you saying that it is soo much easier to do all of this stuff because we dont live in reality, we live in a delusional world and dont know hardships at all.

The bottom part is mine and the upper part is the person who asked this question. I just got irked when they think you don't know reality when you are living at home and etc. As i wrote above still stands true to me. Enjoy and Until next time....

Hm i have this huge click of Kinksters i know... funny

ticloak:so is this slave looking for a master or already taken
me:well if you look at my profile in the room it states im engaged, so that will also translate im owned
ticloakohhh bummer !!
ticloaktough luck
me:lol oh yes, for you
ticloak:any of your avaiable slave girl friends whom i can take under
me:see this is why i dont talk to people who think they are in the lifestyle, because then they think im like this person who knows everyone and will be used. Go find your own slave
ticloak:fine fine ,... you dont need to lose your temper for it !!
ticloak:cya later
me:who says im loosing my temper. Only one im seeing who is throwing a fit, is you
yup bye
ticloak:whoa ... why the hell would i ..i just thought maybe you had that big circle of roleplaying friends
me:lol and this is why i already knew you were fake. lol
just here to use
and the one throwing a fit
ticloak:awwrite awwrite

Well i hate when people just talk to me just to use me. Which I've been having that problem for a while now. Been used and it sucks no matter what type of use it is. This person and a few more think i have this huge click of friends that are only kinksters. Just gotta love that huh. How about i have no one i know truly in this lifestyle and it will remain like that for maybe forever. And people are shock when i don't know anyone so they can use and hurt them. Well just read the stupid pm and enjoy. Until next time...

A little late but oh well, Happy fourth of july...

Well wanted to post this even though its been a couple of days after it. Well wanted to say the fourth was pretty good for U/us. The uncle here was trying his best to fuck things up but loved how it all went awry on him instead. 
 The only thing i didnt like this week was that most of O/our food spoiled and had to take it back and get something else. But other than that it was awesome. Makes five years watching them and celebrating this with Daddy. I hope everyone had a good fourth. 

May 24, 2012

People who think they are doms in this lifestyle....

ja=jack ass

ja:are u really engaged
me:yes and im owned
ja:then i can't talk to you....i'm a dom
me:well then go away
me:shessh, if that is what you are going to do
me:is waste time
me:then dont ever pm in the first place
me:that is you
me:love how you assume things
me:fake ass dom
me:now good bye
ja:i beg to differ
me:now good bye
me:stupid fake ass dom
ja:i didn't assume shit...you're the one that started off saying you were owned
glad you can spell like a 3rd grader. keep it up
me:and like i said
me:fake ass dom
me:as i can see
me:you are here
me:who just wants to own someone
me:just to have sex
ja:not even a little bit
me:whatever you say
ja:way to assume things because you're so uneducated and probably having no idea on life. continue on enjoying having no idea on anything.
me:bye dumb ass

Okay, so this guy just pm's me out of nowhere. And with my rules, when someone asks if I'm really engaged or something like that, then i have to say I'm owned. Well then after that he is like, well i cant talk to you. 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if someone just says out of nowhere, okay i cant talk to you? Mine, is that you want to own me, or you want to try and have sex with me. And I'm not like that. So i told the dude, if you are just going to do that, then you shouldn't pm in the first place. Because all he is doing is wasting time and that irritates me a lot. And then right after that, he thinks being a dom, is by putting down someone who messes up on one little thing. Yea, that is the way to go to being a macho dom. 

But you get to see an insight how i have to deal with dumb asses on a daily basis. Until next time.

May 22, 2012

My testimony on how i came to God. :)

I really don't open myself up to this, but i feel like God wants me to do this. Um this is my testimony of coming to God and how He has worked in my life. 

Since the time i was born i was abused emotionally/mentally and physically by my family. And with that others sexually abused me. I have never known God all my life, but i heard my grandma talk about Him all the time, and at that young age, i thought He was just another human being. I felt like i had no one in my life when all of this stuff was going on. 

I felt like i was on my own, but then at times, i felt like i wasn't. I heard that i could pray to God all i wanted and i thought why not. So i started praying without ever really knowing God probably at the age of nine. At first i thought it was silly, as i thought no one heard my pleading prayers of getting out of this horrible life. And when time kept going, i just kept praying and thinking maybe someone will hear one day. So i kept praying about different things and it led to me, one day thinking, why not just talk to God. maybe He hears me no matter what, and this is without really knowing Him as my savior or on a personal level. I was hurting so much i needed someone in my life and i thought who else? 

Years went on, the abuse, mental and physical kept going, but would die down some, but it never went away.And at first with all of this being new to me, i was angry at Him for letting the abuse to go on for so long, and asked why He hasn't helped and why He didn't stop it. And i was upset for a long time and i didn't understand why He didn't help in any way. Until one day in 2006, my family went to church and i prayed for Him to come into my life and to take away the burdens that have been on me for so long, and that is when i felt God's presence in my life. He told me, that He has always kept His promise to me, and to always hold onto that. With that, i gave my life to Him, i started building a personal relationship with Him. When things got really bad in the house, i would always cry to Him.

I always asked, i want someone who would love me for who i am, and not be in this type of environment. And a year later, He answered my prayer. My fiancee came into my life, with God's help, knocking down so many walls, knocking down so many doubts i had in my life. And God showed me that he was the one for me. And he was going to help me. And sure enough, in 2008 when my mother threaten to kill me, i finally left that environment. 

And now, me and God have a very strong relationship, but that still grows all the time. I still have hardships, as you see, with this place, not being so great right now, but for some reason God wants us to be here and have to wait when He helps us again. And with each hardship i go through now, i look back on my past when i was so angry at Him for not helping, i thank Him for not intervening at those times because it has made me a strong person, and having faith in God. 

Each step now, is a little hard now, but it wont be as hard as it was in the past. And with family still tracking me, to other things, i know God will cast these people out of my life, and help Us out of our darkness and have a good life. I would like to say this, if you blame God for something that is going on in your life, maybe you should reflect and think that it is free will and that it is human beings who are doing the things in your life, that makes you very miserable and so forth. God has told us, when we come to Him through Jesus, that He will never forsake us. 

May 15, 2012

My dreams as of lately....

For some reason God wants me to share this. Um before i post the dreams, i want to say, is that just today i got this awful feeling. I mean its in the pit of my stomach, I'm light headed, wanting to throw up, and crying. I feel like He wants me to say something, or to throw out my dreams and someone will see this that needs to see this. But here we go......

Like a day beforehand, i had another miscarriage. I was pregnant and i lost the baby. Was cramping really bad and a lot of blood and clots with it. 

Now with that one, it was scary, i went and checked and i was bleeding a lot. I don't do that really on my last days of my periods.

Then today i had another one. Sigh, i remember in the beginning me and Daddy were on a train going to my grandparents place. i was antsy as i didn't want to go but i had to. Was on the train for a couple of days, i was getting sleepy and fell asleep for a while. Got up and went with Daddy and got coffee. 
 From there it jumped to this house, and W/we were in the bathroom taking a bath. The bathroom was a bit different. The tub was in the middle of the room and was up a bit. And Daddy got out for some reason and i thought why not masturbate. So i did, and right after that, i was cramping really bad. So i thought of wiping to see what was going on. And a lot of blood and clots were coming out of me, but wasn't changing the bath water at all. I was crying a bit, and i did it again and i saw hair, and a face. It freaked me out and i was panicking a bit and crying. I lost the baby again. 

