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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

February 18, 2012

People who are so blinded.....

bob:slave??...oh sorry..hello
bob:what's your story
me:as in?
bob:as in...'what's your story??...I can't be more direct
me:im not sure what you are talking about
bob:I'm sorry, let me rephrase...why are you here
me:oh well it states it clearly in my profile
bob:I'm sorry i didn't take the time to look
me:it's okay
bob:oh thanks
bob:go on then
me:well it's simple really. only time i will say this. I'm not here for cybering, im not here for dating, so it leaves one thing.. try and make friends
bob:do you have trouble making friends on the outside world?...just asking
me:i'm anti social
bob:in wat way
me:in every way. I hate people so to speak. Most are idiots, i dont like them being in my space and etc
bob:im liking you
me:lol how so
bob:one sec...how old are you?
me:i'm 23, why
bob:its important
me:how so?
bob:stage of life and that
me:in what way?
bob:well...its relative to experience aswell i suppose
me;hm i guess. but i also think it is how you perceive life
me:and if you have wisdom or not
bob:well of course wisdom is everything...where do you get yours from?
me:mine, hm i guess from God
bob:who is your God?
me:but also, asking questions, observing and etc
me:there is only one God
me:so there is not who is my God
bob:which one?
me:just get off of it
me:no ahh, i dont like debates and such
bob:why not
me:because for the most part they are pointless, and from there it makes these pointless fights and so forth
me:one of a few reasons why i stay away from that
bob:not if you know what you're talking about
me:that is not it
me:it is just pointless to get into them
me:plus with other things
me:i just stay away from them
bob:ok ok....well...i'm liking talking to you wee woman...so let you pick the subject
me:lol i dont really pick topics. you pick
bob:art? music? science?
bob:right then..lets do this....apples or oranges?
bob:no no...you must pick
me:lol see i cant just do that. not on something that are both good
bob:tuff...you must
me:lol i cant
me:even if i wanted to, i cant. goes against my rules lol
bob:mash potatoes or roast?
bob:fucking hell...you are hard work
me:lol i never said i was an easy person to talk to and such
bob:what do you do?
me:work wise, looking
bob:yes yes, but in what??
me:now, anything that is stable
bob:you're either working for the CIA or you're embarrassed
me:and how did you get to that notion?
bob:I...my wee woman am very perceptive
bob:oooo fuck...or a drug addict
me:well im sorry you are wrong in this area
me:i love how you assume so much stuff.
bob:assume?? i love how you assume that
me:well after i told you, im just looking for work, you go on a rampage of saying im this and that. that is me:assuming things of who i am and such
bob:meh...get over it..i'm just testing the water
me:lol i was over it a long time ago. what i dont get is why you want to pick a fight for no reason at all
bob:woman, no fight here..and this always makes me smile..people feel challenged by the littlest things..it bob:always gets me in trouble...but...shouldn't i challenge you as much as the hot / cold bath i put my toe
me:for one dont call me woman. you can call me Ashpea or nymph, only people who get to call me that is Daddy/fiancee.eh
bob:its a thing here of endearment
me:well, the only reason i brought it up, is because you are hitting some boundaries to my lifestyle and such.
bob:apologies...I'm sorry
me:it's okay
bob:hehe...look at your daily life
me:lol what about it
bob:to see the questions
me:lol none would fit to you
bob:try me
me:lol fine
me:bdsm or vanilla
me:power exchange or equal
bob:wow wow wow
me:what lol
bob:go easy
me:well you said look into my daily life
me:well i am 
bob:yes well..i am not versed in your daily life...clearly
me:i told you that
bob:should i send help to rescue you??
me:what are you going on about?
me:sorry i dont take orders from anyone but Daddy/fiancee
bob:i don't know what to say to that
bob:you winding me???
bob:you are caught in a family thing...have to marry this guy?
me:i'm not sure what you are talking about. I am on a few good terms with my family, and i dont do what my family wants
bob:so what does 'daddy/fiancee mean?
me:well as my id states and even in my profile and what i have been throwing out here, im in the BDSM lifestyle. me:I am engaged and owned by my fiancee. Daddy is what i call Him, and who He is to me, my Daddy Dom
bob:no offense..but that is crazy
me:for most people who dont know the lifestyle and such will say that
bob:can you explain it to me?
me:well, for one BDSM is Bondage,Discipline,Sadistic and Masochism.. in those terms all combined is power me:exchange. From there, it branches off a lot
me:but with it, there is a huge bond with the Master and such. Growing and etc
bob:oh sweetheart
bob:you know this isn't right
me:in what way?
bob:every way
me:name them
bob:i don't need to
me:shakes head. go ahead and think what society already states of this lifestyle. for you it can be wrong, for me it is right 
bob:hey...fuck off...give me a little respect
me:lol, me... hm i should be the one insulted for you saying it's wrong about my lifestyle, yet im not. It is who is upset
me:and on top of that, what right do you earn to get respect from me?
bob:what are your options?
me:options to what?
bob:to get out
me:i dont want out lol
bob:im so intruiged...what do you get from it
me:power exchange, a very huge bond, love, care, punishment,growth,knowledge, being me
me:etc etc
bob:you...my dear are being fooled...and you can't admit it
me:hm, think what you want. i really dont care. you need to stop assuming so much though
bob:before i go...answer me this
bob:feel something missing?
bob:be honest
me:lol and why do you even think that. It's the first thing that comes to mind for you, why?
bob:STOP YOURSELF ...and answer me again
me:no, i will not
me:you are already hitting a rule
me:before i go... you need to stop assuming so much. Admit that you dont know some things, maybe open up your me:mind before you try and tell someone what is right or wrong for them
me:now good bye
bob:well, would you mind if we stay in touch?...it's important to me
me:and why is that?
bob:all of the above
me:what do you mean?
bob:theres a reason we're talking
me:in what way
bob:i don't know...but..i have to trust it...and i know you know it too
me:not really
me:lol i can be. i just dont believe in, there is a reason you talk to everyone and such
bob:well ....taaadddaaaaahhhhhhhh
me:lol what's with that?
bob:just...here we are...deal with it
me:lol to funny. so what is the big mystery of us talking?
bob:well if it's a mystery?? how would i know??
bob:I'm here...just feel somthing...and i must trust it...i always have
bob:aah you're chatting...ok...take care x
bob:forget everything
me:good bye
bob:enjoy slavery
me:lol i do
me:enjoy whatever life you have
bob:a rich one

