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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

February 22, 2012

People who are not grateful at all......

Sword:hi ash
me:hey there
Sword:soon i gonna sent beggar to you too
me:why are you taking that so hard?
Sword:its ok right?
me:shessh it's just a badge
Sword:my friend told to sent the same to you LOL
Sword:dont worry
me:so it's not going to hurt me at all
Sword:me too
me:im not petty enough to cry over a dumb badge
Sword:he told i dont deserve it
me:lol yes you do
Sword:how many times you see me beg?
Sword:i always i help people
Sword:everyone on wire know
Sword:even the mods
me:all the time. what about when you wanted credits for bingo?
Sword:i put on my blog
Sword:but just to put
me:see that is begging
Sword:i dont deny
Sword:i asked for some cards on bingo
Sword:i saw people gtting beggar badges (but on bingo only)
me:well now someone can say it. you do beg for it.
me:if you were not hooked so badly then you wouldnt be putting up a lot of bingo stuff
me:hbut anyways
Sword:even if you was a beggar...i dont give that badge to you
Sword:i prefer give "pizza" or other
me:it doesnt matter what the fuck the badge is
me:it's just a damn badge
me:get over it
Sword:how about otherS?
me:there just badges
Sword:people going tell im a beggar
Sword:and im not
me:and you are still going on about it, just seems petty to me
me:you know who you are
me:get over it
me:i've been called worse than that in my life
me:and you dont see me crying about
Sword:but why beggar badge?
Sword:dont have other?
Sword:have other with the same price ash
Sword:you can give pizza...or fix it
me:so, i just picked one
Sword:its the same PRICE
me:if i could i would take back the badge
Sword:i will pick one later
me:you are not grateful for anything you get
Sword:especially for you
Sword:im grateful
me:no you are not
Sword:but badges have ups and downs...
me:you cry about every little thing
me:i did it out of the kindness of my heart, and you cry about it
me:no they dont
Sword:a friend....deleteed her id because a badge
me:they are just a stupid badge
Sword:how many credits ya have?
me:why does that even matter?
Sword:just tell me
Sword:i want see something
me:im not telling you anything
me:you will just be curious as hell
Sword:i dont want it
me:i dont give a fuck. you dont need to know what i have
me:it's none of your business
me:you are not sorry
me:i dont take apologies that people dont have a slightest feelings for and etc

Okay before i get started on this rant, i would like to give a background of what is going on here. Shall we begin? Okay, well on wire club, you have credits and what not. Credits are used to play bingo, or other games they have, or to give drinks, badges and super powers. So, with that, it takes money, if you cant get free credits from bingo.

A couple of days before this conversation ever happened, the guy above, demanded some of my credits, as he thought he was owed some. I told him no, a friend of mine, gave me some bingo cards to play with him in that room. I won about three to four times, and i wanted to thank him for it. So i gave him a badge and some cards, to say hey thank you. He didn't have to do that, really. And the guy above got so jealous. Saying, why does he get a badge and such? And i told him, it's because he gave me cards, when he didn't have to. And the guy went on to saying, can you please give me cards. And did that for a while. To the point i just gave him a few to shut his ass up. From there, he wasn't grateful for them at all. Because he asked, well how many did you give me. If you were grateful, you wouldn't asked how many you got. You would simply take them and say thanks.

So, after that, i had quite a bit of credits. And from there, i thought well i would give him a badge, because i wanted to be nice. Sure, a bit of me, who was playing, said well let's give him the beggar badge, because i thought it would be funny and thought he would just laugh it off. I mean sure a part of him was begging, but for me, it was just a jest. I had no evil intentions behind it. I was merely joking around, as friends do. 

But, he took it so serious and low and behold this conversation happened. The day i gave him the badge, he is like, seriously you give me this badge, and not creative. I told him, just be grateful/thankful you got a damn badge. I mean bloody hell, i gave it out of the goodness of my heart. So, i just ignored it til yesterday, when this conversation went on. 

When i entered the room, the first thing after he says hi to me, is that he is going to give me the beggar badge. He was doing it in spite of me. While i did it with jest. I hate when people get mad and then want revenge for no reason at all. I did laugh at it, because it was funny and sad at the same time. And i told him, it wont hurt my feelings at all. Which it wont. I would be grateful i got a badge, but i would also be a bit upset as to his intentions behind it. I do not like evil intentions behind things. Especially if you are giving me something out of spite. 

And on top of that, he complained to one of his friends. He couldn't come to me, and talk about it? I hate when people do that. I always state, if you have a problem with me, come to me and talk about it. But do not go to someone else and talk about me behind my back. I do not do that to anyone, so why should you do it to me? And then his friend tells him to do something, is he a fucking clone or what? Can he not figure things out on his own? Just makes you wonder. 

So with that, got into a huge fight about this. I told him this is a petty thing. And on top of that, i told him he is not grateful at all. He complains about everything. Everyday he complains about someone not being good to him, and he keeps bringing up, and he did as well in the chat room as well, that he always helps people, but the thing is with that, he wants something out of it. And i have told him over and over that he has intentions and wants to gain something from it. And when he doesn't get anything, like he is owed it, he gets all upset and such. So, how is that being grateful at all? 

I even told him, that he is just whining for no damn reason at all. I mean come on, i told him, myself that I've been called worse names in my life, and i have. You don't see me whining about it and going on and on about it. Now do you? No, i take it, and from there i deal with it. Don't whine so much. I think that is my biggest thing with him. Is that he wouldn't of gotten under my skin, if he didn't whine so much. And i let a lot of things slid by for the few months or so we have been friends again. Oh yes, did i forget to mention, he did this to me before hand. And a day afterwards he wanted to add me and act like nothing happened. So, when he finally shut his mouth up, i wanted to see what was going on. I see that he deletes me and i said, good. But i posted on his wall saying to leave me alone. Don't try to add me at all and leave it at that. I haven't heard from him now which is a good sign. 

But at the end, he wanted to know how many credits i had left. It was no relevance of what we were talking about. He just wanted to know what i had so he could use it against me. I knew where it was going. You know, I'm not dumb at all. I've been through this shit a thousand times. I know when someone wants information and use it against me. And it wont work. Seriously, it is none of his business what i have. The only reason i got credits is because of two friends who were very kind to me, to give me bingo cards. That is none of his business though.

But with that, i think the reason he got under my skin so much, is that i let a lot of his whining slide. I never do it with anyone else, but i thought he was a friend. Or at least somewhat of a friend. So i let a few things slide. And then on top of that, i gave a badge out of the goodness of my heart, because i felt like giving a badge. It didn't have to be blown out of proportion all because someone thinks badges have ups and downs. That is just silly. But, yea, those are two of the things that truly bugged me. And it never fails. When i try to be good, i mean really good, i always get this kind of treatment. It never fails. And when that happens, i feel like not being good at all, because it really sucks, when people just bitch slaps you with the very kind deed you have done for them. 

But with that, i didn't have a good night at all. I had bad dreams, all because these feelings didn't get resolved,(which i thought they did). Gotta love people doing shit to you. Well anyways, enjoy. Until next time....

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