And then today, or i should say last night. I had it again, but it was a bit different. I was pregnant and i was doing pretty good. I was probably about five or six months along and i was with Daddy/fiancee and W/we were going somewhere on the bus. Then all of a sudden i felt that cramping feeling and this gush of blood/water came out, and then the baby came out. I just heard it plop on the ground and from there, i wasn't sad, but a bit worried. From there i put it in a bag, but it was only the head this time. That is all i remember of this dream.

I don't know what is going on. All i do know is God wants me to show this for a reason. Maybe to get some answers to this, or to warn someone or something. But I'm having awful pain with this one. I wake up sobbing my eyes out, I'm cramping for hours on end, waking Daddy up and He just cuddles with me saying it will be okay and then it dissipates. 

It scares me each time i have this. As there is physical and then emotional/mental emotions/feelings to it. I will mourn/sad for days on end for something i never had and I'm not sure why. I feel like with my other dream. My baby died and W/we covered it up and no sooner did i have that dream, something awful happened in Japan. I'm hoping this is not the case with these dreams, but i feel something awful with this one. I can feel it in my bones, and i hate to say that. As these are horrible dreams. So bad i don't want to sleep at all, just in case they come back. 

I tried thinking okay maybe it is something going inside of me, as i had it once and that was the end of it. But I'm having it all the time, in different ways, but the feelings are the same, so i know for sure it is not about me. Sigh I just don't know what to do anymore. Sigh Until next time...

May 14, 2012

For a fucking ass mother.... yes a day late for mothers day, huh

I see you looking at my blog, I'm not that stupid you know. I know why you have been on it quite a bit lately and it is pretty sad. I see you want to see if i have mention you at all, well guess what, i will now. 

I'm tired of you doing this. You think you are wonderful mother and think well i will check up on my daughter and see how she is. Hm if you really cared about me, then why are you only looking up on holidays that you only celebrate? And you never even called, when we were in touch, never talked to me and asked how i was and so forth, so why care now?

Oh i know why, to look like you are this wonderful, glorious mother, when in fact you are not. I hate this fucking day, as i have to be reminded that you, who is suppose to be my mother, brings up so much fucking memories and pain, all because of what the fuck you did. Yes, YOU. 

Now, i will say this and i have a new tradition. Each mothers day and fathers day comes by i will say fuck it. Because you know why, you were never my mother or my father at all, so why should i take it, like oh i love my family to bring me in this world. When my thoughts are, why did you bring me into this world? When all the fuck you did, was abuse the hell out of me? Hm, yes i have a lot of anger in me, all because of what the fuck you have done. 

This is all you are getting, and i told you, I'm not wasting my breath on you, unless it is something in my book that i still write. I just don't post it, because i know how you guys are. You think you are so cunning and clever when in fact you are not. You are fucking dumber than a box of rocks. Okay now, I'm done for a while. Chew on that, when you spy on my poetry page and here. And if i see you are still on my poetry page, i will be saying some shit on there as well. You want to have some chaos going on in your life and you are going to spy and speak ill things of me, then here you go. This should last you for a good month. ~Ends rant here~

May 11, 2012

Oh today's mentality of things.....

Okay well had to go to wal mart to finish up O/our shopping. I had to get things for my tummy, as im sick once again. And while there, i saw these kids, around the ages from eight to thirteen going around. Now they looked like wanna be gangsters and i just shook my head and kept going to get the food.

Finally almost at the end, had to get tums all the way across the store, and i see the kids again. i hear them first say, i see her around a lot, lets do something. I just kept walking, and i thought they were talking about me. No sooner than i thought that, they come up, and asked if i wanted their chicken nuggets. i said no thank you and kept walking. He kept insisting that i take the chicken nuggets. Finally i look at him for the third time, and i put some bite into my words and said no thank you now leave me the fuck alone. And from there, the girls were laughing really hard and they were going or so.

Finally get in the car to go home,, and im not kidding i see them in the fucking car next to U/us. They keep staring at U/us, and finally i had enough that i flicked them off.  The kids were shocked and kept going. We came up to them again and she flicked me off so i did it once more. And they were laughing. And saw them once more, and they were trying to provoke me as they kept flicking me off, and not even with the right finger at that. I looked at them and i lipped you are so lucky you are in that car and finally went home.

This is why i hate most fucking kids/teenagers now a days. They can do whatever the fuck they want, and if they annoy an adult off so much that the adult hits them, they will go to jail for it. And they know this and why they fucking do this. I told Daddy they are so lucky W/we were not back in TN because back there they dont give a flying fuck if you knock someone out. I've done it quite a bit to people who did this.

At points i feel bad, like i have changed for the wrong reasons and that being a slave has weaken me because i didnt fucking hit them. I know i did the right thing and not do anything, but with what my family has put into me, it makes me question things at times. Sigh, but i know this for sure, the next time someone does this, im going to look at them all sinster and will tell them to fuck off or i will punch the hell out of them.

I just want to shop in peace and quiet. I dont need any other drama in my life. I've got a lot going on as it is. Shessh dont add more to it. Anyways, end of rant.

May 4, 2012

Finished A Passion For Glory.....

Whew, i finally finished one book called A Passion For Glory and i must admit it was an excellent book. I was really engrossed with it. I haven't read a book for a while now that i was really into. But, if you like historical fiction with spies in it, this is a great book to read.

I think i really liked about the book is that it really reminded me of Daddy and me. Of all the things W/we have gone through but no matter what W/we have gone through O/our love for O/one A/another is always strong and such, and it was like this in the book. I don't want to give too much away, but it had me guessing quite a bit of the time, and what would happen next. Like i said it's been a while since i had to really think in a book and what  not. Until next time...

May 1, 2012

Funny answer on sodahead....

oh my word you must have dated a girl from hell! let me guess you met her at a club? online dating etc. dont loose heart youl find the right one meant just for you. Change the places you look for a girl (i think you know what i mean?)

 reply me:
lol i've never dated a girl, as im a girl. I have a Daddy/fiancee, in the lifestyle. what i meant by fake ass dommes, is that im in the BDSM lifestyle, and i've been around them, aka my mom and sister. Plus on top of that, talking to some in the lifestyle, they think they own everything and etc.

Plus i have never seek a partner in a club and never will. Not sure where you assumed that at. But, with the online dating, it's where i met my Daddy/fiancee. And i've dated a lot on the internet, and it was crazy and you have to figure out who you can trust or not.

But with the last sentence, dont loose heart, i would really like to find a good friend, and that at times, is very hard to find. As most women who are not in the lifestyle, tend to do the power trips and etc. But with that, i try to stay positive, but when i see this, or when a women is being truly evil, it makes me doubt myself.

Lol i still reread this one and i still laugh on this one. Okay, so what is going on is that Daddy asked a question on sodahead. Asking if women are evil or whatever it was. And i wrote that they are fake ass dommes. And this person wrote back to me. 

