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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 22, 2012

People will never learn.....

ce:u are a sub?
me:well as id says im a slave
ce:not sure where i totally fit in yet
me:well what do you mean/
ce:used to be very dom
ce:now kinda of changing my mind
me:oh, well just be yourslef
ce:used to luv to be in control
ce:now like idea of being controlled
me:well its better to be yourself than to just try and be in a lifestyle
ce:as a slave, u been tied up?
me:a couple of times. Dont do the B and d part of the lifestyle
ce:b and d?
me:yes Bondage and Discipline
me:Do Sadomasochism
ce:sorry, total newbie
ce:i prob sounf stupiid
ce:so u do Sadomasochism, what exactly does that ential
me:for U/us, whippings(lots of it), choking,drowning, water torture
me:knife play etc etc
ce;done stuff with hot wax
me:yes, a bit
ce:i mean i have
ce:was tied up and gagged for the first time a few weeks ago, was def fun
ce:went a bit further than i had intended but i guess that happens
me:well i suggest that you really not jump completely into it. It is dangerous and you have to trust the doms and such
ce:the dom at mo is my g/f
me:dont jump completely into it
me:even with your gf
me:you can get hurt really bad
ce:what was supposed to happen was she wud tie me up and blindfolld ang gag me and use a strapon
ce:well all went to plan
ce:she had 2 gay friends of hers come over
me:well do what you want i dont care. im tired of noobs who think this is just for fun and get hurt. sorry blocking now.

Well lets start this pm out why don't we. Well i get this pm from someone who thinks they are in the lifestyle and thought they could just go into details about their stuff. I really feel uncomfortable when people do that. Just because it's none of my business and also it shows me that you are wanting attention for it.

So, with the beginning, i just love stupid people in the lifestyle. They always ask me, are you a sub? My response will always be this, read my id, it says Slave........ so it states what i am in the lifestyle. If you cant read then i think you need to not pm me.

So, it goes on, thought i would give the stupid guy a chance. He starts saying, well i don't know who i am anymore in the lifestyle. This shows me, that you are a fake in the lifestyle. You really don't change your mind unless you are fake or role playing and don't take the lifestyle serious. It just shows that most people are fake in the lifestyle. He says he doesn't know anymore, it kinda boggles my mind. With talking for only a few minutes of talking, i can see how people are and what their patterns are. And his was coming out big time.
 I told him, how about you be yourself and not think you are in the lifestyle.He just becomes quiet really and then goes on with it. This is why our lifestyle gets a bad rap for things. It's because of people like him, who makes "vanilla people" think that this lifestyle is a disease. Like everyone has to be in this lifestyle, and it isn't true at all. This lifestyle is for people are truly wanting to be in it and that it is a part of their personality, as in nature.

Now, with each person, they should know exactly what BDSM means, and that it is broken down into two forms. If you do not know what B and D means or what S and M means, then you should not be in this damn lifestyle at all. That is what beginners will have to know exactly what that means and what goes with each one and etc etc. If you do not know what that means and what goes on and whatever, then you should not be in the lifestyle. See, it already gave me the impression he just wants it for sexual wants and that is it. Not a good thing for me to see.

I don't mind talking about what me and Daddy do in the lifestyle. But, if you need a round about figure of what Sadomasochism is, then i think you need to take a few steps back and wonder why you want in this lifestyle. But, with U/us, as you have seen in this blog and will, when new things come up, of what W/we do. Yes, i have done knife play before, and it was scary, exciting and etc. But, with that, choking, drowning, and etc it can be very dangerous. Why i don't want people to be in this lifestyle that do not know what the hell they are doing.

Now, he goes into detail of what has happened to him. Sorry, but i do not want you to go into detail of you getting hurt. I have notice that affectations people in the lifestyle, always wants to whine to me of what has happened to them. Sorry, but I'm not someone to come and cry to. I will tell you, that is what you get. You should not jump into this lifestyle and think everything will be okay. I give out warnings for a reason. I don't do this for my own accord, but to help people so they wont get hurt. But as this dude above, he didn't listen to any of my warnings.

This is a lesson that most people need to learn. That not everyone should be in the lifestyle and that also they should not jump into this lifestyle. Especially if it is with a girlfriend and what not. As this dude said, well it's with my girlfriend for right now. So, it shows that he wants to do it with her for now, but then do it with someone else. But with this pm, you get to see, that trust and communication are two main things you need in this lifestyle, to make it a safe lifestyle.
 But as you see, she didn't take that trust seriously, and did whatever she wanted. Sorry, doms and dommes who are true will not do this. This should be a lesson for everyone out there,who plays with this lifestyle and think it is funny and not serious at all. Yes, i do warn a lot about the lifestyle, but i also accept people who are truly curious to always come with questions. Also, those who truly want to be in the lifestyle, is always welcome to chat and what not. I do not mind that, what i do mind is, fake or "weekend warriors" as they are called are just wanting it for the "high". But at the end, i got enough of this person and had to block him. For this i have made another rule, for me only that people who are only going to whine to me that they got hurt without every learning what this lifestyle is about, i will block and not talk them, nor give them sympathy. Just how it has to be. Until next time.......

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