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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

March 31, 2012

Forgotten Snowflake, poem by me....

i feel like a freshly made snowflake
drifting in and out of this world
only to be forgotten in mere seconds

wandering/drifting ever so wildy
in this forbidden city
where shall i land?
where shall i lead this pitiful life i lead?

Because under this guidance
i cant bear to be dictated any longer

under this guidance
i cant bear the facts
that i will be my old self

this is why i turned a new leaf
this is why i turned a new fresh page
in my ever widening chapters
of this so called life i lead

What existance
what obstacles
must i face before i know
that i will be content
that i will be happy
that i will know for sure
that i am who i am
and that no one can shake the foundation i have built in Gods presence
that no one can shake with the utter words
or mere actions
that i can be myself no matter what
that i can stand up and not fear
of being homeless
of being without food
of being who i am not

I want this life i lead
to be grand
i want this life
to be what i expect it to be
i want this life
to have some fruitation
and leave my essecene
when i am long forgotten

What will become of this person
i see today?
Will it be ever more stronger
will it be ever more courageous
in the obstacles she face even today?
will it be ever more sturdy?

All these mere worries
tangled in a smoky glaze

all these memories
entangled with fresh memories
that make this person breath

yet that doesnt help this poor person out
in the things she yearns
in the things that need to be taken care of

Slowly turning another page over
i see her resting her poor head
on the icy cold window
peering out unto the wide unknown world
that forms right in front of her

wishing that she could be out there
wishing she could be part of that world
instead of being locked up
in this emprisoment she had made for herself

She hopes one day
she can break those bonds
that have a power over her
and not fear
or worry
no matter how bad or how small
her worries are
that she has someone to rely on

to rely on with a sturdy foundation
and not fall or falter through the cracks that come up
These are only part of her thoughts
these are only part of her worries
that she goes through each and every day

One day, she will get through this
and be the strong courageous women she was meant to be.....

March 25, 2012

People who think they have a right over me...

ja=jack ass

 ja:hey baby what u wearing
me:that is none of your business
ja:wow what kinda slave r u but ok whatever bye
me:well let's see im engaged and owned
me:so that is what kind of slave i am
 me:so fuck yourself

Oh people. You got to love wire club. I go into the private chat lobby, as i want to chat with new people. But it seems that people who go there, is looking for sex, fun and etc. And of course i get a lot of these idiotic pm's. As for instance, the one i am posting here. 

I think what makes me upset, is that people think i am either a sex slave. That i will obey any one's order and whims. As i said no to this douche, he is like what kind of slave are you. Well obviously i wrote a huge fucking profile on that site. Either you cant fucking read, or you thought like most, that i will bend those rules and appease you. 

I hate when people say, I'm not a slave or what kind am i, if i don't do what everyone wants. It's like, either being a slave is a fucking mindless drone, or you do everyone and you cant say no, or be happy about it. Just got to love people and their logic. Until next time...

People who always wants to know things they shouldn't....

guy:how sub are you?
me:well im a slave, 24/7 in the lifestyle
guy:does he care if you talk to other people?
me:i can talk to people, i just have boundaries on here
guy:like what?
me:no cybering, no pics, no obeying other Masters or others guy:oh.
so what can you do? me:i can chit chat normally. i can talk about my lifestyle
guy:how in it are you
me:i guess moderate to medium... but who knows..
guy:what is the craziest thing you have done?
me:hm, well it's between drowning and knife play
guy:do you get off on that
me:not sexually
guy:what crazy shit do you get off on?
me:nothing as there is no sexual stuff in the lifestyle for me and Daddy
guy:why not
me:because that is what W/we want
me:W/we like the pure power exchange to it
guy:so what do you do?
guy:sex wise?
guy:at all
guy:so you masterbate
guy:I dont get it
me:get what?
guy:why you dont do anything sexual
me:oh well

I know I've been saying this a lot, but you just gotta love people at times. Well for the most part, i don't mind people understanding who i am, or why i think on things. But this, dude was getting way to much into my business and i cut him off all the time.

