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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

February 27, 2012

Wire club conversation about my lifestyle........

Ken: wait.....so How long has he been your "daddy" ash?
me:Um, four years now
me:known Him for five lol
Ken: I really dont get it ALL but I know its not all about sex right?
Ken:But do you still have sex with him...I mean you are his slave right?
me:its power exchange
me:yes, im His slave.. and sometimes W/we do that
Ken:ok is it not odd to call a man Daddy and then sleep with him?
me:for me, no. It is in the lifestyle and what not
Ken:But you call him Daddy why?
me:i truly dont think He is my daddy, but my Daddy Dom
me:because He does act like a father to me, and etc
me:W/we are in pain as well. Sadomasochism
Ken:ok but if he acts like your father then he is in a father role for you right in your mind
me:yes, in mind. He is like a father, but also a Daddy Dom
me:i dont think of it, as truly a father father
me:if that makes sense
Ken:you think of him as your father (as in father figure) but yet you sleep with him
me:yes, but He is also my fiancee, so you dont think in that way as well
me:lol, you really cant, unless you are truly in the lifestyle and such
Cereal:What got you into this life style Ash
xem:What pain do you like ?
me: hm, i dont know, it gives me balance, in life and also it is a badge of courage for Daddy
Cereal:Why is your Daddy living in Montana and you living in Tennessee?
Cereal:internet pain?
me:I live with Him now
me:for some reason wire didnt want to put where i was at
me:but i was originally from TN
Cereal:lol oh okay.
me:and Him in Cali
hawk:meet me in montana. is that what he sings to u??
me:lol, no. First thing He sung to me, was one of my favorite disney songs, Kiss the girl, to put me to sleep
me:Lthat is a special song for the both of U/us
hawk:some folgies in here dont like the subject tho ck
me:lol, so true. They need to speak up though
me:maybe and try to understand it
hawk:maybe it hurts them or somthing talking about it. I'm not sure tho. i'm just guessing
me:i dont know
me:They need to speak up though
hawk:abuse is big problem now adays u know? i know in your case it isn't but still
me:whoever feels uncomfortable with this subject
me:i know
me:I was in abuse
me:all my life
me:so i know the difference is. And that is what most people in the lifstyle need to understand
me:where that line is at
hawk:well for some it might feel like abuse so they likely wudnt like the subject I'm guessing
me:i know, but they need to know the difference
Cereal:Does he actually hit you?
me:This lifestyle is consent on all parties, that being said, not all do consent, and most are not real in the lifestyle
me:Yes, as in spankings and whippings yes
me:but when i can not bear it anymore
me:i say stop and HE does
me:and He takes care of me
me:that is not abuse
me:I do not like the term hitting, because it is on the abuse line. And most think of it like that
pixie:ohh wait a min.... some 1 spanks whoops u and u say its not abuse? HELL IT IS !!!
me:no its not
me:I consent to it
me:and when i say stop
me:He stops
me:in abuse
me:you do not have a say so
me:you do not tell the person to stop
me:and they stop
me:that is where people do not understand it
me:And plus
me:if it is abuse, the abuser would not take care of the person
me:who was being hit
me:so in all lines, it is not abuse
pixie:an abuser des so take care of the person.. they dont want to be caught !!!
me:they do not take care of them
me:I was in an abusive home
me:for 20 years
pixie:how far does a person go b4 u say it abuse????
hawk:i see what pixie means
me:my family would hurt me so bad
me:they wouldnt care at all
me:The only thing they held on me
me:was money
hawk:and thats y i said what i said earlier
me:so that isnt taking care of that person
me:shakes head
pixie:night.. wat wld u say WAS abusive then??
Ken:um it would be safer to talk about stuff like this in pvt please
me:pixie, i can not or will not talk about it in here now
me:yup, i will do that
Ken:ty Ash
fox:ash pls stop
me:i am stopping
me:get on to pixie
me:not me doing this
pixie:oi. i doing nowt.. i asked a question..
me:nope, i will not talk about it in here
fox:u can ask the question on the wall
me:if you want, pm
me:other than that, enough on that

Okay a while back i was having a conversation with some people in wire club. It was going pretty good until pixie came along and just ruined it. I wanted to show this because you get to see how people are. And i think the other people, did not understand nor wanted to accept my lifestyle at all and that is okay. But what i do not like is just sitting there, saying i understand when you don't. 

But with that the one person just had to ruin it all. You get to see how people really are on my lifestyle. It's like they think they know everything about this lifestyle or they think they know what the signs of abuse are or what abuse is, when they truly do not know at all. 

With at the end, i gave in because i know the tension was getting really bad in there and i told that person if they wanted to keep going to go into pm and of course didn't. Just wanted to make a raucous in the room. And what made me mad at the end, is they were all getting onto me but i was the one that stopped, and not the other person, and i told them that. Of course they shut up when they know damn well i was right in this area. 

But it makes me upset that people will not want to understand this lifestyle completely and it upsets me and makes me upset at the same time. Well enjoy the conversation that went on and see what i go through each and every day. Until next time.....

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