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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 4, 2012

People who are ignorant and want to waste time....

H.E.r u truely a slave?
me:yes ia m in the bdsm lifestyle
H.E,oh i c
H.E.nver tried lol
H.E.i used to have a friend
H.E.she was a switch
me:yea, its nothing to mess with lol, if you are truly not going to be in it
H.e.why is that
me;because for one it is dangerous, two nothing to mess around with, not a game
H.E.am not a sub but i enjoyed her being wild with me lol
H.E.she was amazing
H.E.how long uve been in it?
me:almost five years
me:but known it all my life
H.E.oh nice
H.E.in fact i dont know much about it cause we had fun much more than talking about it
H.E.id love to be a switch tho
H.E.tell me does pain turns u on?
me:well for one this is a non sexual lifestyle for me and Daddy, but i do get pleasure from it in a different way
H.E.how in different way
H.E.am i annoying u??
me:no, you are not annoying me
me:um, well dont get sexual pleasure from it. Its more of a hm,, sensation, like you feel the power exchange being exchanged
me:which is really amazing
H.E.thx 4 ur hospitality
me:your welcome
H.E.is ur daddy ur hubby?
H.E.or freind?
me:He is my fiancee
me:and my Daddy Dom
H.E.is it a lifestyle or a sexual lifestye?
me:for U/us it is a lifestyle
H.E.then he dom u in all life
me:yes, in every aspect He does
H.E.does he have to be rough and wild?
H.E.oh really
H.e.i guess im naive
me:oh, how so
H.E.he doesnt not even in bed??
me:what being rough? No, for one no sex, but He doesnt have to be rough to be angry and such. me:Just the tone of His voice will make me know that He is angry or what not at me
H.E.i mean to make wild sex
me:dont have sex
H.E.in an excessive way
me:this lifestyle is without se
me:well for U/us that is
H.E.no sex????
H.E.isnt it all about sex?
me:it's about power exchange
me:lol most people who are in the lifestyle will do it for sexual power exchange
me:but that isnt what it is lol
H.E.am not sure i understand how could be there power exchange?
me:power exchange is in anything lol
me;not just sexual
me;as most think it is with this lifestyle
H.E.well, but doesnt he desire u
me:but its not all about sex
H.E.r u waiting to have sex after marriage then?
me:um no
me:ive had it, just its not a main thing in O/our lifestyle or life
H.E.ok i c
H.e.i was just asking coz sex is the only thing i had with my friend
me:yea, for most people
me;that is the main power exchange for them
me:but there is a small percentage of people who dont do it for that
H.E.like u 
W/we've tried it once with the sex, and it isnt too bad, i think W/we like just the power exchange lol
H.E.sex is good lol
H.e.u have to work on it
me:lol, i dont think it would work well for U/us... since sex isnt a big time for U/us lol
H.E.but ur desire isnt dominated as well???
me:um, well i was trained in both, so at times i feel like i am a switch at heart, but i get my pleasure in pleasing Daddy
me;but i am feisty and what not lol, so i guess in a way, i can just dont use it a lot lol
pleasing daddy
H.E.thats seductive
me;lol how so
H.e.u tell me how?
H.E.how u please him?
me;well its not really sexual. so, i am a domestic slave, cleaning, cooking, when W/we have kids, take care of them, but also, listening to Him when He needs it, talk to Him, take care of Him, um be with Him in the shower and such
me:things like that
H.E.and wt about him
H.E.does he have any obligations?
me:well, what do you mean
H.E.does he have to please u
H.E.or he does wht he want??
me:um, not really. But He does take care of me. Like when im sick, He takes care of me, giving me medicine, um correccting me when i need it, taking care of me when i get hurt a lot
H.E.but isnt this the way all ppl have to live ????!!
H.e.how so lol