I lied quite a bit, as it is none of his business as to what i do in this lifestyle and what not. I was getting annoyed at him for a bit, and so i would just say no a lot to him. It really is no ones business why i don't like sex at all. It is my decision to tell people or not to. I'm not on wire club for people to figure out why i hate sex. I'm there to chit chat and meet new people and be friends. Not, get under ashpea's skin and see what she is. But anyways, enjoy and Until next time....

oh idiot people.....

me:engaged and owned
shy:that means in detail ?
me:hm well let's break it down shall we. Im engaged, meaning i will marry soon. Owned means, i am an owned slave in the BDSM lifestyle, hence my id name
shy:so u like it reaaly hard or just hard or
me:hm it's a power exchange lifestyle and nothing sexual in it for me

You gotta love idiot people. This is the mentality you will mostly get in wire club. Most people are only looking for "fun" or "play" and when i say something like this, and then i get, well what does it mean. Well now you know what it means. It means leave me the hell alone. :P Well enjoy the little conversation. Until next time...

March 24, 2012

oh, people who are stupid....

sa= stupid ass

sa:ur bf around?
me:my Daddy/fiancee is always around
sa:u still play?
sa:no flirt?
me:hm if i dont do "play" why would i flirt

You got to love dumb asses. I always tend to get these type of messages, like i will be disloyal to my Daddy and do what they want. And then get all huffy and puffy when i still shoot them down. Shakes head, this will be a very short and to the point type of post. Well, now you know that i will not be swayed against my Daddy. Until next time....

People who think they are "friends" with you....

da= dumb ass

da:when will u marry?
me:im not sure
da:not sure of the date or wat..?
me:just got a lot of things to do
da:wat r they?
me:you dont need to know
me:no, you dont need to know what the hell is going on in my life
me:because why do you need to know every little damn thing in my life?
me:seems like you just want to get in and just not do anything with it. so it is none of your business da:just to understand u better...
me:now if you want to keep calling me rude
me:then so be it
me:right now
me:im not in the fucking mood to be playing this stupid game
me:and you can, without knowing so much
me:which it is none of your business
da:ok! just forget it...
da:ok.. now its ur turn to ask questions.....
da:go on...
me:i dont want to
me:nor do i have to
da:yesterday u looked very interesting.. and suddenly wat happened to u...?
me:are you going to be one of those people, who always in my life,
me:cant take the bad with the good
me:seriously if you cant handle me being like this
me:then fuck off
me:im not here
me:to appease everyone
da:u r really being very rude!!
me:well then fuck off
me:im not here to appease everyone
me:so go away if you cant handle me being like this
da:come i fuck u...
me:good bye
me:and i see how you are
me:just like my family
me:just like everyone in my life
me:yea fuck off

Well i wasn't in a happy mood when i was chatting with this so called friend. I was going through a lot of things, and of course he just wanted to get in my life, and not really care at all. I know that i have a temper. I know that i can be mean at times. But i am only like that, when i feel someone is trying to pry into my life, who is willingly to not listen, nor help me out. And when I'm worrying over something. 

Of course this person didn't like it one bit. And i don't need people in my life, who is going to be like this. I went through too many years of that, and I'm not going to go through that ever again. I told the dude, if you cant take the good and bad from anyone, then you have no right to call yourself a friend. And to get to know me better, is not by prying and trying to get into my business, when i clearly don't want you in it. 

Some people cant understand what "friend" mean. It's like, they think it means you are suppose to be there for them, but not there for you. And i don't like talking about my problems when you don't care or you cant help me. Because how is going to be solved? So, that day, he got un friended and blocked for what he said. 

I don't like people calling me rude, when I'm not the one prying into someones business. And why i blew up on his ass. Well enjoy the conversation and Until next time...

Fake people in the lifestyle...

fad:takes awhile to train proply
me:yup it does. my training took about two years or so
me:and at times, there is some retraining done
fad:for shore
fad:im traing her right now
me:so you do it online?
 fad:oh no shes with me at home
me:ohh okay
me:do you do all your training online?
fad:im chatting shes training on her knees
me:what type of training?
me:anything else?
fad:holding her deep now shes gagging
me:um okay, what i meant is what is her training as a whole
me:yes i get that, but is she a domestic slave, sex slave
me:and how long have you been in this lifestyle?
fad:2 weeks
me:so you've been in this lifestyle for only two weeks?
me:and what got you into this lifestyle?
fad:just met and i worked out i was boss

Okay i had this conversation a few days ago. At first i didn't remember this guys id, but after talking to him, it rung quite a bit of bells in my head. I want to show you all, what a fake looks like in the lifestyle. 

I think this is sad, and a part of me feels a bit sad for his so called slave. I asked him, how long he has been in it, and only said two weeks Now, that hit something, as it takes longer than two weeks into finding someone in the lifestyle. I mean with training and what not. It took everything i had to not rip into him.