I'm not sure how this person assumed i dated girls, or at clubs and what not. But i cant help but chuckle at this one. It's like where did they come up with this answer. I still cant help but shake my head at this. And what is more funny is this person never answered back. 

I think it's funny how people assume so much stuff. But anyways, enjoy and Until next time.....

This is a fake code of conduct on Wire club....

There exists within the wireclub community several of us who engage in activities that are in large part mis-understood and frowned upon by the vanilla members of the site. Many view the D/s lifestyle as weird, cruel, demonic and just plain evil or worse. This is probably due to the closed minded religious influenced rules of the society in which we exist.

The situation being as it is it would benefit us all if we “cleaned up our act” and presented the lifestyle in a better light. It would also benefit us by providing a happy and fun environment to practice and share our lifestyle with like minded members of the D/s community. It is very possible to maintain dignity in our activities while being courteous and respectful as is our way. The following is a Code of Conduct which, hopefully, will be accepted and followed by all of us in the lifestyle who control and guide subs and slaves in the lifestyle we share and enjoy.

The Code

For purposes of this document the term “Dominant” (Don) is used for the sake of brevity to identify those persons who have been entrusted to control the will of others, regardless of gender. The term “sub” for the sake of brevity, is used to identify those whose will is controlled by a Dom without regard to gender. The term “D/s” is intended to include all aspects of “BDSM”, and “lifestyle” is a broad term used to identify those of us involved in the various activities.

The term “troll” is used to identify a Dom who intentionally lurks in D/s chat rooms with the purpose in mind of coaxing committed subs into his/;her clutches and interfering with the relationships of others.
In order to maintain dignity, trust, and honesty among us, it is agreed that we will conduct ourselves within the parameters of this “code”, and we will:

Conduct ourselves in a dignified manner in chat rooms, within the rules established by wireclub and within the protocols and rules established by this code.

Respect the relationships that exist between the practitioners of the D/s lifestyle; recognizing the unique bond that exists between Dom and sub.

Refrain from criticizing or “bad mouthing” other Doms methods or practices, especially in a room occupied by subs.

Recognize that each relationship is unique and various instructions and rules of conduct are imposed on subs by their Doms. The display of respect of Doms by subs in chat rooms varies and is within the purview of the Dom to enforce the established rules. Use of commonly recognized capitalization common in the D/s life is preferred. A Dom is responsible for the conduct of his/her sub only.

Recognize and respect the authority of other Doms with their subs, and respect their relationships even though they may differ from your own.

Do not attempt to control, lead, teach, train subs who are committed and be respectful to subs who are not presently committed..

Doms will respect the authority imposed by other Doms upon their subs, and if a sub has been instructed not to chat in private that rule will be respected and no amount of pressure will be exerted upon a sub to defy the instructions of his/her Dom.

Doms will not engage in the practice of trolling in D/s chat rooms for committed subs.

While in a D/s chat room Doms will attempt to maintain order and avoid conflict with outsiders who enter and disrupt the room. If a Dom has moderator authority of the room that authority should be used to suspend trouble makers.

This is intended to be a “living” document and will be changed as required by a majority vote of those who have agreed to abide by its’ rules

As it previously read:
“Recognize as a minimum that subs are expected to address ALL Doms as Sir or Ma’am and will conduct themselves with common respect for all Doms. This is intended only as a common courtesy and does not require a sub to demonstrate more than mere courtesy and acknowledgement of the Doms.”

Changed to read:
“Recognize that each relationship is unique and various instructions and rules of conduct are imposed on subs by their Doms. The display of respect of Doms by subs in chat rooms varies and is within the purview of the Dom to enforce the established rules. Use of commonly recognized capitalization common in the D/s life is preferred. A Dom is responsible for the conduct of his/her sub only.”

Okay, when i was in these so called Master and slave rooms in wire club, a while back, i saw this. How can one "dom" make up this huge code for everyone to abide by? He cant make everyone in the lifestyle do what he wants. That is not what this lifestyle is about. It's about learning new things, maybe finding friends and so forth, but instead he wants people to agree with what he put and be the end of it.

The above text is from this so called dom on wire club. I've talked to him and his so called slave and they are crazy. They think they are right and that is it. I've gotten into a lot of fights with them and finally decided after people couldn't be adults and be in the lifestyle that i gave up on this side of the chat place. 

So with that, there are things that I've highlighted in this so called code. So we will begin there, shall we? Okay, no matter what people will always be closed minded to this lifestyle. It's not always about the religious part but it could be about people's morals, or how society thinks on it, or their way of thinking is only right. There is not one thing that leads people to hate or not like this lifestyle at all. And you cant say its just religious things only. There are so much more than that. 

The next thing, if we all cleaned up our acts. Yea, those people need more than just that. I've been in those rooms for a while and they all act immature, so fake and so forth. I think they tend to make the lifestyle so much worse because each one is set in their own ways and not want to accept anything else. But to make this code for everyone in the lifestyle to accept and to go by is really ludicrous. 

And from there, he wants everyone to accept it no matter what, and he didn't even think of all the slaves/subs Dom/me's tell them not to abide by anything but them? It's already going against so many people's rules that i had to say something on this. I told him, that i don't accept this at all and he went all out on me. And one reason why i left. But, you can not make people do what you want and so forth. That is not what this lifestyle is about. It's about listening TO YOUR DOM/ME. No one else. Yet he is making this plain that he wants everyone to do what HE WANTS. I think it's bull shit. 

He doesn't know what he is talking about. D/s means that it is a Dominant and slave relationship. As it means, that it's a 24/7 living one. Not using everything in this lifestyle. As most do not do all of what BDSM is. Look at me for instance, W/we only do S and M, and W/we are in a D/s relationship. I just love how he thinks he knows everything about this lifestyle, yet he cant get the definitions of what it is down. 

Now, he used troll, i don't use that for what these so called doms do. Yes, I've seen it many times that they would try it a lot. But, troll just means you go into these type of rooms and you just start shit. Most don't do that, they just try and cyber with people. I think he needs to figure out what it means. Sigh. 

The next thing, he says that all slaves/subs should respect everyone in the room. I'm sorry but this goes with each person in the lifestyle and how the Dom/me has trained their sub/slave. As me, i told him, I'm not going to respect anyone, as it is earned not given. He didn't like that at all. I would come in and say hi whatever their screen name was and not use caps. Sorry only one who gets caps is my Daddy/fiancee, everyone else is in lower case. He didn't like that, and would try and correct me. And i would tell him, he needs to back off. Only one who can do that is Daddy. As it is in my rules that i do not have to respect them right then and there. And respect takes a long time with me. 
 I gotten pretty much used to them trying to correct me and when they would try to do this, i would ignore them and keep on going. I noticed they started not liking me as i wouldn't go with their little code and what not. Because when i first saw it, i knew they were all fake, as they were all agreeing with this. And that these people who told me they were in the lifestyle for so fucking long, that they were doing these little workshops of knowing what a slave or what this lifestyle is. Just stupid as hell. 