me:a lot of people live in a vanilla lifestyle, as in, normal sex as they say lol, only one way of pleasing and taking care of someone
me:and etc
me:plus, they dont do S and M
me:and take care of that person when they get really hurt and what not
H.E.i cant see the difference lol
H.E.both have normal sex
h.e.both care
h.e.both please
h.e.both love
h.e.both take care
me;lol no
me:not every one does that
me:not in the vanilla lifestyle. Usually in a marriage, it is one way, one saying, as in maybe me:the wife gets the say so
me;and the husband goes along with it
me:there is no, communication really, and what not. plus
me:they dont do sadistic and masochist stuff lol
me:and take care of a person when they get hurt really bad
me:or listen and what not. and most today do not take care of children
me:so there is a difference of what this lifestyle is about
me:and what a vanilla one is lol
H.e.and BDSM , dom says and sub obey!!
H.e.isnt it so ??
me:in some ways. But the Sub is always in command
me;you dont realize that. we tell the Doms what our limits are
me:how much we cant take
me:what our hard limits are and etc
me;so we are always in control and very strong, not saying that Dom doesnt have a say so and such
me;but, we as slaves have to know what we want and what the Dom wants as well
me:it is a mutal thing
H.E.but healthy life is all about caring of each other and children and listening
H.e.i mean i feel like BDSM is the normal life
h.e.and the other lifestyle is the exception
me;yes, i think BDSM lifestyle is normal... it is about caring
me:its about trust and communication and taking care of E/each O/other
me;but at the same time
me:the power is being exchanged
H.Eu mentioned sadism and mashochism?
h.e.wt about them
H.e.how u practice these?
me:yes, im a masochist while Daddy is a sadist
me:and its good. I love it. But you gotta be careful
me:it gets dangerous
H.e.lol how
H.e.u mean he beats u?!!!
me:i hate beating, whipping and etc yes
me:but, also done choking,drowning
me:water torture
me:you have to watch what you are doing
h.e.how hard??
me:yes, well, in the beginning they were pretty hard, with bruises and what not. But now, its me;still pretty hard, just with things that dont leave marks really lol
H.e.so u torture urself and he torture u too!!!!!
me:i dont torture mysellf, He does the whipping
h.e.how come,ur masochist!!
me:because i love receiving pain
H.e.do u have to be naked or doesn matter??
me;um, no, it doesnt really matter, but its more effective if naked lol
H.e.and he just do that whenever he wants
H.e.or u have agreement
me:um no, for U/us it is usually when i need it or when ive been really bad
me;and yes, i agree to it. It is all consent
H.e.thats hard
me:how so
H.e.am sorry i cant imagine such things
H.e.whipping a woman
me;its different than abuse and what not
me;i think that is why people dont understand it
me;i dont kmow its all kinda weird for me
me:for most it is
H.e.even if mot abuse i cant whip a woman
me:yea, this lifestyle isnt for everyone lol
H.e.and listen her screaming
H.e.do u shout??
me:lol i dont scream... i do gasp a lot or cuss lol
me:or squirm but that is it lol
H.e.and when he stop this??
H.e.i mean torturing
me:when He stops, He pets my head and says good girl, kisses me, and then He takes care of me, by me:holding me, and etc
H.e.sorry no offfense
H.e.its weird
H.e.crazy weird
me:lol of course you are an outsider, dont know the feelings and etc lol
me;why its weird
H.e.he whips u and then hold u
me;its all about love and care.. and when need to be punished and in the end, they show their love. How a true Dom is
H.e.am sorry i have to go
H.e.talk to u later
H.e.how often?
me;? what do you mean how often?
H.e.u do that?
me;i do it a lot. probably every week
H.e.can i add u
me:sure you can
h.e.we may talk latetr about it if u dont mind