I asked a simple, non complex question on what type of training and what type of slave she is. And i just get she is a slave. Someone does not know what it means to be a slave or what it means to be in this lifestyle. If  you are going to tell me she is a slave and then after that, i have to go into detail about it, then you should not be in the lifestyle at all. 

Then with that, i just left. It was crazy. I talked to him before hand, and he had like ten slaves at once. And i really chewed his ass out, as it was fucking crazy. And then now he is making this up, that girl is not going to be liking this lifestyle at all. But enjoy and learn a bit of the lifestyle. Until next time.....

March 21, 2012

Actually being persecuted for my lifestyle.. big shocker for me

well you got to love social sites. I was on sodahead, which is an opinion type social place. And i asked a question pertaining to, do you like little caesars pizza. And i put in it, that i didnt like it, til i met Daddy/fiancee. 

 Pink-stars: Mean to vote undecided. Haven't had that in a long time. I liked it as a kid. I run the risk of being blocked but I'm here to express my opinion so I will do so. "until I met Daddy/fiancee.." hmm a little much more info than I needed to read. .. 

 me: Well apparently you do not know what it means. Let's take my id apart and why i put Daddy/fiancee. I am a slave in the BDSM lifestyle, you do know what this is... but if not here, Bondage,Discipline,Sadistic and Masochism.. it is a power exchange lifestyle.... so my fiancee is not my real father, as most think this. He is my Daddy Dom in the lifestyle. And with that, it was not really what i wanted as the opinion o\n the question. If you have a problem with that, then keep it to yourself and not answer my stuff at all. Now, next time, you want to answer my stuff, keep what i put on it, out. And even if you did know what this means, you can keep that to yourself and go on your merry way. there are many other questions to answer. thank you and good bye. 

 pink-stars: You posted included it as part of your post even if you don't refer to it or ask about it. I think it makes it fair game for comment. I figured no problem adding it so I guess you can take a blunt comment. Yes I will be on my merry way. I know that it doesn't automatically mean he's your real father. I don't care if your into that. Just not something I expect to be reading as part of a post on someone's question nor it is something I care to see. People may think I'm prudish or sensitive by my reply above I just think it's extra info that people do not need to see. Yes you didn't ask about it but the fact you mention it in the first place I think makes it fair game for comment. Most people do not include what kind of sexual lifestyle they lead so you have to understand or expect at least one person to speak up. I know I'd expect it if I posted it. I don't really like to argue or have a negative experience here .. wasn't my intention. The fact you were not shy about admitting it I figured you can take my honest response to it. No hard feelings but it's not something I want to read in a post. I will be on my merry way and I don't regret speaking up. It's why I'm here in the first place. Things I don't like either I don't like and won't comment but I will comment on this one. Sexual lifestyle. I don't need to know it. Lesbians, gays I have no problem I admit I'm more sensitive to the lifestyle where people call another "daddy" not really the lifestyle just referring to the other as "daddy". No that you care but I add this as too why and I admit it's my sensitivity to it as why this happened. 

 me: then if you dont want to read it, then get off the damn page. It doesnt make it fair game. It is just my insight and not what i am asking. Well you are wrong. I do not take it lightly that someone just comes out and says well i dont want to read this and etc. There are things i dont like, but i dont comment on it, as to be polite and respect other people's lifestyles. Now good bye. i love how people try to get through loops as to keep going when they are blocked. Why dont you keep on going and just move on. I do not harass people who are in different lifestyles. It is everyone's choices to be in what lifestyle they want. As i stated before hand, there are more questions to answer than just mine. And if you dont like that, then keep on walking, instead of trying to be some time of ass. And you are being prudish by saying i dont want to see this. If you dont like it, dont comment and click the exit button. It's not that hard to do. And another thing, you need to look it up, it's not a sexual lifestyle for a lot of us. I like how people assume so much on that. And even if you dont like that, you can keep going. I dont go up to people who are in a "vanilla" lifestyle and say, hey i hate your lifestyle and say why i dont. Im not that kind of person. And im going to generalize here, i love people who get into this power trips, that hate the lifestyle, all to feel superior.

