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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

February 27, 2012

More questions of my lifestyle....,

1.Why do i like pain?
Hm this has been asked a few times from a lot of different people. I really don't know why i love or like pain. The only answer that comes to mind, is that i have been use to it since i was a child. And i guess i got use to it, and now i love it a lot. It's the only reason that comes up for me. But it could be, that it is just my nature as well.
 You see, i love to see my bruises and cuts and feel a sorta pride for it, and i really don't know why. Maybe it's because Daddy gave them to me, and i feel that it's His way of showing He loves me. Now that doesn't mean He abuses me, since W/we are both Sadomasochism... That is a whole different question on it's own. But with that, it's the only answer i can give.

2.How can you look and think Daddy/fiancee is your Daddy and not your real father?
Well, i had a friend ask me this question. I guess the reason being is because i know He is not my real father, but a father figure though. He is everything i want in a father, but i know He is not my father. It's a very hard question to answer, as my logic is a bit different than others. And people wont really understand this answer as to the reason above. They are not in the lifestyle and know the logic of what i live each day.

3.Why are people ignorant in the lifestyle?
The reason being is because people do not want to accept every one's lifestyle choices. Also people want to be ignorant and only live their lives without knowing the lifestyle, or just go and do their own lifestyle. People will always be like this, and you really cant change them at all. Another reason is that people already have their logic and reasoning on things, and their opinions cant be changed or swayed at all. Just how it is.

4.Whats different from lifestylers to "weekend warriors"?
Okay the difference between the two is this. Lifestyler's will be in the lifestyle, as in they do it each and every day, and change around it. While weekend warriors will only do it once or twice a week, and will not do it as a way of life. They are just in it for the kink value and that is the sole reason to that.

5.If you are being hit then its abuse? 
Well see that is different. For one this question is sorta vague in itself. Anyone can call it abuse, but it depends on the reason for being "hit". Like for an example, me and Daddy do the sadomasochism all the time. I get whippings and such each time, i do something wrong. That is not abuse though. As to when i can not take enough of it, i will say stop or maybe a word that will stop it. And He will stop it and take care of me. Now that is not abuse at all.
 See abuse is different than this. As when the abuser starts hitting they do not stop when you say to stop and etc. They will do that on their own accord and sometimes they will never stop. Plus on top of that, when they are done hitting you, they don't care about you at all. They will just do their own thing and will not take care of you or your wounds.

That is what people do not understand at all. Yes, this lifestyle hits those borders a lot, but that does not mean it is abuse. Yes, i know there are a lot of people in the lifestyle who are abusive and will not stop at all, but not all of U/us are like that. No matter what you do, or what lifestyle you are in, abuse can happen no matter what. I think it happens a bit more in a "vanilla" lifestyle than the BDSM one, but now, i see that i think it is half and half. Yet, no one really want to accept that knowledge at all.

There are signs to look for either in the lifestyle or not, if someone is being abused. And i have written on that quite a bit, as to try and show people that what me and Daddy do, is not abuse at all. It is to open their minds a bit more and understand what W/we do. But with the signs, read the other posts that i have posted on this...

6.How can you say its not abuse when you are being hit and such?
Just as the above, because the slave/sub has the power to say when they can not take anymore of it, and the Master or Mistress stops. And also that they take care of them afterwards. As in taking care of the wounds, or it can be, just hugging them, or cuddling and watching one of their favorite shows to calm them down. Abusers do not do this at all.

7.Do you have to ask permission on a lot of things?
If so, why?
Because that is part of the power exchange, but also it is what the Dom or Domme wants for His or Her slave. It is just part of what each person wants in this lifestyle and etc.

8.Do you think all women should be a slave or the woman of the house?
This is half and half for me.
if so why?
Well i do not think all women should be slaves in the lifestyle. The reason being is this, can everyone have green eyes? No, so it is the same thing. Not everyone is cut out for this lifestyle and should not be in it at all. I do think though is that women should be who they are. If that is being a Domme, then fine, if they are a slave, then fine, but only if it is in their nature. But if they are neither one, it will never work at all for them. As it will be forced and etc.

9.Do you think it is your role to be a slave or woman of the house?
for me it is to be a slave.
if so why?
The reason for that, is it is my nature to be the slave. It has always been who i am and i can not change that nor do i want to. I also think this is my "destiny" that God wanted me to have and i like it a lot.

10.What things can i not cross?
Mostly the big major rules that i have. As in, no cybering at all, with anyone in the lifestyle or not. No giving out my pictures, but this could be sorta broken or taken a bit lightly as Daddy does let some people to see, no saying Yes Sir or Madam to other people in the lifestyle. As it may show that i respect them more so than Daddy. I can not say that i am not His slave to simple things in the lifestyle. And etc.

11.Why no real pictures of me?
Well as you can see i get this question a lot. But I'm not sure if i explained why i can not have them up and etc. Let's see, about two years ago, me and Daddy were talking to a slave and her Master online. W/we gave O/our pics out, because W/we thought they were normal. After giving them out, the dude said he was going to come here, kill my Daddy and take me away. After that He set this rule in and i really don't mind it at all. Another reason is this, people can figure out where you live just by your pictures and what info you give out. On top of that, people steal pictures and use them for weird things. Those are a few reasons why i don't give pics or put them up.

12.What things can or am i allowed to do?
I can talk to anyone i want, with my rules in tact. With chit chatting it is fine. I can talk about the lifestyle, but nothing really really personal. I can play games with people, as in like poetry stuff and etc. But that is just only on online. Real life may be a bit different.

13.what i have to ask for permission with?
Mostly everything. If I'm tired and He isn't, i have to ask if i can go to bed. When to masturbate, when to take a bath and a few more things...

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