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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 8, 2012

People who don't listen at all...

RS: I have not seen u just chatted with u for some days but
RS: I am getting pulled off to u
me: what do you mean
RS: I m attracted to u 
me: how so
RS: I don't no but really I m
RS: I just wanna voice with u 
RS: Can we dear
me: sorry cant do that
RS: Why dear 
me: not allowed to
RS: O I guess u use skype
me: no
me: id ont use anything to show cam or voice
RS: Which phone do u use
RS: Is it anroid
me: i dont have a phone at all
RS: U r getting married
me: no phones in the house
me: yes i will be getting married
RS: What the fuck
me: ?
RS: How many times has he fucked u
me: that is none of your business
RS: Ooo don't get angry
me: im not angry, its just none of your business
RS: But I m gonna feel bad if I find u fucked by other
me: raise eyebrows.. and what is that suppose to mean
RS: I wanna see u
me: no
RS: Can u send me ur hot lookin pic
me: no
RS: Why always no
RS: Sometimes say yes also
me: because i keep telling you im not allowed to do that nor want to
me: shessh and you cant even comprehend that
RS: Ok
me: you keep saying that, but it always come back to that
RS: What's ur num I wanna call u
me: so it's not goin to be okay
me: i dont have a damn phone
me: why is it
me: it comes down to those two things/
RS: R u a kid
RS: Not to have a phone
me: bloody hell no. Im fucking poor, yet you cant even fuckin understand that
RS: I know u have it
me: i also have rules
me: no i dont
RS: Just say u don't wanna do
me: i dont have a fucking phone for one
me: tow i dont want to do it
me: even if i had a fucking phone
me: bloody hell
me: do you even fucking read things
me: because apparently you dont
RS: Yea I read
me: no you dont
me: because you always say two things
me: and after that, its like you ask dumb questions and it doesnt stick in your damn brain
RS: Yes for u always yes
me: no you dont
RS: Ok  then what shall we talk bat
me: nothing because you are coming off the list
me: im tired of people who dont listen and what not
me: so good bye

Okay as this conversation started, it was doing okay, til this started up. This guy thinks he is in love with me, just by having a conversation, what three times with me, and he thinks im his girl. I just love how people can get so clingy and deluded as to love me, when they dont know who i am at all. If you want to weird me out, that is one of many things that will make me stop talking to you. There are boundaries you have to stay away from and this is one of them.Yet of course these people think they know who i am, just from the tidbit i give them. Funny, dont you think?
 As to when i asked why he is being so hyponized by my great beauty from my typing, he just says, oh i just am. That is not a good enough reason for me to give you any credit for your feelings and such. All it shows, is that you do not know what love and lust are and which are which. I guess it is weird for me, to have people infatuated in me, (which im not saying, im all that and what not, it's just very weird for me) and why i am bringing this up. It seems the people who are always infatuated with me or saying that my screennames and such are so enticing, it just shows me what type of person you are, and it brings up my walls.

Now here is kicker. With the next few lines, i can see why he said what he said in the beginning. It was basically pillow talk, and to just get into my "epants". As you see, hes like well i want to voice chat with you. And when this came up, i knew instantly what he wanted, and all that does is make me become a cold bitch towards you. I hate when people try to act all nice to get what they want, and when they dont get it, they start to become hateful and their true personality comes out. Sorry, but this isnt going to fool me. I've been through a lot in my life, and i know when someone wants something and how sweet they try to be, with just a few no's into it, you get to see their true nature. Sad, but you have to do it, to get people off your back.

I love how when i say no to them, they always ask why. It's like they need to hear a good reason as to why you are saying no. And when you say, it's because of some reason, they don't take that answer and try another angle. As to what this guy did. He asks so you use skype. Hm, if i cant do voice chat where does it show that i can do cam chats? They go hand in hand, yet people don't think of what they are typing down, and sound foolish to others. Most times i have to point that out, and they don't like that it's the truth. How can you not do one but the other? That is being hypocritical if you ask me.

I Lately I've been getting these type of questions. Which phone are you using? I do not have a phone at all. I hate to say it, I'm that poor. That i don't have a working phone at all in the house. Pathetic, yes, but that cant be helped. So, when i told the guy this, he just balked at it, and thought i was a liar.
 And when he didn't like that answer he tries asking another random question. Yes, i am getting married, that is what engaged means, duh. And then asks an outlandish question after that. I do not go into detail about my private life. I talk about some things that are private but only for the fact for lessons in the lifestyle or what my feelings are on that so called topic. But never am i going to have a one on one with my private life.
 I love when they say don't get angry when they ask absurd questions. I wasn't mad, but i was a bit annoyed with the question and my answer will always be with those type of questions, is none of your business. That means you step off that subject quick and drop it, or else you are going to be in some serious trouble.

With the next question, it made me speechless for about a second, but i think for most of my reaction on it, was, why is he asking this. I'm not his girl, so why is he asking this, like I'm his girlfriend and such. It just creeps me out that people delude themselves so much as to think that some people will be their girlfriends and such, when in reality no where near that. Even today, it still kinda creeps me out, that he even asked this question at all.

After a while, he tries and asks for my pictures. This guy doesn't give up at all. I keep telling him no on everything and of course he doesn't listen or read a word i have written. And after i say no, hes like why is it always no. Hm, maybe it's because you are hitting on the hard limits that Daddy has set up and to obey without question. And he has the audacity to say, you need to say yes. This did infuriate me for a while. I really hate people forcing me to do things i do not want to do. This is a hard limit, in both real and online worlds. I will do what i want, and if you cant respect my answers and such, then i don't think it is wise to talk to me.

From the beginning to the end of the conversation he never really read what i put. And that pisses me off. All that is doing, is wasting my time, but also wasting your time as well. There is a reason why people chat, and it isn't for cybering all the time, it's to chit chat with people and to get to know them. So, if you don't listen or read what people are putting, what is the point of talking or typing?
 As to what he puts makes me upset in a bit, but also it confuses the hell out of me as well. How or why he thinks I'm a child because i don't have a phone. That shows me, you assume way to much of my life and think you know everything in my life and about me as well. Yet, all that does, is makes me backlash at you, and to cuss you out. But, now, as i reread this, and try to comprehend what he was talking about, it still boggles my mind. I cant see the logic behind to why he asks if I'm a child. Maybe i will never know. Until next time.....

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