 Daddy: Lesbianism and Gays are a sexual lifestyle. BDSM isnt inherently about sex, people use it for sex: just as Lesbianism and Gay lifestyles can be used for sex, but BDSM is about power exchange and control: it is much further from being sexual than Lesbianism and Gay lifestyles because it's not based on sexual intimacy. By your flawed reasoning: you should be subjecting anyone that is openly Lesbian or Gay to harassment about their lifestyle choices simply by referring to it: or showcasing it through avatars and so fourth: that aren't directly apart of the initial discussion. Therefore, should I go around everywhere reprimanding lesbians and gays for displaying who they are, and refer them back to you for the reason why it's fairy game: do you really want that type of responsibility? My Slave/Fiancee/Companion doesn't need to hide who she is, doesn't need to be persecuted for her beliefs or lifestyle simply because she referred to it indirectly. Also, clever way to bypass the block by reediting your original post to circumvent SoadaHead's measures to resolve conflict from progressing. Just because you accept Lesbisism and Gays, but you don't accept BDSM: does that give you the right to ostracize them? You are what is wrong with people today: you are a hypocrite and don't know sophistry from legit reasoning. You contradict yourself every which way: you are like the girls that are skinny with fat friends, who make fun of girls who are fat: but make allowances for their friends... Can you even conceive that notion? Must you turn a pleasant conversation about Pizza into something demented and horrid? Is your life really that empty? Take care, 

 That is exactly the whole thing, that went on a pizza question. i dont get why people want to mess up a fun question with stupid opinions that doesnt even pertain to it. It makes me really upset, as to i have never really be persecuted really for my lifestyle. I have had a lot of people tell me they hate it, and then just block me. But to go onto my page, that i asked a question that didnt even go with what my question was, pisses me off.

 It doesnt show, that hey since i am not hiding who i am, it's okay to justify and bash me because i put it indirectly. I love how people who are very prudish in their ways, have to come onto my stuff, and think they know exactly what this lifestyle truly is. And that is with me, not even going onto their page and put hey im in the bdsm lifestyle.. :P.. i dont do that. I am myself, and i will always say Daddy/fiancee. If you have a problem with that, then stay off my page, as i put a lot of times for this dumb ass. 

 As for the result, i blocked the dumb ass lady and reported her, for bashing me for no reason at all. I know each person has opinions on it, and keep it to yourself. As i didnt even ask that type of question. If you dont like it, then walk away and do what you always do, instead of sticking your nose into it. 

 I think that is what people do not get at all. They put their noses into business that they have no right to. Why butt in, if you do not know this lifestyle at all? You know, i have my opinions and beliefs on things, but you dont see me going around and saying, hey i dont like this, so you should stay quiet. As i respect other's and their lifestyles and beliefs even though i dont agree with it. 

 That's why we are human beings. Is to show care and love even though we dont agree on something. I say this, if it is not harming you, and they are happy with their lifestyle, stay the fuck out of it. I would say intervene if you see someone not happy or being hurt, or it is harming others. Other than that, keep to your own business and i will keep to mine. 

 You think that stating you hate something is not being rude, you have another thing coming. I do not take it lightly, and i will come at you at full force. Do you really think that person you are bashing is going to sit there and take it? if you do, then you are very very wrong on that. 

 People need to learn when to step in and when to butt out. Just writing this, i still feel the emotions of shock and utterly mad. But with that, Daddy stepped in, for my behalf but on His own accord. if you can't like me for who i truly am, is with this lifestyle, i have a saying for this... if you dont like what i do, or who i am, you can step away just as easily as you came in. I do not get attached to people that easily and it's easy to erase someone who is going to bash me for who i am and what i believe and do in life. I took a lot of shit in my life, and i am stepping up and saying no more to it. As to why im writing this huge fucking rant, as to get it all cleared out. This goes for on here, in my real life and etc. Why i am posting this here. 

 I am sick and tired of people coming up to me and saying why they like it or dont like it. It's none of your business as to what i do in this lifestyle. Even if i put Daddy/fiancee, it still doesnt give you the right to butt into my business. You dont see me doing that to your life. I only intervene if someone is truly getting hurt, or making fun of someone. Why cant others do this? Seriously what is wrong with our world today. Sigh, i think this is enough right now or else this is going to be a long ass novel just on this, with my thoughts. Until next time....

March 20, 2012

People who do not respect me or my lifestyle at all...