I don't mind respecting when Dom's and their slaves come into the room. But if you are just going to come in and just "punish" them in front of people, sorry I'm not going to give respect. As this is not to show/flaunt,well i know most do that, and i don't like being around that at all. Like i would come into these rooms and most time i would have to be quiet as they were punishing their slaves and what not, and that isn't what chat rooms are about. It's about talking and such. I just don't like such things. And each time i would see this in the rooms, i would say something and then just leave. Sorry, but i know I'm a slave but to one person and after that, I'm myself and i will speak up on a lot of things. Don't like it, then just kick me out, or i will go somewhere else. 
As you can see, I'm a slave with a mind of her own, and i will always be like this. I'm not like these fake slaves who do what everyone wants, and they get stepped over and it's quite sad. Now that doesn't mean I'm talking about everyone in this lifestyle. Just the fake type. 

Well there are slaves/subs who want to learn things and they ask for it. I mean this whole conduct thing is pretty vague in areas or he wants you to do what he wants. I mean this isn't what the lifestyle is about. And the way he is "leading" this so called group is sickening. And then he has the nerve to say it is a living document. No one can do this in real life, as it is online. Then says he wants everyone to abide by it. Just i have to shake my head to this. 

At the end, he tried changing the wording to get me to abide by this, but it doesn't work like that. As I've said, i only obey one person and that is Daddy. And anyone who tries and change words, change something to show, they want me to conform to it, will not work at all. I have my rules, i have my loyalty, love and support from Daddy and no one else. And i want to write on this, to show you, just how fake these people are. To show that you should follow what your Dom/me and go with their rules. And i mean if they are true and such. Sigh, just people need to learn exactly what this lifestyle is about. Instead of following one person. Until next time...

April 24, 2012

People who are delusional

ja=jack ass

ja:i wish i could be ur daddy lol
me:and why is that/
ja:cause it would be nice
me:hm in what way? lol
ja:all ways hun
me:i doubt that. People who say that, truly dont know who i am, or how my personality is
ja:lol mm ok
ja:i just would like it if u called me daddy lol
me:lol well there is more things that go with being called Daddy and what not
ja:i would like it
me:lol no you wouldnt. this lifestyle is not for everyone
ja:lol well i still would like to be called daddy
me:sigh, you are just not getting it
me:oh well
ja:im not talkin about the lifestyle ... just the name
me:like i said, you are not getting it. oh well, good bye

I love how people always tell me they would love to own me, or they would love to do this or that to me. And it's funny because they cant handle me being a bitch, or lashing out and so forth. If you think you can call me your slave, then you should be able to control me, correct? Well when i show myself just a bit, they all run away or most of them are just diluted and think oh i can handle her, no problem.

It's a bit tiresome having to tell them, nope because they don't know me at all, except what i show them. Which is only a little bit, like a cookie cutter part. Of me hiding my personal stuff and so forth. So how is that knowing me? It's not. I'm a hard person to control and the only one i would ever do that is Daddy. Daddy knows this and so does everyone else who comes up and tries to do shit. 

I show a bit of my anger, i show a bit of my sadness, and i show a lot of my happiness. But that doesn't show what i went through, what i go through and so forth. I guess its funny that people think oh how wonderful it will be for someone to call me daddy and what not. When they have no clue what that means. And i tried telling this fool, there is more that meets the eye. Of course he couldn't comprehend that. 

It's already hard enough to take care of another person. It takes a lot more deal in a BDSM lifestyle and in a D/s relationship than in a vanilla one. Yet people don't see it like that. They see it as, oh this is so fucking hot(with all the sexual kink things that go on) or how hot it is to be called a daddy and what not. When they have no clue as to how much pain, how much suffering, heartache and so forth went into that. And with that, Until next time....

Just people, shakes head

nom:nymphing around?
me: i wish i was. Not in any water, so, that will be a no
nom:sex in the water
nom:is that ur thing?
me:not a nympho
me:shakes head
nom:what exactly does that mean
me:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naiad that is what i am
nom:maybe my mind is in the gutter
me:seems like a lot of people's minds are in the gutter, if they assume im a nympho and not read the whole id first
nom:well if u dont mind me chatting with u with one hand lol
nom:is that the " i m ignoring you so u can get the hint" ?
nom:you can just say yes
nom:i ll leave u alone
nom:its better than being ignored
nom:so ur just going to ignore me/

And again, this happens all over again. First this dude thinks I'm a nympho, (they all think this) and then i correct him with a damn link to what a water nymph is. He just chalked it up to well I'm just horny and no sorry or anything. Then he has the nerve to ask if he can talk to me while he is masturbating. From there i just ignored him. It's better to do that, than to put on block. He didn't like it one bit, and should of taken the hint a long time ago. But about ten minutes after asking these he finally leaves.

I don't get why they want to do this. They see my id and think of she loves sex, she wont mind me doing this and what not. Sorry but like i said in my last post i will not talk to people who are going to do this. It is a waste of time for you and so forth. I guess people will never understand this. Until next time.....

People who truly think they are in the lifestyle.....

dog:wow that is so hot starting so young.. it is so trustworthing to be a sloave
dog:how old is your owner
me:He is 29
dog:how long has he been dom
dog:yes him
me:about ten years
dog:is that really you with the collar on ??
me:yes i was thinking
me:yes it is
dog:mmmmmmmmmmmmm hot
dog:very hot i've had a vfew collard
dog:i get turned on everytime i see a choker chain on a young female
dog:i try to give tghem a sign that i know why they wearing it
dog:nice .. bondage>
me:um only light for now
dog:what is light?
me:just sometimes of tying up

Apparently a stupid person who is thinks they are in the lifestyle just had to talk to me. Starts okay being okayish, until i say a few things and goes mmmmm that is so hot. Okay, i can already tell this dude is a wacko job. And rereading his id now, i should of seen it a long time ago. This dude is nuts. This lifestyle isn't sexual nor is it a game to be playing with. And he says  i know I'm not playing with it and what not. Yet, he keeps saying mmm to things. It started getting annoying as hell. 

Then i just had to stop the conversation when he asked to masturbate while chatting. If you are going to do that, then you should leave. I'm not here for cybering, or me talking and you doing that. Sorry but that isn't what I'm here for. It's to meet people and hopefully find friends. None of this bull shit of thinking people are in the lifestyle. 

From there, he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. If you cant get what light bondage means, then you have no business being in the lifestyle or even trying to be in it. I guess it just upsets me that people are so fucking delusional that they think they are in the lifestyle for real and not harming anyone. 

And with saying i try to give them a hint that i know why they wear the collar, well if the master/Dom knew, they would not like it at all. As you are getting into personal space and there is some protocol you have to do in this lifestyle. This lifestyle is about having manners and so forth. Sigh, when will this ever end? Oh i know, never as people think they are not harming people and can do it no matter what. shakes head, Until next time.....

April 19, 2012

Sigh what can i say....

mar:what kind of slave are you
me:hm domestic
me:and owned
mar:damn. i'm a dom
mar:casually looking
mar:sorry...i'll leave u alone though
me:good bye

I love how people on wire club are only there to find people to dom and such. I mean at least he just said bye and not to go on. But come on, wire club is a social site to make friends and what not. Not a dating site and to have sex on. As you can see, I'm getting quite tired of it. Sigh what can you do, but let out some anger on these people. Until next time....

