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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 6, 2012

Conversation with almost a teenager....

cp=curious person

cp:let me know if u find anyone 4 me anyway
cp:and let me know if u broke up as well
me:lol that wont happen
cp:i dont know whether to be sad or happy to hear that
cp:how can i ask ur daddy to see ur pic?
me;yea i am lol. Um, well i usually ask Him
cp:does he usaully agree?
cp:wt can i do ?
me:just have to wait til i get to know you a bit better and when Daddy agrees
me:not sure when that will be though
cp:does he have access to ur account here?
me:yes, and all of my accounts lol
me:from time to time He checks up on them
cp:i dont mind asking him myself
cp:would u ask him 2day for me?
me:just did He says no
cp:oh why not
cp:jsut a normal pic?
me:lol He says you dont need a reason lol
cp:thats bad
me:how so
cp:how come its not
me:um, because its good to get to know people without pics ;d
cp:believe me i know alot here with out pics
cp:but i dont know why id love to see u
me:just cant do that. Just a rule of O/ours
cp:how could be there double peneration
cp:is it meant to be loyal??
me:um i dont know
me:for U/us it wouldnt happen unless it was used with something... but with people,it wouldnt be loyal
cp:u keep using U/us
cp:wts this??
me:respect for Daddy
me:when used it shows that it is for dominant and slave
cp:i ddint understand
me:the capital letter is for the dominant while the lower case is for the slave
me:it shows respect
cp:bur am not daddy?!!!!
me:im saying it for U/us
me:lol, no matter what i show respect
cp:tell me u ever bleed of torture?
me:from punishment, yes
cp:is it good to bleed ?
me:um a little bit is okay, but not a lot
cp:how often u get fucked?
me:well lets put it this way. Ive only had sex three times in the five years of knowing Him
cp:no waaaaaaaaaay
cp:ur joking
me:no, im not joking
me:told you, sex isnt part of O/our liestyle
cp:dont u feel u need a dick in u
cp:lol am sorry
me:it's okay
cp:sounds cold relatio??
me:O/our relationship is more than just sex. It is the power exchange, love, honor and etc
cp:but sex is a need
cp:thats ur point
me:yea, but it can be for most people as well
me:sex doesnt have to an every day need. There is more to love than just that
cp:well not 3 times 4 a 5 years either
me:lol, sure it is little, but im fine with it. To me, love is more than just that
me:love, is hard work, and showing tha tyou care and support and etc
cp:ok i got u
cp:i just disagree
cp:thts all
me:and most people do
me:and that is why most relationships dont work out in the end
me:its not all about sex
me:but sex is a part
me:but people today, its like i need it to survive.. which is like four times a day.. and i dont see how that can help a relationship at all
me:when love and a relationship so much more than that
me:but of course, this is just my view point
cp:i respect it
me: and same here
cp:i can c the child in u
me:lol how so
cp:u sounds cute and awesome
me:yea, im mostly a child at heart, but i can be serious and an adult when i need to be ;d
cp:thats why ur lovely
cp:tell can a master have more than a slave?
me:yes, it depends on the Master, but yes they can have a polygamy household
cp:and can he has both for sex at a time/
me:if that is what they agreed on
cp:thats great
me:yea lol
me:but its harder though with a poly house
me:trying to keep all at harmony lol
cp:but hes to be obeyed
me:yes, of course limits come into play and such

As i have said countless times, i will not look for slaves for other people. The reason being is that for one, I'm not the one looking. Two, everyone has different limits, three i know you are fake and i will not do this. Plus, like i have said numerous times, i am not a match maker, and this is what it is. You look for slaves, and it's like dating. Talk to them, see if you guys have the same interests and etc. So, i will not do that. 
 The next thing that makes me upset is that, well tell me when you break up with your Daddy. I hate this a lot. It's like, well i will only talk to you if you are single and not owned. Second of all, i do not like people trying to break me and Daddy up. A lot of bad memories with that and all that will do is push me to be more of a bitch and a tiger on your ass. I take my relationship and the lifestyle very serious. So, keep those comments to yourself or you have a rude awakening coming. 

It seems like i will be always writing on this for a very very long time. It seems to me that a lot of people just want pictures so they can imagine me and what not. I really hate this. But this one is a new spin to it. Asking me if he can get into contact and ask Daddy straight for a picture of me. When i say that i can not give out pics, just take the no and keep on going. 
 I knew where this tactic was going. Does He have access to your accounts, well but of course He does, He is my Daddy after all. And He isn't going to get on, to talk to people at all. So, its basically a waste of time. Tried telling the dude about it, but of course he didn't want to listen at all. 
 So, he tries another way, well ask Him for me.. which i always do, and of course guess what the answer was, um no. And the guy wanted a reason, sorry Daddy doesn't give out reasons. Why there is a rule about no pics of me or Him. So just leave it at that, but people think they can get handed whatever they want and that is it. Kinda pathetic if you ask me.
 On the next question, what about just a regular pic. Hm, so in his mind he wanted a nude pic. I think people are just really perverted lately. I notice a lot of people are asking for regular pics today, and its like they are assuming I'm going to give nude pics or that i wont. Come on, if im not giving out pics, it means I'm not allowed to give any kind of pics,and to even assume that i would give out nude pics, you will be automatically ignored. 