Pm from him

 cool:ash pls let me enjoy till the time mod come there:CD
me:this is my lifestyle
 me:now respect it
me:no gr
me:i mean it
me:you dont see me messing around with your lifestyle
me:now please respect mine
cool:lol m learning it
me:i dont care if you are learning it or not
me:if you are not in it
 me:dont play around with it

 Dominant and submissive Chat

 Cool:ring master here
me:rolls eyes
Cool:not slave master
me:shakes head
me:be nice cool
Cool:lol m nice ash.....i hadbath
me:you know what i mean, cool
 Cool:*asking willow to sit*
willow:*sits* owo
Cool:*ask willow to prepare coffee
 me:now stop it
me:you are not in the lifestyle
 me:you need to respect everyone in here, who is in the lifestyle
Cool:ok byeeee all
Cool:Left the room

 Different chat room

 cool:ash i think i need to be robot in dat room
me:no you shouldnt come in it at all
me:please do not piss me off today
cool:but ash they r not real u know it
me:i dont care if they are or not
 me:there are people who truly do this lifestyle
me:you should respect it at all times
me:no matter if they are fake or not
coolwow ash cool down i ws kidding
me:i dont kid with my lifestyle
Cool:i dint make fun
me:and i want people to respect it as i do to
me:you are mocking it
me:by going in and acting like a master
me:well then respect my lifestyle at all times
cool:ok ash i m not master.....
me:yes, so dont play around with my lifestyle
me:that is what im saying

Some people just doesn't have any respect for anyone, and it upsets me a lot. I thought this was a friend of mine, but i see how he sees my lifestyle and me as well. It pissed me off a lot, to see this, from a friend. 

This happened yesterday, and I'm still a bit upset with him. I don't care if you do not completely agree with my lifestyle or my thoughts. That i really don't mind, as i can just go on and be who i am. But what makes me upset, is mocking my lifestyle or mocking anything for that matter. And that is what exactly what my "friend' did. 

I told him quite a bit of time, to stop it and just respect my lifestyle. But of course he tries to justify it by saying that they are not real, as implying that they are all fake. Not all people who are in the BDSM lifestyle, are fake. Take me and Daddy, W/we are not fake, and there are others out there. Yet that shouldn't make you mock this lifestyle and the people in it.

Yes, you have seen me go on about people in this lifestyle, but that doesn't mean to not show respect to others. That's what made me so upset. Is that he didn't see the bigger picture, and even while i tried telling him that. It's sad, that people are so close minded and such. 
 But please think before you go and mock some one's lifestyle or them or whatever. You need to see how foolish you will look for one, and two, no one wants to be mock for who and what they believe in. Come on, have common sense. And with that, enjoy this and Until next time...

Thoughts on protocol of my lifestyle.....

Is a sub/slave expected to show respect to a Dom/Master by the use of "Sir" and the use of capitalization during idle chat? Is it expected? Should it be? How were you taught concerning such maters?

 Someone wrote:But in a public chat room respect and courtesy go hand in hand with protocol, and I think that a sub not using proper capitalization and using Sir and Ma'am appropriately is a reflection on the Dom/me that trained or currently controls him/her.

 And i disagree with that completely. Using sir or ma'am, is with giving them. And i think respect is earned through a time, and not having to go through protocol. Even if you are not their sub and such, i dont see that you have to say that to them, but of course still use manners, and be polite to them though.

 I dont think it is expected to say that to anyone but their Master or Mistress. As it shows respect and also that you see them fit as that. And with that, i dont think it should be used in idle chat at all. Like for example, if you are chatting idle, and you keep saying sir, it may look like you are obeying Him or Her. And i think it should not be expected at all.

 I was taught to have manners though and be polite to everyone. But with anyone, i can not say sir or ma'am to any of the Doms and Dommes. As it is part of my rules. Now does that show reflection to how my Daddy taught me, being bad? No, it shows that why are you suppose to show hey i know you are in the lifestyle and i respect that, when they come in, and say, hey bitch come over here, and not care if you are owned and what. I think that it goes hand in hand with it, but for the most part, should be kept out entirely.

People who cant read profiles.....

dau:so what are you up to
me:just chit chatting, and listening to Daddy, read me a story
dau:lol i see
dau:whats your asl?
me:23 gender is obvious US
dau:cool your pics are cool , why none of you?
me:thanks. not allowed to post them
dau:i see hubby has a tight leash on you ?
 me:well have you seen my profile and name? im in the bdsm lifestyle

You just got to love idiots out in this world. I think wire club has a lot more of the idiots than any other site I've been on. I mean come on, asking me, if my hubby, which I'm not married yet, has a tight hold on me. Yea, it doesn't take to "leash" me, as i want the control. So as you see, i gave the dude a stupid answer back and never returned. Guess he couldn't handle my answer. Well enjoy and Until next time...

