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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 24, 2012

Fake dom in a pickle, lol.....

grey: flew here from Sweden to be with me wolfie, and right after she got off the plane we had to take an elevator to get to the car. She had on a miniskirt and no panties, and the smell of her cum was so strong I could smell it just standing with her in
grey: elevator
Ag:oh look wolfie... another cumslut for ya \
ne:im a slut of many forms
ne:and damn proud of it
li:<<< cumslut
Ag:yes... but you are a HUGE cumslut
ne:my cum isnt a strong smell and im sop glad of it
ne:yes yes i am
grey:i like it strong
ne:im a HUGE cumslut
li:*thinks she has found a kindred spirit in wolfie*
grey:ive never met a bigger cumslut than pia, and ive known many
newfie_wolf16You obviously don't know me Grey
grey:She's sucked over 100 cocks. Can you beat that?
ne:sorry i suck my Masters cock and no one elses
ne:im not that kind of slut
grey:Well so does she, now that she's met me.
grey:But, she wins. =)
Ag:wow... i dont think i would brag about that
ne:-keeps mouth shut before i say something o regret-
grey:Why wouldn't you brag about it? Only reason not to is the bullshit religion and society puts on us that tells us its "wrong." Fuck that bullshit.
Ag:it has nothing to do with religion...
ne:seriously thats not something to brag about
Ag:its more about self respect
grey:I'm sorry you guys have hang ups about it, thats sad. We dont. And we feel it IS something to brag about.
Ag:she conditions
li:yeah, let's play the shame game! i know this one!
ne:-nods- i do!
AM:it shows
me:oh well gray
ne:im sorry your slut is a whore Greyfax....
Ag:and thats fine... im glad you find it something to brag about... i however dont think thats it much to brag about
ne:not at all
me:me neither
Ag:i think its rather nasty myself.....
grey:Whores take money for sex. She hasnt done that.
ne:but im going to shut up
ne:because this could get nasty
grey:Its sad you people are so closed minded.
ne:im not closed minded
me:we are close minded
grey:About this, you absolutely are.
ne:just sucking 100 cocks...isnt something i would brag about considering you own the girl
me:i dont think so
Ag:W/we live this lifestyle and you call U/us close minded?
ne:im happy to say ive sucked 2 cocks in my whole life....
ne:now THATS something to brag about
ne:one of which is my Masters
grey:She did that before she met me, because she loves sex. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. There is something wrong with people who think theres something wrong with it.
Ag:i am very open minded..... but 100 cocks is just naster
ne:yup i agree muggs
me:hm sorry but that is nothing to be happy or brag about
me:now what is
Ag:there is NOTHING wrong with loving sex... i love sex..
ne:me too!
me:that is something to brag about
ne:right ash
Ag:i have had one real life Master.....
me:but anyways keep deluding yourself
Ag:and thats Apache
ne:me too!
Ag:and He will be the LAST one to own me
me:me too, Daddy here
me:yup same here agirl
grey:It IS something Im happy about. You guys have issues. Im SO thankful we arent brainwashed and repressed and can embrace what gives us pleasure and turns us on.
me:we have issues
me:geez someone is already assuming things
ne:yeah big time
ne:i wouldt be happy if my girl has fucked 100 guys
ne:and it definitly wouldnt turn me on
grey:I dont like the closed mindedness and the old fashioned attitudes in here.
me:me neither ne
me:well then leave gray
me:we are not holding you here
ne:jheez her cunt must be stretched!
grey:Im going to.
me:now leave
me:bye bye dumbass
ne:bye bye
ne:oh apparently we are closed minded because we said he shouldnt brag about his girl sucking 100 guys cocks
me:mhm even Daddy says its unwise

grey:you people are really fucking PATHETIC. You claim to be open minded just because youre into D/S, but are COMPLETELY closed minded about other stuff. You can't hide your closedmindedness behind ONE thing that youre not closed minded about.
me:and you had to just come back in here for that
Ag:Grey... GET OUT!
me:you are such a fucking fake dom
me:get the fuck out now
grey:And the fact that you need to make other people feel bad about their sexulity shows how disgusting your true character really is. If you were actually openminded you'd support whatever brings other people joy. So immature.
me:you are the immature one
me:who had to come back in
me:very mature of you dude
grey: Youre the fucking little people that feel the need to make others feel bad. YOU are the immature ones.
Ag:he did miss us
grey:Go fuck yourself. water.
me:stop fucking blame
me:and get out
grey Left the room
ne:umm we werent making u feel bad
me:ohh im soo showing Daddy