 I'm not sure where this next question comes from, i think it was a random question. But, of course as i stated that i don't think it is loyal to have people do this kind of stuff. I will only go so far with this, but like i said, if you have more than one Master, i do not think you are being loyal. If you do things with other people other than your Master, i do not think you are being loyal. For my opinion and my opinion only, i think that being loyal is serving one Master and doing things only with them. That doesn't mean I'm not against others doing things with other people, but i will not do it myself, so don't expect me to answer it with agreeing with you. Just how opinions work out. And with this, i do the same thing. 
 For me, this isn't loyal at all, just because you are willingly to obey another person, but of course just my opinion. And as this question was aimed at me, i think, i answer it with what i would do. I have and will not do things with other people. I have done it, with objects, but not with people and never will. Just how that will go. 

 The next part is simple. This is basic respect and word form. When you have a Master, and when you are talking to other people, and you are referring to you and your Master, you always put cap and then small to show respect. This isn't to hard to do. It shows respect for your Master and that you will always give it. As you see me, i will always do that. It may not be in that degree, it can also be with He, Him, His, Daddy, Master and so forth. So, its not that hard to comprehend this at all. Even though i had to write it out twice in laymen terms. 
 I notice a lot of the immature people will always say this; but I'm not your daddy!!!!! Well of course you are not. When i say U/us and etc, it doesn't mean i am talking about you. I am talking about you, but i am talking for me and Daddy. It's not that hard to follow. But of course ignorant people will always put this, and it does annoy me to some extent. 

 The next part, if you practice S and M, you will have times that you will bleed. In the beginning with me and Daddy, i bled quite a bit, or a lot of bruises for that matter. But as things progressed, found ways to not leave bruises and to bled as much. But, you can not stay away from some blood if you are doing S and M. Just how it goes. But, i do think that some like oh small scratches to about oh a couple of inches of scratches that are shallow are fine. But if you are going to have huge scratches that are pretty deep and will scar, then i think it is time, to try and find different ways of doing it, unless you want to do permanent damage to yourself. 
 Also i hate the word torture. Seems like i can never get away from this and each time i have to correct it. All it does is make me cringe and correct you from saying this ugly word. 

The next part it seems as well, i will be talking on for a very long time. Yes, i have said it a thousand times, i do not have sex with my Daddy. That doesn't mean other things are not involved but the act of sexual intercourse W/we do not do. For simple reasons and if you cant see thruogh that, then hush. 
I really hate know it all, who think that you need sex to have a good relationship with your partner or Master as that. But, what people don't see, is that you can have a wonderful relationship, if not stronger without it. That doesn't mean i haven't tried it, but doesn't mean i need it four to five times a day, to function. Sorry, not a nympho and never will be. 
 But, as with that, i would appreciate if you kept your gasps or so to yourself. I am getting a bit tired of teenagers and such giving me these kind of things. All it shows is that, well I'm a freak and what not. 
 But with that, the guy goes on to say that he doesn't agree with me. Well of course, almost everyone that i talk to doesn't agree on this, because everyone is hooked on sex. If not extreme but lightly as well, and will tell me well you are not in the right relationship or haven't been shown what sex is all about. 
 Sorry to break it to you, i have seen what sex is about. I have made love, and you know what i will admit it is a wonderful thing, but those feelings don't always come up with me or Daddy. And i think with others, the same as well. They make think its love making, but in reality it is lust. Those two feelings are different but people cant understand what lust is all about. 
 Sorry, don't mean to judge or assume on things, but it is annoying the hell out of me, that people think i need sex to satisfy my needs and wants. That is why i am in this lifestyle, i get my needs and wants in different ways, and people cant understand that. 

As to what he said, don't you need a dick in you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not a nt and nympho who cant live without a dick in her. My needs are different as i said. My needs is love. I mean real love, which i get every day. I get to cuddle with Daddy which i will take any day than sex. I love Him kissing my forehead and other things He does. I don't need sex to satisfy my desires. Which i really don't have any as well. 

Seeing the child in me. Well it isn't hard seeing that, as i show people that side of me, and will always be on my sleeves. Yes, i love being a child at heart and being a daughter to my Daddy. But, i can also be an adult. I take on a lot of responsibilities. I've done it since i was a child, and i have never had a real childhood at all, and that is why that has stuck with me since i was a teenager and what not. It is how i can sorta regain my childhood that i had missed out and i love it. I will not change that because it is a part that i love the most and also Daddy loves it as well. But there are times you have to put that away and be a grown up and take care of things, just doesn't mean you have to get rid of it completely. 

And the last part, yes a Master can have more than one slave. I don't think it is right, but it is up to the Master and if he can handle a poly house. It will be harder than a D/s relationship as there will be more than one slave to take care of. And it will be hard to keep the harmony going, and keeping up with every slave's wants and needs. 
 But the reason i wanted to write on this, is that most people in the BDSM lifestyle always scoff and look down on poly households. I always think it is funny that most people in it, will think low of the people and etc. When in reality that is part of what goes on in the lifestyle. I have known a lot of slaves who had sister or brother slaves and got along somewhat good. 
 But that is what people do. They only accept half of the lifestyle or things and the others they cant. It can be moral reasons and what not, but will not admit that it is true that people in the lifestyle can have multiple slaves.  Until next time.....

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