March 19, 2012

What's been going on lately...

Whew, sorry i haven't been blogging a bit. Been doing a lot of things lately. Been cleaning up O/our rooms, and W/we decided to move back into O/our old bedroom. So that is what W/we have been doing.

I've got about a dozen if not more bruises, a few cuts and of course my back is killing me. I'm feeling a bit better, as He is trying to make it a home for the time being. He is the only one that cares about me, and i love that most of all.
 This bedroom I'm in, has so many memories with the both of U/us. This is where i first met Him and tally, and where W/we finally got together and such. The room He trained me in and etc. It has good vibes/memories and i love that most of all. Plus it has the colors W/we both love, blue and green so it is really calming.

But with that, i haven't forgotten about this at all. I have so many things to blog about, just haven't had the time really. I will get into it probably the next few days, as i relax before finishing up the touches to the room. Until next time....

March 10, 2012

How people are...

mik:are you really a Slave Water Nymph?????
me:yup i sure am
mik:do you do anything ppl tell you???
me:only to my Master
me:as it states in my profile
mik:i am a Master
mik:do you have a big booty??
me:none of your business
mik:i thought you told things to your Master
me:you are not my master at all
me:I am owned
me:and it will stay that way
me:dont try and twist shit
mik:you never said you were owned before this
me:I said to my Master, as i have one. Plus it states it in my profile
me:and shows that im engaged
me:shessh do i really have to do everything
me:if you are a so called dom
mik:i only want friendship
me:doesnt seem like that to me
me:because if you did
me:then you wouldnt be asking how big my booty is
me:so how about go somewhere else, or try and be a friend

I really hate people starting out on bad terms, as it leaves a bad feeling inside me for a very long time. As with this person, that's what happened. I don't like people twisting my words, as to i had it happen a lot in my life. That is one thing that will bring out my Domme side pretty fast. 

As with saying he was a dom, i don't really care at all. As i already have my Daddy, all i am here for is friends. And i could see what his intentions were in the beginning. So i had to make it straight in order to see what he wanted. He said friends, but even to this day, i don't even know anymore. 

As i talked a bit more to him, and it seems a bit weird to me. Talking about doing things to him and such, and went on like that for a while. Um, with that, i wanted to show, what people think when they see my id name in wire club and such. It's like, I'm a slave to anyone, when I'm not. But anyways enjoy the conversation and Until next time...

People who are truly stupid...

mell:wanna have some fun sweety
me:sorry dont do that
mell:oh why not
me:well let's see im engaged and owned, and my Daddy would not be pleased with me if i did that
mell:he doesn't have to know and it's all virtual here nothing serious and it doesn't mean anything
mell:+ we are far away from each other
me:okay, you have to options, leave peacefully or be blocked
me:when people do not understand the word no
me:will not get anything else
mell:i see
mell:well go fuck yourself

mell has blocked you

You just got to love people who are so fake. In wire club, you always get these people who act so nice towards you, and they think, hey I'm going to get lucky with this person. Well this person tried to do that with me, and didn't like what i had to say.

One thing i don't like about people, is not understanding the word no. It really makes me mad as to what has happened in my life. On top of that, being with Daddy/fiancee, I'm not going to be cheating on Him. Yet people think it is okay to cheat when you are not married and what not. And try their hardest to get you to do things. As to what this person was doing. I told him no, and he has the two options i give and didn't like that at all. 

I love how they say fuck you, when in reality they were the ones that wanted to be fucked. Funny don't you think and right after that i get blocked. They think it is some power exchange, and on top of that, like it will hurt my feelings. All it does, is makes me happy. I don't care if I'm blocked or not, but they think it has some power to it or something. Well enjoy the small conversation, and Until next time...

March 8, 2012

People who just want to talk about themselves....