Before i get started on this conversation, i want to give a bit of background to this. We were talking in the BDSM room in wire club. Somehow got onto a subject about being cumsluts and etc. All of a sudden this dude, who thinks he is a dom. So, as it progressed he starts bragging that his "slave" has sucked 100 hundred guys. 

For all of us in the lifestyle, this isn't a thing to brag about, and that is what we talked about from there. For all of us in the lifestyle, sure, we like to be proud that we are slaves and Doms or switches. But there is a boundary, a point where you can go over or cross the line and that is what he exactly did. 

You do not brag about something like that. We have tact and pride and know when things are just going over bounds. He finds it acceptable to brag about this. Okay, good for him, but how about you keep it to yourself. Most of us, do not like that. And of course we all spoke our minds. It isn't a thing to brag about. 

To most of us, that is just being a whore, and i hate to say it, it is. For me, i believe that having one Master is being loyal and only doing things with Him. But, doing things with a 100 guys is just blurting out, hey I'm a whore, anybody can have me, just not my Master alone. So, where does the loyalty, the honor, the pride of being your Master's slave? It goes out the window with that. 

So, he backs it up, saying oh its religion and society why he cant brag about it. But who in their right mind would want to brag about that? All it does is put nasty images of that person into your mind, and also makes you wonder, are they clean, std free? But, as we commented back, its not about religion or society. It is about personal views and also having tact about it. I just love how people always want to blame religion and society on things that are just plain nasty. 

hm, about hang ups.... each person is different in the lifestyle, what they think is acceptable and what isn't. But in this case, the subs/slaves win in this round. We are the ones not with the hang ups but obviously him and his so called slave. I hate to say it, but i feel sorry for his so called slave. I sorta pity her in a way but then again not. Sure, its fine to love sex but to do it with so many guys, wouldn't you think you would back up and ponder if you are being promiscuous. But, i just love how people want to assume things on other people, all because they are out of it and what not. 

Sure the definition of being a whore is taking money but that can be technically called a prostitute. But a whore is someone who has sex with anyone and anytime. But of course he thought he knew what a whore was. Laughable i say. 
 I love how he says we are close minded. since we are in the lifestyle, that would show we are not close minded at all. He should know where the boundaries lay to "showing off" his so called slave, he should know where the boundaries lay, as to talking bad about owned slaves. But of course this is how fake doms go. They just think they can do whatever the hell they want and that being a dom is excusable for that. 

But, with his next comment, it shows you that she is a whore. Saying she did all of this before meeting him. That makes you question, will she be loyal to him and etc etc. But of course people don't think of the logic or what they put down at all. They just blab whatever and think it is the truth or that it is even right. 
 Of course i got involved. Usually i sit back and just mind my own business. But, this was getting out of hand, and i had to say, being with one Master is what is good to brag about. Not being so many men and etc. But of course, he was so deluded that he thinks everything he said was right and everything we said was because of our "religion" and society that we based it on. 

And once again, he proves that he is an idiot who thinks he is in the lifestyle. Already assuming that we are the ones who have issues and that he isn't even in the wrong to say what he did. A true Dom/Master will keep His temper in check no matter how bad a situation gets. He knows what to do but does it rational. Not let His emotions get the better of him. But as you see, he is controlled by his emotions and you see, that he is affectations. 

Finally he leaves the room but about two minutes go by, maybe less, and he comes right back in. Just to blow up some more and to cuss me and everyone else out. It's like he couldn't get enough of us, and wanted to be just a troll now. I know now, that dude and his so called slave will not be in the rooms anymore. Thank goodness, but i wanted to post this, to show you what fake doms do when they are in a pickle. Until next time.....

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