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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

January 5, 2012

What's going on at home, in pm.....

scf=so called friend

scf:so wats happning in life?
me;a lot of things
scf:ohh really
scf:share some
me;well im sick for one. Got a damn uncle pouting because he lied again and wants to get another fish tank, which is making me sick
me;wondering if W/we will get food
scf:r u going give him a fish tank
me;hes got already four big fish tanks
me:and four small ones
me;he got enough
scf:why is he asknig again
me:because he isnt happy with what he has. He is always like that, he wants more and more, and just

me;hoards, and not happy with anything he gets
scf:wat a fuck
scf:does he get fish tank for free
me:he buys them
me:and they are like forty bucks a piece
me:and then has to buy the stuff for it and fish
me:its like a hundred bucks for one huge tank and fish
scf:wats problem wid u
me:he is spending his money
me:hm, have you not heard a word i said
me;he has aleady way to many tanks in the house
me:he wants to make this place an aquarium
me;second its liek a huge humdifier
me:and it maeks me sick
me:and he isnt happy with any thing he gets
me:and plus on top of that
me:he has killed off
me:about ten plus fish already
me:without caring at all
me:and then on top of that killed the cat and the bunny here
me:so he doesnt need anymore stuff here
me:so i think you need to learn how to understand before trying to put this on me
scf:he is such a batered
me:yea i know
scf:why r u living wid him
me:well in the beginning it was okay, and i moved here to get away from abusive family, but this is

me:turning out the same as my other place
scf:is he ur relative?
me:no, Daddy's uncle
scf:is ur really Daddy's uncle
me:Daddy/fiancee's uncle.. not my real father
scf:if u r nt happy wid him then find another accomodation
me:i wish i could. Cant go anywhere right now
scf:why so
scf:be strong
me;because no jobs right now, no one to help and etc
scf;then it may be tough
me:it is tough
scf:whr is ur real parents
me:they are at home back in TN
scf:u can get help frm them
me:no, im disowned for one
me:two, i moved because they are abusive
me:and i dont talk to them nor do they care how i am
scf:wat type of parents they r
me;just gave birth to me and that is about it
scf:that is sad
scf:i m really sorry for u
me:its okay
scf:hw is ur bf?
scf:cant he support u
me:no He cant right now
me:He is looking for work as well
scf:then life really sucks
me:just trying to survive
scf;r u surviving nw widout job?
me;living off of the money W/we had paid about a year ago.. other times had jobs and such to help U/us
scf:u r really a strong girl
scf:i salute u
me:thanks, i dont feel strong
scf;is ur bf doesnt live wid u?
me:im trying, yes He does
scf:cant take care of my health if someone is killing it
scf:abt fish tanks
me:yes, why im saying no on the these tanks
me:its like a huge humdifier that kills me
scf:ya may be
me:no it is
scf:may be u dont like fish
me:i had humdifiers when i was a kid
me:and it alawys made me sicker
me:i cant be around fish
me:im allergic to the amonia they give off
scf:then talk to that bastrd
me:lol W/we did. He is pouting now
me:and actin glike he is going ot have another heart attack
me:and brought it up, like its the only thing he can have
me:and being a jack ass

Well, i didnt get a chance to rant about this when it really happened. But, i did have a conversation with a so called friend, only because i had to get things off my mind. So, in the conversation here, was that, the uncle is being a bastard. Yea, i know, nothing new to that. But, lately he has been trying to take over the whole downstairs with stupid nude furry art and the tanks. 

As i stated there are four huge tanks, more than ten gallons in each one. And he isnt happy at all with those tanks. And he wants to get more. As it is, i think i am getting sick a lot lately because of the tanks. The reason being is that it's like a big humdifier downstairs. 
 As i stated i can not be in an environment like this. My parents had two humdifiers for me as a child to get rid of my bronchitis. And it is happening all over again. And im getting worse once again. Like as a kid, i was sick about three to four more months than i would without the humdifiers. 

So, it does kill my immune system, and another thing. Is that he is hoarding a lot. He has what fifty fish and before that had more. He has killed off i would say ten plus fish and on top of that the bunny and tally. Now, if he wasnt a hoarder he would take care of the pets and not of killed them like he has. And with each one, he didnt have any feelings to it, but just got another to replace ones that died. 

For me it has been very hard. Yes, i bawl my eyes out on all the fish the bunny and tally. These three years of being here has been hard on me. Yes, i have changed a lot, but also its been a rollarcoaster as well. A lot of mental things going on and etc. It wears me out and hopefully will get out of here. 

Now, on to that subject. The guy was getting annoyed with me and basically the subtext was well why dont you shut up about it. But, i am and also Daddy are stuck right now. There is no work, nothing really. So, if you dont have that, no family or whatever to help you, then you will be stuck til you go homeless or what not. 

And i think that is what people dont understand. It's like they have family, they have friends or a somewhat of a job to get money. But for people, like me and Daddy, its going to take a while to get up on your feet. Yet, people dont want to admit that or accept that as truth. 

Yes, as you've noticed, i am disowned and what not from family. Even if i wasnt disowned, i would still not ask my famiy for help. All they would do is hold that above my head and make me do what they want. One of the reasons why i dont talk to them. That is another long story in itself, but i hate when people always ask that. Why cant your family help. Well most families dont help with a true heart. They always want something in return and it really sucks. 

As i have stated i couldnt at the time really rant about this. And as time wore on, about oh a week or two, im pretty much mellowed out because well me and Daddy won that round in all these petty battles. Hopefully it will last a long long time. Until next time.....

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