SO:can we chat bout sex lives and stuff, not cyber just fun q's
SO:nice, how often do u get it
me:lol maybe once a year
SO:why so little
me:a part of my lifestyle, and i dont like it
SO:u dont like sex? howcome if i may ask
me:no, i dont like it. for the non personal stuff, it is boring, no feelings or so for me
SO:k i luv it, the pleasure u get for it
me:yea for you
me:but not all will feel that
SO:yeh each to their own
me:as with lifestyles and etc
SO;yeh, doo you play with urself
me:lol cant
me:my lifestyle. BDSM
me:yes Bondage,Discipline,Sadistic and Masochism, power exchange
me:hence my id name
SO:u like someone contolling u
me:yes, i love the power exchange, why im in the lifestyle
SO:doesnt in norm involve sex
me:for most of the fake people sure
me:but for me and Daddy/fiancee it is the shear power exchange
me:why no sex in my life
SO:im the opp i have sex every day
me:yea, i dont see how people would need it and such
SO:i dont need it i just luv it and i sitll get alot of pleasure from it
me:i mean i understand that for some it can be pleasure, but i think with me, what i dont get, are the ones who cant live without it, like they need it in order to live

Hm where do i start with this conversation.... well this guy just wanted to talk about his sex life for some odd reason. See that is what i don't get about wire club. Either it is very sexual, as in wanting to cyber, or to talk about their sex lives, or wanting to date. But with this one, wanted to talk about his sex life, and just covered it up by asking me questions.

So it went on, and i kept hinting at my lifestyle, as to i am different than him and etc. It took some time to say I'm in the lifestyle, and i could feel that he didn't like that all. From there he kept saying that he loves sex, but doesn't need it every day, bu later on in the conversation, said he needed it two three times a day. Now for me, that is where i don't understand at all.. is why do people need it all the time? It's not that addicting really, but of course people always finds things to be addicted to. 

I guess i will never understand why people love it so much, that they cant live without it.. but with that, enjoy the conversation and Until next time....

People who think im truly stupid....

da=Dumb ass

da:are you a sub ?? or like roleplay ?? get back to me
me:well as my id states im a slave, who is owned and probably soon be married
da:do u want to be controlled before hand
me:well im a slave who already has a Daddy Dom
me:like i said
da:because i want to control u for a while -- to have u let
me:well that wont happen
da:is your dom there ???
me:as it is a rule of mine and His
me:and it is a major one
da:ok then up to u
me:and yes He is always with me
me:yes of course, i am not going against my Master at all
da:maybe he can let u control u
da:me control u
da:ok your loss
me:actually your loss
me:as my rules stand
me:so it is truly you
me:now go away
me:good bye
da:what eva ... u should share its more fun
me:i dont do what people want. I do what my Master wants
me:and as a fake person as you
me:you need to shut the fuck up
me:now leave or i will block
me;either way is fine with me

Well with this conversation, don't you just love people who have intentions of having sex with you? Yup if you guessed it, I'm being sarcastic as hell. I had a feeling this guy wanted to try and dominate me, but i tried giving him a chance. But as it kept going, he let his intentions out. So, it went that way for just a bit, and you just have to love when they always say it's your lost.

How is it your lost, when you are not wanting it at all? So, i have a smart ass remark for these people, and say, nope, actually it is your lost as to you wanted the sex,and then they just give you a standard what ever. Just got to love those type of people. But i wanted to put this up, as to show how people are, when they see slave in your id name. Well enjoy the conversation and Until next time....

March 7, 2012

People who think im easy and dumb.....

da=Dumb ass

da:nice profile
me:thank you
da:wr r u from
me:in the US
me:i guess
da:i like sexy
da:and u !
me:how so
da:i have big nice cock and u
me:lol i got a big nice shiny cock as well
me:want to see it
me:shakes head
me:i was being sarcastic
me:i already saw what your intentions were, and with that stupid ass comment of mine, means go away
me:if you truly saw my profile, you wouldnt be talking to me like that

So had such a lovely conversation with some on wire club. Can you feel me being sarcastic? Because i am.So before hand, i get a notification of someone liking my profile on wire club. Then all of a sudden a pm came up. After he put sexy i knew what he wanted.

You gotta love people who think that once they do something nice, you have to oblige to them and do a favor for them, mostly sex. Told the dude to leave.Love how people do something and think that you have to do something back because they did something. Well guess what, I'm not like that. I see through a lot of people's intentions and will not go past a certain thing. 

But with that wanted to show, how most people think, when they talk to me and such. All because i have the word slave in my name, doesn't mean I'm going to be doing anything with you. Gotta love how human being's minds works, huh. Well enjoy the conversation, and Until next time....

March 2, 2012

Insanity of Family.

My fiancee's family is a joke, a sad, pitiful joke that lacks any humor at all. A delusional group of hypocrites and pompous asses who are too conceited with their affectation of virtue that they are clueless to their own fallacies. Everything that comes out of their mouths are full of sophistry and abominations and defiling acts.

