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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 12, 2012

Questions on the lifestyle,PM


me;but, what type of rules do you have, with a sub.. you can answer it or not
sb:rules are...no answering back, dont eat first, in public..no underwear
me;ahh interesting
sb;and i particluarly enjoy expecting her to cum at restaurants
me:oh yea
sb;yes...so its handy to have a vibrator in her purse
me:yea lol
sb:what rules doe Daddy have for oyu?
me:well on here, no cybering, no obeying other Masters, no photos, and no voice chat.. and then in RL, no eating without Him, no back talking, hitting, etc on that, no biting and such, no sleeping without Him
sb:have you been tempted to break any?
me:oh, the ones in RL, ive broke so many times lol.. but the ones that go or online, those are the hard rules that can never be broken
sb:a lot of trust need to happen online
me:takes a lot of trust.. but like the photos, if i know the person well, i can give photo out.. but like obeying will never do
sb:so you do break the phoit rule?
me:well, not really breaking, Daddy made it like that
me:so its not really breaking it
sb:that you are allowed to give photos out if you know the person?
me;but i have to really really know them though lol
sb:so how does one get to know you well??
me:hm, well i guess just talking for a while, like oh a couple of months, if less.. and just sorta trusting
sb:nice one
me:so hm, how long have you been in the lifestyle?
sb:years...first D experience was when i was 16
me:oh cool
me:what is one thing that would make you um... tell your sub that its over with
me:hope im wording that right lol
sb:if i saw her with another D
sb:without my permission of course
me:yea, that is really crossing the lines
sb:yep,,,so that wlould be over
me:it shows disrespect, in a very very big way
sb:yes it does...im not opposed to watching a sub with another...but ot must be at my discretion
sb:have you had multiple partners at once before?
sb:is it something you have thought about?
me:at one point, i thought how it would be, but being with Daddy and thoughts of being loyal to just Him, me:has gone out the window lol
me:what about you?
sb:big fabntasy of mine...have had 2 women before
me:oh yea
me:would you do it ever again/
sb:yes i would...it was very erotic
me:oh yea
me:hmm, do you have any hard or soft limits? like maybe for your subs or such
sb:soft limits o answering back...hard limits on hitting, disrespect in public
me;yea, disrespect in public is a no no
me;could you explain a little bit more on the hitting thing
sb:as in if she tried phsyically to assault me, i would respond with severe punishment
me:ahh and what would be a severe punishment
sb:severe whipping and tied up for an appropriate number of hours
sb:possible chained by collar
sb:depends on the circumstances
me:ahh understandable
sb:and then a suitable apology would need ot be received
me:of course
sb;and the only suitable apology is using her mouth to show me her regret
me:oh yea
sb:and once she has swallowed...then she would be unchained
me:if you got any questions, you can always ask them
sb:just dont want to cross any lines
me;it's fine, you can always ask, and i can try my best to answer them
sb:how does Daddy punish you?
me:well W/we have three levels or two major ones.. light/medium and then serve
sb:what is a severe punishment?
me:with light/medium, usually whippings with a belt on my legs, butt, back, thighs, vagina, boobs, feet
me;for me it is being in freezing cold shower for about two minutes
me:then whippings everywhere,
sb:that is very controlled...i like it
me:then getting out and watching Daddy take a warm bath, and plead to warm up
me;and then apologize for what ive done, and tell Him what i did wrong and how i
sb;so you stand there naked
me:usually doesnt take long for me to plead lol
me:i love it. it's like the best punishment ever for me, when im truly bad
me;yea Daddy soaks that up lol
sb;i bet
sb:so how hard does he whip your vagina
me:He does it pretty hard, sometimes bruises
sb:does it hurt when he entersm you?
me:um well in the beginning it was, and it scared me.. but, now, its getting a bit easier
sb;the mix of pain and leasure is always hard to get right
me:yes it is. It almost has to be a balance, and also, how to push it out of your mind as well
sb:and let the pleasure ease the pain away
sb;so what type of clothing do you normally wear?
me:well i like to wear comfy clothing for the most part, but i wear whatever i want, except for the holidays, i wear my dress that He bought me, or my slave outfit
sb;do you wear skirts?
me;yes, i do wear skirt
me:i mostly wear them for spring and summer time
me:for the most part i am a tom boy, but i do love to be somewhat girly
sb:i think seeing the girly side in private is hot
me:I think Daddy likes it, but loves me to be mysel
sb:thats the best person to be
sb:so are you sure there isnt anyone you know like youo? you seem like the sort of person i could really enjoy being with
me:i know a few who are sorta like me, but of course owned, but i think its really hard to find a genuine slave/sub out there
sb:it is with a personality like yours
me:does your family know you are in the lifestyle/
sb:nope...they would be horrified...lol
me:would you ever tell them?
sb:maybe...if i wanted to go 24/7 with someone i would
me:ahh okay
me:do you think they would accept you, if you told them?
sb:probably not...it ould be too much
sb:oh so still early...where is Daddy
me:He is next to me on His computer
sb:oh cool....you both onluine together..thats cool
me:yea, He is use to U/us chatting online, it's how W/we met, so its good memories
sb:so are you tempted to pm him for old times sakes?? haha
me:lol, well W/we still talk on here,
sb:do you...thats very cool
sb:keeping the oline romance alive huh?
me:yes lol

In this I'm not going to high light but give an overview of this. Well, had a pm with a guy who's in the lifestyle. So, for me i like to see how people get into the lifestyle and what kind of rules and orders they have with their slaves and such. So you will see in this pm, me asking a lot of questions, is not like me, but of course my curiosity took over and wanted to observe a lot. 

About the end of the pm, always makes me smile. It brings up good memories with Daddy. But, this is how W/we started out, over the Internet, so PMing and what not on the Internet, will always hold a special memory with U/us. Well enjoy the pm, and learn more about the lifestyle and such. Until next time.....

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