Oh stupid people....

db=dumb ass

db:Hey!....are you a submissive girl?
me:yup, who is owned
db:so you don t let yourself being used as a dirty little camwhore ?
me:nope, it states it in profile and also rules
if that is what you are looking for, then go find another fake ass submissive who thinks of herself of nothing but a whore
good bye

I'm getting pretty much tired of people thinking a slave is just a free whore to be used when people want them. So, as you see in this little pm my thoughts on this douche. I do notice that my Domme side is coming out more on these dumb asses, because they don't want to learn from their mistakes. They think they are right and keep on going with their lives. I'm just tired of people not understanding this lifestyle because you have so many people doing the cliche stuff that people mention. And when someone doesn't do that, they just assume you do it. Or gasp when you say something different. Anyways enjoy and Until next time...

April 17, 2012

oh childish games....

jamel: asl?
jamel: are you gay?
me: lol even if i was, why does that matter/
jamel: coz ı am not gay.. ı am normal guy
me: lol so why are you bringing it up?
jamel: why are you not answer
me: lol because i dont have to answer to stupid questions
jamel: yes coz u are stupid
me: lol nope, that is truly you

Sometimes people are just too funny. Well i get a pm in yahoo and of course first thing is ASL. Now, if you ever talked to me in any messenger or site that has chat, i will answer my gender is obvious and people really hate it, because they have to work their poor little brains out. Right after that, he asks if I'm gay. I still don't know where the hell this came from, and asked. 
 He didn't like my answer and then just called me stupid, which a child would only do. It's a shame that people always have to resort to name calling to feel superior. It doesn't fly with me. After that, i kept calling him stupid just to annoy him a bit more and then just left. 
 I don't get how people can be like this and it boggles my mind for the most part. But i guess you just have to deal with all type of people who try to come pounding into your life. And with this Until next time...

People who up and leave out of nowhere....

patrick:so how come no pics?
me:not allowed nor do i want to put them up
patrick:not allowed? by who?
patrick:wow, you seem fun...
me:lol in what way?
patrick:you like being submissive?
me:nah, i was forced into it. Of course i love being submissive
patrick:I meant that's why you seem fun haha
patrick:I often wish my gf was more submissive
me:welp you cant force it and this lifestyle isnt for everyone
patrick:it's true
patrick:how far do you take it?
me:well, lets say, do S and M, and what not

I love how people talk to me for just a bit, and find something out that they don't like and just leave. I had this conversation on wire club. And lately I've been getting snippy with my responses to people. I just wanted to point out, that this isn't the first person to talk to me just for a bit and then just leave. You know, i really don't mind if you talk to me or not, but it would be nice and be polite they said they didn't like it in a polite way and then just leave. You got to love people huh. Well enjoy the conversation and Until next time....

Learning a bit more on the lifestyle

trust:is this true that a slave girls feels she's owned once the master puts the collar around her neck ?
no. I felt i was owned before i was collared

trust:how long have you been a slave ?
almost five years

trust:What makes you a slave ?
trust:What do you do, etc...
 what makes me a slave... um it's just in my nature.. not sure how to really define that
 what i do, in the lifestyle, im a domestic slave, cleaning and such, but also, listening to Daddy when He needs it, and also do S and M

trust:Daddy ?
trust:Your father ?
 yes Daddy Dom

trust:Calling him Daddy means you do a sort of a roleplay, right ?
 hm how to explain this
not really roleplay
as in, hm
it doesnt stop at all. And with what W/we do, it's not roleplay. He acts like a father

trust:chooses your clothes, etc ?
not on clothes.... but other things

trust:what other things ?
like foods, when i can talk, what i can do, disciplines me for my attitude and what not

trust:are you into pain ?
of course, what S and M is

trust:I'm french and here, S&M is more "rough sex"
not real pain and punishments
 S and M is sadistic and Masochism... doesnt involve sex

My opinion is people don't make the difference between a slave and a "free whore".

Someone on wire club wanted to know a little bit more of the lifestyle. So, at firs he asked does a slave feel owned once a master puts a collar around her neck. And that is very untrue. Before you even collar a slave, you have to train him/her in the ways you want him/her to do. So, before being collared, you already have that feeling. And with discipline, and testing and learning things, you already feel you are with them no matter what. Just putting the collar around your neck, just shows that you are owned visibly. 

With the other things, it is common, and I've stated them quite a bit. Now, the last thing was getting into a different topic. It was about S and M and how people can not differentiate between a free whore and a slave. And that is true. Most people who come to me in pm's will want sex and want it now. And think that a slave is only a sex object. When it's not like that at all. It really does pisses me off, that people assume I'm a sex slave and that is all i do for my Daddy. But what is funny though is this: I've noticed people are really put off on S and M, yet people still try and dom me without ever being in the lifestyle and just wanting plain sex anyways because they see slave. I see that a lot of people have double standards, and i can be baffled on it a lot. 

Another thing that is a bit tiring, is when i say Daddy/fiancee, people always assume He is my real father. It's like even people in the lifestyle gasp at the word. I'm like come on people, you are in the lifestyle, this word is used all the time. Yet, they are so baffled and scoff at it, like I'm the crazy one. I'm just getting to the point of saying, yup He is my real father and see what happens. But anyways, enough on this. Until next time....

People's true personalities come out after a few questions...

noah:i like your name
noah:its pretty hot
me:lol how is it hot?
noah:idk kinda sexy
me:in what way?
noah:idk i guess its just a feeling i have….i also think yu might be kinda cute
me:hm and im thinking you think im a nympho when im not
noah:no no not at all
me:hm then i dont know where you get it's hot and sexy and such
noah:sorry bye
me:yup bye
me:lol whore
noah:im a dude….your the fuckin stuck up bitch who gets offended bye a dude thinking your name is cool
me:nope, not at all. But think what you will. You cant handle someone asking questions and you cant even answer them. And funny, i see your personality comes out after a few little questions
me:so anyways go your damn way
me:good bye

Lol, i just love people. This guy pm's me on wire club and says my name is hot. Now, what do you think of this, when someone tells you that? For me, it's trying to get into my e-pants, and trying to pay pretty compliments. So, i ask him a few questions. Why do you think its hot and such. And of course the only thing he can say is, i don't know. Well that isn't a comment I'm going to take then. He keeps up with it, and i keep asking why questions.

He says bye, so I'm like okay bye. And then he comes back and says I'm a bitch, when i just merely asked a few questions. You just got to love people. They hate it when i don't play their little games. They think they can get whatever they want, all because they paid a person whom they don't even know some compliments, that are not true at all. 

So, i just let him have it. I called him a whore and he keeps saying I'm a dude, okay, that doesn't mean you are strong or right. All it states is that you are a dude, and kept saying it when i called him a whore. Now, a whore can be for both genders not one. I think i know he was going with that, but i think that he was trying to be all macho/dom when it didn't work at all. 
 After a bit, i just blocked him for about a minute, if less, and then unblocked him and hasn't said a word back.  Well enjoy and Until next time.....

