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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 14, 2012

People on yahoo...

lb: am single and you ?
me: engaged and owned
lb: Oh ok
lb: if you dont mind
lb: can you share some pic of you her
me: sorry i cant
lb: ok
lb: are you willing to work ?
me: um yea
me: just hard here
lb: Ok
lb: if you dont mind can you work online and get pay?
me: um i guess, but there are a lot of scams on here
lb: well i know that
lb: but is all depend on you
me: lol not really
lb: well yes
me: well no
lb: so did you have a scanner and internet at hoe
lb: home
me: no to scanner, and of course internet, which isnt really mine
me: Daddy has a zazzle account, only a few people bought from that
me: and then of course paypal closed it, the paypal account
me: so of course its not all about you
me: lol
lb: so how did you want to work without this?
me: what do you mean/
lb: i mean if you really want to work work
lb: you will have the materials
me: lol no you dont
me: i just love how people assume
me: that you can get work when you really try

Well i had a lovely pm from this guy. He started out to be an okay guy, til he started showing his real personality. So the conversation was about work. And how if you got the material then you can get a job all you want. For one thing, i love how people can judge my life and assume so much about me in a short period of time. It really ticks me off that people can just assume that you are a slob and not looking for work and what not. 

People don't understand how hard it is, in getting a job on your own. I'm not talking about receiving money from family, or your family getting you a job or you know someone who gets it for you. I am talking you, doing all the work. It's harder than what people think, and the reason being is because everyone has someone they know to get them a job. So they don't worry about it at all and just judge people because they got a job fast and it's easy. 

Not everyone is going to have that kind of luck or know anyone in life. So, it makes me really upset that people just make opinions about you on just one little subject that you really hate talking about. Yes, i hate how, are you single comes up. I hate what do you do. It doesn't define who you are, but what you do in life. But of course most people will just think this defines you and if they don't like it, they just keep on going, but before they do, they tell you how they think and its not very pleasant to hear that at all. Until next time.....

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