With this i will go into depth with this conversation i had a while back. For one, this guy is a teenager and was trying to pick a fight and thought he could get it with me. But of course, it doesn't work that well with me, as i know people a little too much, and know how or what they want.

So let's begin this, shall we. In the beginning i could already see he was going to be an asshole, but i let it slide because i was sorta having an interesting conversation for once. The first thing i hate, is when someone says, what's your story, or why are you here. If you read profiles it will tell you why someone is here. There is a reason for it, but i let it slide just once. And i tell him of course.

From there, before he went on, he wanted to know my age. Like it was something so important. And we got into it a bit there. Saying that you do need wisdom and such, and asked where i got mine. Well, like i said i think God gave me, mine. And this is where i start to loose respect for his ass. He asks me what God, or who's my God.

I don't play to well with that at all, and i told him to drop it. Because i knew where he was trying to take it and i do not do debates. As it gets into pointless arguments and from there, just doesn't go to well. I see way to many of them. And i thought he was trying to mock God in a way, like a feeling of a sort. He tried baiting me into getting into a debate on God. Just told him to drop it. And finally he did.

From there, he wanted me to pick a subject. Sorry, but i don't take orders from anyone but my Daddy. And from there i got pretty quite on his ass. From there i made up my mind, i wasn't going to play nice with him at all. And from there, you can see.

After being quiet, he finally talks. Seeing what i liked, i would guess. And after a bit, he tries to demand me to listen to him. Told him a second time, i will not do that. And from there, saying i was hard to talk to. Well duh, i never said i was going to be easy to talk to. He knew damn well i am anti social, and with that, who the hell is going to be easy to talk to? Seriously, did he think i was lying about it or what. I just laugh at him and told him, what i put. And from there, he goes for a bit.

From there, he asks what i do for work. So i told him the truth and from there, he just starts assuming a lot of stuff. That is one thing i really hate people doing. Is assuming I'm something, when I'm not. So i told him that, and he just like just get over it. I wasn't the one assuming things. I think it is funny that when people talk to me, they really refer to themselves instead of me.

He kept calling me woman and i really hate it. It shows disrespect for one,shows that you are an egotistical pig, and also, it sorta had a domineering tone to it. Which i don't do well at all. So i told him to stop calling me woman. And he was being stupid and asked why. So i gave him the answer, which started up a whole bunch of crap.

Wait wait, got to back up a bit. He wanted me to do some stupid question things to him and to put my daily life into it. So i did. And hello, BDSM is my daily life and i told him, my daily life is different and you are not going to understand it. So he is like, just do it, so i said fine. I only did two, when he started whining a bit. I couldn't help but laugh at his ass. I told him, my life is different and he had nothing to really say to that.

And from there that is where my lifestyle pops into play. Because i put Daddy/fiancee a lot. As it is my nature and to give Him respect that is what i do. I say it in real life as well. And from there, he just puts me down, saying I'm being fooled and etc.

What makes me perk up though, is he says it is bad in every way, but he is intrigued by it. Does that make sense to anyone else? Because surely, how can it be bad if you are intrigued by it? But i started getting into it, because i hate people telling what i should do and not do. They are not living my life, so what concern is it to them?

At the end of this conversation, he wanted to keep in touch. And the first thing i think of, is to just degrade me and say my lifestyle is just plain wrong. I do not let people in my life, who will just do this all the time. I am not my old self anymore and i have vowed that i will be different and etc. So, i just sorta ignore him on that matter. And from there he goes and says that there is a reason he is talking to me. And the thing i think of, is yea, to try and get me out of my lifestyle. Which i know full well what i am doing.

I mean hell, my family knows I'm in the lifestyle, but they don't tell me it is wrong or right, all they care about is that i am happy and being safe. Even if they don't understand it completely, they still let me do what i want. But with this, i wanted to show, how people truly are. I mean most teenagers are like this. They think everything they do is right and that the society is right as well. So that my lifestyle and what not is so wrong, yet most of them are into it. Just funny how people talk out of both sides of their mouth. But anyways, enjoy. Until next time...

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