So called friend trying to push a different religion on me..

tark:i found something make my soul comfortable
tark:if u tired just read alittle in their book
tark:they called it quran i think so
me:oh, no thank you. I dont read any other "bibles"
tark:it is not bibles
tark:u are strong gril and u tried alot of things ont he life and u do lifestyle and end u said that
me:of course i am strong and what not, but i do not read any other bible but the Holy bible
me:my faith is different than anything else in me
me:and the quarn is a bible
tark:i do not aske u be muslam i said just read some words
tark:coz i read alittle and i fell happy
tark:i wish u are happy forever
me:no that is not what God wants us to do
me:he wants us to believe in him and im sorry
me:but that is not the right book at all
me:so im not going to do that

Well a few days ago i was talking to a "friend", as I'm going to put it loosely. He started going on about the quran. Now, i have my own beliefs. And i really hate people trying to push me onto something that is not right at all. The one thing i truly hated him doing, was slapping me in the face and then sorta guilting  me on not taking his advice. 

That is one thing that is going to get me pissed. And he did it. I was pretty shocked he would do this, but he did it. I think my respect for him has dwindle now. I cant believe someone would do that, after they have known what i went through. And to say, that i should read a bible that is false and it will give me comfort. No, more likely, God is going to punish me pretty bad for picking up that so called book and trying to find happiness through that. 

And i really did lash out on him, about him guilting me, as to being a strong person, but being weak as to not take his advice or to read that book. Sigh what can you do. Hopefully this will never come up again. Or else, I'm going to have to re-evaluate my friendship with him. Well Until next time...

People think this lifestyle is only fetishes......

ryman:how old are you?
ryman:32 here
ryman:too old?
me:for friends, no
ryman:thats all i am looking for
me:same here
ryman:what do you look like? why no pics?
me:not allowed pics and i look like myself
ryman:not allowed?
me:yes, BDSM lifestyle, hence the id name
ryman:i like my cock
me:um okay?
ryman:just saying
rymna:we all have our own fetishes
me:hm BDSm is not a fetish, but okay

So this guy pm's me out of nowhere. And I've noticed lately, a lot of people are asking me what my as is. I think its a bit peculiar but what can you do. I don't think why age matters for friendship, unless you are looking for more than just that. 
 So, he goes on to ask as to what i look like. Lately my response is, myself. I'm getting tired of these type of questions. As i don't have pics up, they think i will tell them what i look like instead. Then i go on to say, I'm not allowed to put pics up. As always i have to state this. That is getting to be a nuisance. 

So, he is a bit confused as to me saying I'm not allowed. And i say of course, I'm in the BDSM lifestyle... and he proceeds to say its a fetish. How is it a fetish when it's a lifestyle? People need to learn when to keep their mouths shut on something they truly don't know about. And to be really rude as well.  Saying you like your cock is not a fetish as well. It's normal to like it. I was going to say this, but decided not to. I think that is one thing that baffles me. Some people actually think this lifestyle is only fetishes. Maybe i will never understand that part. Well enjoy and Until next time.....

April 16, 2012

oh people....

or try this. I dont have any phones, cell phones or a land line phone. Been like that for about four/five years. Can you live without any phones? :P
Do you skype? ;)
No, i dont.
wow! What would you do in an emergency? If you don't mind my asking?
would have to get quarters for a payphone. Had to do it once.....
Wow. Ok. Thanks for clearing that up. :)
You're welcome. :)

Okay, this is again on sodahead. The question was, can you live without your cellphone for a week. So i wrote back, and saying i don't have any phones at all. And it's true. And of course someone is really shocked as to not having anything in the home and such. 

It's not that shocking when you are poor and have no job. It's kinda common sense that you wouldn't be able to afford them. And of course the question came up, what would you do for emergency. And it would be what I've done, have to call on a payphone. It sucks, but you got to do what you got to do. Other than that, you really don't need a phone.

I think what is funny though, in this day an age where the economy is really bad, and jobs are slim to none, people always gasp when you don't have things. Like a job for one and luxury things. If people didn't have jobs at all, how can they afford all of the stuff they have? And it must be a lie, to them not having jobs, if they can afford gas money, car, phone and etc. Anyways, enjoy and Until next time...

Getting to know my grandparents a bit...

*well my grandparents on my dad side: Grandpa is a damn asshole. My grandma wasnt dead for a month and started doing all this traveling and stuff and not really care at all. Then laughed at me when i was going to be homeless and lied to my face, saying i could live with them, when i had no where else to go. 

Now my grandma: She was very feisty. She would cuss everyone out who needed it, and wouldnt care. She had a huge heart to love me, when my family never even cared about me. She is the type to do her own thing and say fuck you to others who wouldnt agree with her. And I also think she was a courageous woman. She survived breast cancer, then struggled with lung cancer for ten plus years. And then at the end, died of both lung and bone cancer. So i think that puts her up for being really courageous to fight through it for a very long time. 

Now,on my moms side: They are both assholes. Grandpa is an abusive person. Never loved me, or saw any interest in me, until i was on his side, with some of the family. Then and only then did i see the twinkle of approval in his eyes. Other than that he wont talk to me and such. 
Grandma: she annoys me. She is a fake Christian. Each time i would be with her, she would always hug me and kiss me and say she loved me, but i know it wasnt true. She only did it, because she still saw this girl who was not bright at all and what not. Sure she showed me love, but it wasnt the love i needed. 
So you get to see a bit of how my family truly is, and it is quite sickening.*

Well i'm on an opinion based social site called sodahead. And one of the questions was, what are your grandparents like. And i wrote this. I hate to say this, but it is all true. This is just a hint of how my family truly is. My family will just scoff at this, but it's the truth. Like they ever cared for me. 

The only one who did love me for me was my grandma and of course she is dead now. I find i a bit funny the people who truly loved me, have passed on already. Like my Godmother and my grandmother. I just think it makes me upset that they did what they did, but what can you do? You just got to live with it and then once you are out of it, learn from those mistakes. 

When questions like this arise, it makes me sad, angry and very mixed with emotions, because it brings up memories, but it also brings up questions. As to why, they did it, why didnt they love me. Why did they have me, if they truly dont love me. And so forth. But anyways, you get an insight of how my family is. With a tidbit of this, and of course will go in my memoir, if i ever write on it. Just a very hard part to write right now and im procrasting on it. Well Until next time...

Someone not heeding a warning.....

Ian:the worst part is since i teased her so badly our parents and teachers are making me wear hello kitty bandaids on my skinned up nose chin and knees for several weeks
Ian:is that too harsh? they say its the perfect punishment for my crime
me:hm sounds like the family is in the lifestyle lol. but there is nothing wrong with wearing any type of bandaids really
Ian:i guess they are
Ian:its definately a public humiliation for sure
Ian:i hate it but they said it was the perfect thing for me considering what i did
me:eh, it really didnt need that. And you could of said no, you know. Because i think they are in the lifestyle and are fake
Ian:so the lifestyle is what it is i guess im just trying to make the most of life
me:i think you should get out as fast as you can. They are not doing it right at all. And of course that is people for you
me:This lifestyle is consent, and not forced
Ian:well true

Hm, i had this i guess you can call it an interesting conversation. Today, people from TN are pming me left and right. And this is one of them. He just goes into it, like we are buddies and what not. And i told him my view on it.

