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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 1, 2012

A conversation with people and my thoughts...

kh:what is your relegion slave?
me:no, Im a Chistian
SlaveWaterNymphoh family
kh:I want your opinion
me:hm, it has good points to it
me:at the end, it is true
me:each country should stay in their own land and fight for their own stuff
me:and not meddle in other things
me:why i dont like war and such
me:but, in the thing, you see how americans are. they
me;assume things, and
me:have hatred for others
me:no matter if so many people were killed and such
me:its just a deep hatred, because of religion based and not getting to knwo people and such
me:why i pity people like this
kh:How is your husband?
me:oh W/we are not doing to well
me:right now trying to ignore His mom lol
me:having family problems and such right now
kh:Does it bother his mother?
me;eh not really lol. With somethings she gets mad at
me;but other things, she just lets it go in one ear and out the other
kh:Do you live with you?
kh:his mom
me:no, i live with Daddy/fiancee and His uncle
me:He talks to His mom at times
kh:i love my mother too
kh:i live with my mother
me:eh, i dont like His family lol
kh:you not lik his familly?
me;no, because His family is like mine. Abusive
me:and only sees you as a person if you have money
me:like for instance... today, the damn uncle wants to get another fish tank.. okay, this will make his fifth huge tank
me:said no,basically because im getting sick right
me:he is pouting because he cant get it, but not because of that, but because he cant have any animals
me:and all he does is hoards things
me:see, that is how mine and His family is. If W/we had money, he wouldnt be pouting so bad
me:and talking bad about U/us
kh:All this is happening in a country like America?
me:yes, have so many broken homes and such. and people here only think of you as a person if you have money
me:if you dont have that, then you are a homeless bum
kh:what about your familly
kh:your brother
kh:and your mother
me:i dont have brothers.. i have one sister mom and dad, but i am disowned though
kh:and father
kh:you have fother?
me:yes, i have a dad... just not a real father in my eyes
kh:Looks like you are suffering a lot
kh:Why not change your life?
me:yea, ive gone through a lot of things in my life. but, it defines me, nor do i hate it... just i guess makes me hm
me:well they are out of my life
me;i dont talk to them anymore
me:where i am right now, is stuck. cant get a job, but if did
me:would be out of this perdictament
me;but ive changed a lot in my life
kh:you can change your life
me;i know, just cant right now
me:just got to let this run its course. im here for a reason
me:and maybe in the near future, will know that reason why
kh:married is wonderful
me:um it can be.. but most part, it is hard working
me;it is rough but in the end, it is rewarding
kh;yes thats true
kh;Must be tired a lot for a beautiful life
me;it can be tiresome
me;and have a lot of rough patches and such
me:but if you can make it through and get through it with your partner
me:it is beautiful
kh;Life is beautiful and the most beautiful thing about them is the happy family
me:yea, but life cant be beautiful all the time.. there has to be hardships to see how beautiful life can be

I have been getting asked a lot what my religion is. I'm still wondering why, and only a few assumptions come up. which is my name. Since i go by ashpea a lot, they think it is a Eastern name, and think my religion is always Islam.  I don't mind you having your own religion, what i do mind, is you respecting mine and vise versa.

The next point i was talking about was on a YouTube video. It was about arguing about Islam and Christianity and how war is and such. As i said in the pm, it did have good points. But, i think that countries should stick to their own problems and keep out of others. What i don't get is that why people always want to interfere with other countries and act like it is their problems.
 And at the end, i know this is a bit random and doesn't go along with what was going on, but of course it is my thoughts on it. In the video at the end, or so it was talking about 911. Every time there is a war argument or a religion based one, always 911 comes up.
 Yes, i know 911 was hard, and i remember that day vividly still, but that doesn't give us the right to step in and start a non sense war. Which is still going on today. But, it is a point here, no matter how many people were killed and such, people in the US will only care for people here and not others in other countries, which saddens me a lot.

It's like, can anyone not bring up 911 when an argument is going on and when the other debater talks about how many people died on their side or so, its like we become heartless and cold, and its like, what has happened to our country. But anyways, onto the next question.

On about ignoring Daddy's mom. Well after a long and yelling conversations with His mother, i basically wiped my feet on her and His family. So, when He talks to His family, i usually tune them out. And His family doesn't really care, as all they want is money and even at that, at times you wont look like you are a good guy or not.

For another reason people always think i live with my family or His. That still boggles me, and i dont understand why. Do i sound like I'm a child or what? But, it kinda always takes me back as to why they ask this a lot.
 And no, i don't like His family. With all that has gone on in these past three years, His family is like mine in almost every aspect, but being physical. I have tried to be nice to His mom and sis, but i just keep putting on a facade and say i like them. After what has gone on, i just don't want to be around those kind of people. His family could be an actual family if they truly wanted to be, but of course family always chooses the wrong ways and then you feel like you are the bad guy when you know you've made the right decision.

I notice that people always say that you can change your life. I know you can change it, and its your decision on which path you take, but no one ever says its going to be easy in changing it. So, it kinda annoys me, when people just nonchalantly say well you can change it. I wish it could be that easy, but it's not. How life works and i hate to say, it fucking sucks.

A lot of people say, well marriage is a wonderful thing. And i hate to say it, for the most part its not. It is very hard. It is about trust, communication, compromise and it is harder in a D/s relationship. It can be wonderful and happy with the person you are with, but that can only be when you have worked and put in a lot of love and devotion to it, and respect is in it as well. But, that doesn't mean it can be wonderful.
 Like for instance, with me and Daddy, it has been a very long and hard five years together. It has been a lot of fighting a lot of compromises, a lot of talking and trust going back and forth, but in the end O/our bond is really strong, and what gets U/us through things, is by making new and good memories together so when the bad comes again, and you know it comes fast, you have something to look back on, and smile about. I guess that is why most don't understand that relationships are not all about fun and what not.

And the last part is true. You have to have hardships and i mean really bad hardships to see how beautiful life is, when it comes and when it does, let it last and hold on to it tight. But people dont learn from their hardships, people dont learn from what they went through at all. It's like after they get out of the hardships, it's like they dont know how it is like, in some way, erased it from their minds and think that when someone else's go through it, its all in their mind. Until next time.....

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