Okay in the beginning of this pm i always get this question from a lot of people. If I'm truly a real slave. I know that most people use id's that are luring and do not coincide with their real life and such. But, I'm not that kind of person. I make up my id with who i am, and that is being a slave in the lifestyle. So, i guess at times, this question can be annoying more than a little question to ask. 
 As with the oh i c thing, still annoys the hell out of me. I hate when people do this, its like sorta being snobbish to me. I don't do that, i say oh, or okay, you can say that you know, instead of oh, i see. 

In the beginning of the conversation the guy says he has never tried this, but had a friend he was sexual with, in the lifestyle. Hm, this is talking out of both sides of your mouth. It means you have dabbled with it, and tried it. What it means never trying it, is with any partner and such. Not knowing exactly what goes on and such. Gotta love people like this. 
 I also don't mind people saying they've done so much stuff in it, but please don't try and go into details on things. All it does is make me uncomfortable and also its basically putting your whole life on the line. 

Well i know i keep saying this over and over, this lifestyle is dangerous. Most people think this lifestyle is a game and that it isn't dangerous. And when people like me, who are in the lifestyle, say this, they act like stupid people. They say exactly what this guy asked, well how is it dangerous. Hm, well the stuff we do in this lifestyle, is on the verge of dangering us slaves. Like S and M stuff. There are a lot of things you can do, and it can involve dangerous stuff like i do. Like choking and drowning are two things that are dangerous. But, of course people don't want to see it as this.

The next question, i don't get often, since it is in my profile and such, that i have been in this lifestyle for five years almost. In the beginning of this lifestyle, i didn't know much about it. Sure, I've known it for a very long time, what BDSM is, but i never acted in it, til i hit about 18.At that time, i was trained by Him, on what He wanted and such. And it took a year to learn exactly what he wanted. Even after that, there was a lot of rocky things in O/our relationship. In and out of it, that challenged U/us. So, this lifestyle is very hard. It challenges both the slave and the Master on many levels. But, people don't want to see it as that,  They want to see how wicked this lifestyle is, how abusive people are, instead the dynamic that goes on in the lifestyle.

Okay, the next thing, sure, everyone who is in this lifestyle, will always have different things, different stuff that goes on. This lifestyle has a lot of twist and turns in it. There are so many things you can do in it, so don't try and tell me, there is only one possibility to it. So, it kinda irks m, that people always want to put their two cents into it. It's like their way is the only way. 
 Like for instance, at one time when Daddy was talking to a so called slave and she asked where i was at, and He said, that He was letting me sleep in, since i was sick and what not. She replys back, well i wish i can do that, my Master doesn't allow that, and says that I'm not a true slave. It pisses me off, that you think I'm not a slave because i have different rules and orders i follow.
 As i have said many times, each slave or sub are going to have different rules and what not, so don't envy another slave for having different ones. Also, there are different things a slave will do in the lifestyle, so don't be so close minded in it. All that does is tick me off a lot. And it shows that you are not a slave but a whiner and such. Gotta love dumb people. 

For me and Daddy this is a lifestyle, as in no sex at all and all power exchange. Yes, Daddy Doms me in every aspect of my life. Inside the house and out. And when i get a job, i will still be a slave no matter what. It is who i am and not just a role for me.Yes, for some people it is only a role they play for a few hours or days at a time. But for me, there is no off switch to it. 

As the conversation went on asked if this lifestyle is all about sex. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is power exchange. Even if the couple or more are doing it with sex, it is still sole power exchange. And no, me and Daddy do not have sex. There are reasons as to why W/we don't like it, but please do not judge U/us and say W/we are freaks for not liking sex. I will say, i am a human being but i am different from everyone else. And i don't go by popular things, and that goes with sex.
 So, when they guy puts it in exclamation marks, it just irritates me. I hate when people give these outrageous emotions and such. 
 I know that it can be outlandish to you, but hell, keep the comments to yourself. I really hate when people laugh and then say no offence. Because it is an offence to me. I do not laugh at people for having different lifestyles and what not. And if i don't know them, then i will ask and not make fun or laugh. So why cant others do that? 

I hate this question a lot. So, are you waiting to have sex after marriage? No, I'm not waiting, as i have said a lot, i have done it a few times, so that shows I'm not a virgin and I'm not married, so that shows I'm not waiting. But, i think what irks me a lot, is assuming that i hate sex, that i am holding out or waiting. I rarely don't talk about that in conversation but the dude was starting to piss me off. I hate when people assume that i am waiting to have sex or whatever. Please that is one thing i hate the most, assuming about my life. Why don't you just sum it up, that i hate it and leave it be. Hmmm.

Then the next is well doesn't He desire you. Yes, at times He does desire me, but W/we are in O/our relationship now, that W/we don't want to have sex when seeing each other naked. Nor have it all the time. W/we love each other in different ways. And that O/our bond is very very strong. Yet, people don't want to see that nor recognize it at all. 