I do notice that a lot of people from TN are in the lifestyle. Yes, that is putting myself into that, as i am in the lifestyle and was born and raised there. But, i do it as a lifestyle and not because I'm fake and what not. Now, people there, are mostly fake, or they are very abusive. And this type seems to be abusive and what not.

I told the dude, that he needs to leave his gf and just go on his merry way. Because they are not doing the lifestyle correctly and it tends to piss me off. I hate when people tend to do this, and then say, I'm not in the lifestyle. But their actions say they are. People are just crazy as hell. And what makes me upset even more because he just yea, it's true and seems like he is just gonna keep on being with her and being in the lifestyle forcefully. Which is quite sad. But what can you do really. Sometimes you have to keep on going with your life. 
 Because you have done all that you could. I tried warning him, and now it is up to him to do what he wants. This will be his choice and his fault for staying in it, when someone who is in the lifestyle is telling him not to. But people will always be like that. You can never swadythem because they think it's okay to do this, when it's not. But you just got to wipe your feet and keep on going. Well enjoy and Until next time....

Fake Dom once again....

james:u very submissive? want to meet a french mastser?
me:as in to talk, fine. But to try and Dom me, go somewhere else
james:show urself on cam?
me:and go away

As you see here, there are so many fakes on wire club. It's like the next best thing than collar me. Everyone pm's me thinking they can own me. And I'm getting quite tired of it. As you see my response to this, I'm becoming more and more Domme in this area, because what i truly want on wire club, is to chat and to make friends. 

But will people ever understand this? I mean come on people. Shessh, what i don't get is this: why are so called doms after me, when I'm not on the market? I really don't get this. I mean it goes with being engaged as well and they just come flocking. I'm just stating this, because I'm not sexy, I'm not cute, and my personality can clash with people. So i just don't get it. Well enjoy. Until next time....

People cant read anymore....

travel:hey m on msn can i add u
me:that's good. why?
travel:so we can see each other my cam is on
me:nope, states in my profile i dont do that

You just got to love people. What is the whole point in putting up a huge profile, if no one reads it? I mean, if you are wanting to chit chat with me, i don't mind that. But when people do this, it just annoys me, and just shows me how many idiots are on wire club. 

 I already stated I'm not going to be doing this all the time. And even responding back to them, it gets a bit tiresome and such. Well you get to see how people are. Until next time....

April 15, 2012

Someone asking if the lifestyle is a club or not......

anuya:ur user name is diff
anuya:wat does tat mean
me:Im an owned slave in the BDSM lifestyle and my Daddy/fiancee gave me the nick name water nymph of how much i love water
anuya:so wat is tis slave
anuya:like sex slave
anuya:i cant understand
me:no im not a sex slave. Im a domestic slave while doing S and M
im in the BDSm lifestyle
anuya:sorry i dont knw abt bdsm life style
me:BDSM is Bondage,Discipline,Sadistic and Masochism... it is a power exchange lifestyle
anuya:do u want to be join some club for it ah
me:not a club, it's a lifestyle
me:a way of living
anuya:so then hw long u r living tis life style
me:almost five years now
anuya:oh k k

Well i was talking to a nice person on wire club for once. He is from India, so he didn't understand my id name at all, but asked politely what it meant. So i told him, and he still didn't understand it. Now, he sorta went a bit cliche with it, but i let it slide as he asked nicely. 

So i went a bit into it. And from there asked if it was a club. Now I've noticed a lot of people in India who talk to me, always ask if it is a club or cult. And again, i had to say, no it's not. It's a way of life... even though others in this lifestyle will not agree at all. I still wonder why they think its a club or a cult, when there are people there who are in the lifestyle. I guess it is more hush hush than here. Well anyways, enjoy and Until next time.....

People who tests your rules and what not.

steve:how r u sexy slave
steve:r u owned?
me:of course
me:and engaged
steve:ohh ok
steve:would u like serve two m,asters?
me:good bye

Sometimes people do not understand when to leave things alone. You have two types of so called doms on wire club. It is a.)fake doms, who try to dom you no matter what and b.) kinksters who think they know the lifestyle and what not. 

 And of course this one, i think is the a.) one. Because i said i was engaged and owned, yet was trying to get me to serve him as well. I have made this rule already that I'm not going to be talking a long time with idiots anymore. And it's been working out pretty good. The only problem is, there are so many idiots that its hard getting a good conversation going. Even with these, saying no and ignoring, still takes a lot out of me. Well anyways, look at this as a little insight on how you can spot fakes or kinksters in the lifestyle. Until next time....

A rant i written earlier.....

But im just tired of us compromising to death, while they dont have to. She hates people doing things behind her back, but she is doing things behind my back and it's really pissing me off. I feel like snapping, because i hate people washing things that dont need to be washed at all. I'm tired of people doing things that were never done. Like with the oven and such. 

I just feel like i have ocd, because i like the things they are. I dont like people touching my stuff and cleaning it. It makes me feel and their actions show that hey im not an adult, im just a child and you have to do everything for me. I'm getting pretty much tired of that. And she is just triggering shit one after another. Just like my mother and then going to put it back in the oven. It's very dangerous to have things in there and especially foil. I dont get what people think when they do stuff.
I'm trying my hardest to keep my mouth shut. But it seems its getting bad again for me. I think what started it was your uncle. Saying the we mouse again. When it was just for him and susie. Im getting tired of that. And then her cleaning things that dont need it, drives me fucking crazy. And then get a bit upset or so because i move them because i fucking hate it in the oven. Seriously, i dont know how much i can take of this. Sigh. 

And then on top of that, i have to keep my mouth quiet and write it on the computer, is really fucking hard for me. Im the type of person to get in your face or come to you and tell you off. But since this fucking family is not like mine, i have to be like a fucking quiet mouse and i truly hate it. As you can see, im pretty much pissed and of course feeling like im right back at my family's place. Triggers that are happening because people are dumb asses and such.

She hasnt been here for a month and already i just want to cuss her out. And then got into one altercation. I really dont know what God wants from me. But like i told Daddy, i cant go through this again. I seriously cant do this again. I cant be a damn puppet to appease people who are very fucking unstable. I cant hide who i am any longer. 

That was a reason why i left. Well one of many reasons, and of course im right back in it. 

Sigh, i just dont know what to do anymore. But i cant keep feeling like this. This anger that pops up when she does something that really gets on my fucking nerves. 
She told me, when we got into the fight, that i have to run things by her. Like this was her house all along. And then said she hates people doing things behind her back, yet she is doing all this shit. 

With the dishes, touching my stuff and not putting it back where i had it, then she brought her dogs, after W/we told them no. Then bringing them in when im really sick. And on top of that, trying to put paper towel down the toilet, when it shouldnt go in there.And of course im running a fever, been sick for about a week and a half and i have to keep my mouth shut. I have to appease her so she wont get mad. And her being a damn drunk. 
No thank you, im not going to do that. Im a grown adult, but i guess people dont fucking see it as that. Sigh, Just need out of this damn place. Okay guess im done now. Sigh

April 14, 2012

You can see how listens to you and who doesnt....

Knight:-steals ur tub so u cant have nice warm bubblie baths.
me:lol well then you would have to steal all of them, silly. You of all people should know im a water nymph for a reason lol
knight:u said u dont that. >.>
knight:and y ME of all people??? >>..>>
knight:u told me u dont like water bondage.
knight:that it was one of ur hard limits.
me:wow, ive done things in the lifestyle with water. lol, but what im talking about it just being a plain water nymph

Lol and you can tell people do not listen or read anything i put down. I was talking to a friend on wire club and he was playing around. Saying he was going to steal my tub so i cant take bubble baths. And i was playing on with me being a water nymph, that he will have to steal all my tubs and what not. For some reason he thought i was a nympho and dont do any water stuff in the lifestyle.

So i had to put it straight to him. And he didnt even know what a water nymph was. So i had to give him the link to what a water nymph was, and from there was trying to dom me. Im not sure if he is playing with that or not, but it is becoming tiresome when he is online. Well enjoy the conversation and Until next time.....

April 11, 2012

People who do not know this lifestyle, shouldnt be in it.


fun:interesting nickname
me:yw. thanks i live by it
fun:so u r a slave
fun:and a nympho for water
me:yes who is owned
me:and im a water nymph
fun:u r owned
fun:who is ur master
me:no one you know
fun:very interesting
fun:so u active in it
me:of course
fun:i would love to try it
me:nope, its not for everyone. Especially for kinksters who do not know it at all

And again, it happens. I love when things happen about five plus times in a day. But i don't get why people look at my id name and think where do they get nympho from? But anyways, i just love people who do not know the lifestyle at all, want to try it out. Like it is some kind of game. 
 And i told the guy off. This is not a game at all. People who are kinksters, like him, should not even try it. It is very dangerous. I mean hell, when i started this, about five years ago, i didn't jump into it. I had to learn a lot of stuff, before ever being active in it. I had to do so much, that it was really hard work. This lifestyle doesn't come to be fun all the time, as people think it to be. 

Nope, this lifestyle is very hard, it's very frustrating but in the end, it is very rewarding as well. But people will not know this because they all think its all wonderful and what not. Hate to burst your bubble, but it's called a lifestyle for a reason. With that, after i gave it to him, he just ignored me. I'm glad so, because i would of went off more on his ass. Well enjoy the conversation and Until next time....

People can clearly not read anymore....

sa=stupid ass

sa:i'm good.. So, nymph eh?
me:water nymph
sa:ok.. So, it's not a sexual term then?
sa:ok.. So, it's not a sexual term then?
sa:ic... bet you get a lot of confused people messaging you.
me:lol i sure do

Well with this pm, I've been getting a lot of people, pming me because they think my name means I'm a nympho. Yes, my name is slavewaternymph, but it does not mean I'm a nympho at all. You just got to love people who assumes things. I will get, well what does that mean. Have you not heard of a water nymph? So i have to keep this link up, and paste it to them, as to what a water nymph is. Like i said in the title, people can not read at all anymore. 

I state it once in my profile,once in a blog on wire club and so many times to people. Yet no one wants to say they are wrong with that. Sigh, you just got to love people, huh? Well enjoy the conversation and Until next time....

People, oh people...

sa=stupid ass

sa:call me master
me:not going to happen
sa:do you need a spanking
me:do i need to spank your ass? seriously im engaged and owned
now leave

Oh you just got to love fake doms in this lifestyle. Huh, don't you? Because i sure don't. And of course one just had to pop up today. Thought he could just own me, without ever asking, hey are you owned? hey are you married? Nope, it was hey, I'm your master. You cant do anything. Well you gotta love my answers back to his ass. 

I hate bringing out my Domme side. I truly do, as it is not in me to do this, but when people do not understand no, or nope, i don't do this, because I'm owned, its like you have to bring out your mean side and what not, in order for them to listen. And even at that, some wont listen at all. So you have to block them for a bit. Sad, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. Well enjoy the very short conversation, and see what a fake think they can do in this world. Until next time....

Mentality of people....

ja=jack ass

ja:what sort of slave?
me:read profile
ja:you seem to be nice
me:thanks, i try to be
ja:hahaha try to be? do you try to be naughty too?
me:hm nope. try as in, not to be an ass when stupid people try to talk to me or try to fucking Dom me
ja:dom you in what way?
me:hm im so not going to go there
ja:sex domination?
me:its kinda apparent what Dom means
ja:not all the time if youre thinking straight
ja:so do you get naughty?
me:nope and this is where i say good bye

The mentality of people. I hate when people who say they are in their twenties, but act like teenagers. Its like how they perceive things, that they act like this. I have a rule now, that i haven't put up just yet, but its this: I'm not giving out any more personal personal information, unless i know they can be trusted with it.And I'm not giving people who are truly stupid a chance. I talk about two minutes and from there i will evaluate it, and if i see that they are truly stupid and don't want to understand me or the lifestyle, then i will just ignore them. 

And with this pm, you get to see, I'm getting pretty use to doing this now. Its seems like almost everyone on wire club, are either stupid or horn dogs. Just don't get a break from it. But anyways, enjoy the short convo and Until next time....

April 8, 2012

Idiot people.....

db=dumb ass

db:you a slave?
me:lol yes an owned one
db:wana roleplay?
db:can i have a go of you ?
db:whos your owner?
me:lol it wont work like that
me:go somewhere else
db:bend over slut
me:good bye

Yea, you just got to love idiots. huh? Well this guy just comes out of nowhere asking if he can have a go with me. Well I'm doing something new, which has been working pretty well. Once you say your peace, you just keep ignoring them. I've had two people i had to block for a few minutes, but then take off of block. But for the most part, just ignoring the dumb ass people works perfectly.

I hate when they come up, and thinking i will be their slave and what not. I hate people not reading profiles, and then get all mad at you, for not doing what they want and such. Sorry, but this lifestyle doesn't work like that. Don't like it, then don't be in it. Or even try to understand it. Well enjoy the conversation. Until next time....

Happy Easter Everyone....

Well want to say Happy Easter to everyone. I hope you all have a great day. I have been a bit busy, baking banana nut muffins, for Communion. Then making food for the feast, which was small but of course awesome for God. I hope everyone will be safe on this day. :)

April 2, 2012

Stupid people...

db=dumb ass

db:do u have facebook
db:can i have id
db:give ur id
me:so now we are demanding my id?
me:lol i would advise you not to do this
me:because i am engaged and owned and when someone tries to demand something from me
will get my claws
db:i just want fb not u?
it will not happen
db:then add me
me:lol no
db:what u want ?
me:lol like i want anything
that is society for you
always have to be a gain somewhere huh
db:oooo i c
db:why u come 2 wire club ...
me:hm well i think you should read my profile to get that answer
db:u rhot?
me:lol does that matter?
db:fuck u
me:lol you wish you can fuck me

You just got to love idiots, huh. Well was talking to this guy, and he demands things from me. That is not the way to try and be my friend. Because for one, it is part of my rules, and two, because i don't think friendship is suppose to be demanding. And of course, like i said, people always need something to gain from it, just to be nice. Why does that always happen? I mean can you not do things without gaining anything from it? 

He finally got tired of me, not giving him the answers he wanted and said fuck me. Well when people do this, i will just say what i did, and then go my merry way. I'm not going to be on here, doing things that they want. Not going to happen at all. Well enjoy the conversation and Until next time...