Hm, no i do not desire to dominate at all. I will never be a Domme. Yes, i have said at times i am a switch but i am truly a slave at heart. So, i do not have the desires to dominate nor take care of a slave and such. Just not who i am. But, i guess i get asked this question a lot because of my attitude and what not. I do have my times that i can be a bitch, but i hate to say it, most people deserve it. 

Now this is the first time i have gotten this question. Does Daddy have to please you? And as i stated no, He doesn't please me in the ways i please Him. See, the Master takes care of His slave, by when she gets whipped and such, that they take care of them. As in, it can be holding and etc. But people don't want to see it as that. They think okay so it is equally pleasing the other person, when it isn't.Yet people have the knowledge that it is always equally, when the whole lifestyle is power exchange. So,  i had to talk about how it is different and what not. 

 Then that led to this conversation. That all people live this kind of life. As i have said, no. For one, this is power exchange, not all people live it, or else it wouldn't be called a lifestyle and so many people in it. And as i gave my reasoning, it comes from my experience of living with family and seeing it in Daddy's family and what not. 
 So, as i went on, this lifestyle for the lifestyle and relationship part, is mutual feelings and things. As in the bond and what not. Then from that, is where it branches off. From there you have the Dom with His rules and orders you have to obey. That is what we do, as slaves. But, we also have limits and what not, and have to be careful not to cross the hard limits. 
 Now, just with that little tidbit, do you think all families or people do this? No, but they do have the tendencies. Doesn't mean they live it or actually practice it. Then it came as well everyone is mutual, there is love,caring and etc. Well, for most relationships and families no. As in a lot of broken homes, like mine, there was no mutual agreements and etc. There was always one side, and you had to do that or befall the scorn and hate that came with it. So, how is that mutual love and etc? It isn't. 
 As with everyone cares, everyone loves and etc, that isn't true. I have known a lot of people, and let me tell you, they love themselves, they love the fact of being in love but they cant handle it. They cant take the responsibilities it is, to take care of another being. Showing kindness and what not. But of course this dude and probably a lot are deluded with this.
 Also another little tidbit, how many people do you know, that consent to Sadomasochism? Hm, not a lot, so you cant say that everyone does all of this. It is just absurd, because if everyone did it, it wouldn't be called a lifestyle and what not. Plus i don't think a lot of people know of this lifestyle since it is hush hush, and for the mere fact that i have a lot of people PMing me, and asking what my id name means, and from there what BDSM is. So, if everyone knew and was in the lifestyle, they wouldn't have to pm me and ask all these silly questions. 

The next question irks me. I hate when you have people who are naive or ignorant come and say, well its all about the Dom say so and not the slaves. Plus on top of that, when the person put exclamation points like that, makes it sound childish. Of course you can read what i put on that, as i am not going to go into depth with that. What i wanted to point out, is that you can ask questions but hell, don't laugh or use all these marks to show that you are shocked or something. 

The next bit, i  have shown what i have done a bit on this blog. But, i haven't gone into depth with it, or show what my emotions were towards these things that were done to me.This is why i say this lifestyle is dangerous. I have done drowning, i have done choking, and i still do that, and other things. Like knife play and what not. And you have to be extremely careful or you can hurt the person without ever really knowing it. 
 As i have stated in previous posts, that i have gotten hurt. And that is true. There was not communication at all, and i freaked out and i fell onto something sharp. Still i am healing from it and it still hurts. This is part of why i say you have to be careful of what you do, even in simple things in the lifestyle, because you never know when you can truly hurt yourself. 
 I guess i just don't understand why some people are baffled when i tell them my experiences and how i feel about them to this day. It's like, oh you are crazy and needs to be put into an insane asylum. But, this is why i am posting these up, is to show how people perceive me, and how i deal with it each and every day, and my thoughts as well. 

The next part kinda gets on my nerves. A lot of people put as whippings and such as beatings. I hate the word beating as it is an abusive word. And what i mean by that, is what do you of when you hear beatings? Hm, i see and hear that it is in an abusive home or abusive. The reason being, is because my family would call it that. And they would never stop when i didn't want it.
 So, when i hear what He beats you, its like oh so He is abusive towards you. Sure, you may think I'm crazy, but with words you have to see what the subtext is.  Why you have to choose your words carefully. They can scar people and hurt them for the rest of their lives. That is why when this word comes up, i change it. It's to show that the words mean different and how the other seems better fit than the other. 
 I hate when people use these abusive words, it just makes me upset that this is their understanding to the lifestyle. And what is more sad that i have to correct it a lot. Like the other, i hate the word torture. It's not like I'm in an abusive home and that I'm so miserable that i want out and such. That is another matter i write on, but with this lifestyle,it isn't torture and this horrible dungeons and such. This is consent, and what makes me upset is that i have to keep correcting and yet people don't want to open up their eyes or to even acknowledge that this lifestyle is about consent and etc. 

I notice a lot of people say this to me. And this is why i say back, that not all people should be in the lifestyle. Because when you say, i cant imagine doing that to a women, doesn't mean someone cant. I just hate when people say that, i don't care if you can or can not imagine someone doing that, but keep that to yourself. It  gets tiresome saying this stuff over and over at times. It's like, cant someone online know about it and be comfortable with it, and not have to worry about so many things. 

The next few parts make me really upset. When you ask about my lifestyle and ask what my Daddy does after i am punished and what not, do not laugh and say it is outlandish and what not. I have noticed that the real people in this lifestyle, have a lot more respect than any people in this world. And that is really sad. But, i will go a bit more into depth with what i wrote. 
 Yes, after i am punished, if it is usually a light one, there is no holding me and what not, but a good girl and you are going to be good next time, aren't you? That alone tells me that Daddy cares for me and that i needed to be punished. 
 But with the bigger and extreme punishments, i do need to be hold, i need to be taken care of.And i will give two of those extreme cases. First one: being under cold water for two minutes straight, then out and watch Daddy take a warm one, then whipped and etc.  With this, i need to be taken care of. He has to know how much water pressure to put on me and how long i can take it. It does wipe your breath away and you cant breathe for a bit. So, that is one way, taking care of me and looking out. After that, i need to be warmed up completely to not get sick. So, He gives me a very warm bath, but He does tsk at me and says you need to be good. And after that, i get a few days to rest to see if a cold has set in or not. If it has, then He takes care of me, by giving me foods i can eat, medicine and etc. 
 The second one: when i hurt myself really bad on the plastic container. The day i hurt myself really bad, with two lovely scars on my back now. When i fell, He tried catching me,trying to hold me up, which didn't work, but He tried making it softer. After that, i was bleeding pretty bad from the wounds, and what He does, is He doesn't worry about His back, but goes and gets things to take care of me. While doing that, He is hovering over me and asks about fifty times, if I'm okay. At that time I'm trying not to throw up and cry because of the pain, but i worry about Him more than i do with myself. But, after putting band aids on it, He starts crying and says I'm abusive towards  you, and i have to sit there and say no honey, because its true. He isn't. From there, He keeps looking at it, and worrying, do you need to go in. He had said that for about five days from it. And even to this day, with it still hurting and such, that when He looks at it, He feels bad for that, and if i should go in. 

Now, with those two examples, you tell me how that is weird? You tell me in anyway, when doing this lifestyle, that is weird and so laughable that you have to be an ass about it?I guess it really pisses me off, because its like you are assume so many things. It's like oh He's just a Dom, He doesn't need to take care of you. When that is bullshit. A slave needs a lot of proper care for how much she endures and what not. It's not like, oh the Dom gets pleased well that is it. No, it goes both ways and always will. If you have a problem with that, just walk away but please and i mean it, do not laugh and say its so weird and i mean a creepy weirdness. It will just piss me off. I take this lifestyle very serious. 

And with the last part. I love when they have had enough of what you said. Already assumed and judged who you are, and not really listening to what you have put for the past hour or so, that they just nonchalantly say i have to go. It's like, welp I've had enough of your malarkey, its time to go now. You are a weirdo and don't want to talk anymore. I guess what i don't get is that most people just want to waste your time and then just leave like it is nothing. It makes me upset because it is a whole hour Ive been talking and yet you are doing this. Just crazy. Until next time.....

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