What type of family uses their own dead grandma's account, who they claim to love and respect and honor, for evil purposes such as revenge and hatred; Who goes onto someones dead grandma's name, who loved her, and then use it to speak/put evil words in her mouth to achieve their blood thirsty desire to be right, when obviously they are shameful and disgusting: like a pile of dog crap on a nice china dish.

Moreover, they claim to be Christians and yet cannot fathom what fruits they are producing and displaying for the world to see. Through their legitimizations and rationalizations and sophistry, they twist and distort their insanity to be disguised as truth and good works.

This is what our world has come down to; people who always thinks they are the exception to the rules of life, that they are always right, that their evil deeds smells like roses, and beholds a distorted and twisted way of thinking that would take a puzzle solver an eternity to untwist.

For the record, a member of my fiancee's family, whose maturity level is apparent and lacking, wrote a piece about her boyfriend, how they were soul-mates despite her drama and endless ranting and fighting publicly through Facebook at him, decided that she would post it to the world, to prove their love through public appeal. My fiancee decided to write a message, which was her own viewpoints, about her opinions of people who shout out to the world their love, for it to be true; obviously, she couldn't handle the reality that other people might not agree with her public displays of loving promotions, and blew the whole situation out of proportion by behaving like a child. She decided to distort, twist, and publicly elicit hateful and derogatory behavior from others towards her through third person immaturity; and throughout all this madness and hostility, unfounded and rationalized no doubt, came abuse of personal information and abuse of dead relations and connivance of sorts. Obviously, these overly sensitive, immature, relations are ill-equip to handle reasonable discussion without turning it into a power trip and all out war to prove their madness makes sense at no cost: not even for respected love ones.

No doubt, they are incapable of expressing themselves in positive fashions and resorting to sinking so low, hell would be in the heavens for them...

Sincerely, The Correct Ones

Family and their bullshit.

I wasn't really going to write on this until i saw this. Yesterday i wake up to see a huge fucking rant to me from my cousin. And i see how my family is. I had kept my mouth shut on a lot of things that went on. I had to kept my mouth shut because i wanted a family so bad. And this is how i am treated. At this moment i don't give a flying fuck if they see this, because i am fed up with their bull shit lies.

I had to cut my family out once again. And then saying it behind my back, that me and Daddy are both lazy asses and that i am pissed because they wouldn't send money. Hello, i was going to be homeless. I see how my family is. They don't give a shit at all, like i stated in the letter. I was and still am pissed that they don't give a shit, and just laugh at it. Family, and i mean true family doesn't do that. And especially calling U/us lazy. I see why mom called Todd a lazy ass fucker, because you know why, he is on disability for stupid shit. Yea, i am bringing out all the stops, because this fucking family is insane. 

Who wouldn't be pissed off, if their family, after saying, you can come to us if you have problems. That was a major problem. It meant dealing with bull shit here or going homeless and no one cared. And that really bugged me. I mean who, as a sane person would be happy that their family wouldn't help them out on that? And hear their family say well go to the shelter and i will get back to you, and hours later, call back and they just laugh at it. Never looked into it and saying they don't have money. And then a month later you see they are going to places that they lots of money. 

It's bull shit. But i kept my mouth shut, i knew it would start a fight in this family, but i tried pushing it aside. Because i wanted a family, but after i see this, and saying i am just like my mother and what not. I fucking hate two face people. I hate people who don't have a damn mind of their own. 

I tried complying and comprising with this family and this is what i get. On top of that, i finally got my grandmother's stuff, and they just threw it into the box. It was like they were just obligated to give it to me. Didn't care or put any love into putting it in. My shadow box was broken, and Daddy had to fix it in some way. 

And i kept my mouth shut on that. I just didn't say anything about it,because again i knew it would start a fight. And then over a simple thing that my fucking cousin did, and then talked behind my back, they know damn well i hate that. And then say these things. 

And on top of that, use my grandmother's face book name to say that I'm a disgrace. How am i a disgrace? What because i told the truth of what happened and what my feelings were? I knew from the bottom of my heart that they didn't care about me once again, i knew they didn't like my lifestyle, but i tried, as always to have a family. 

This time i am truly done playing with these people's games. I am done trying to comply and compromise and then i see what their true nature is, when things go wrong. They kept whining that i blocked them. I didn't block, i just un-friended, and i told them this, and in all of the things i wrote to them, they deleted, because they don't want to be seen as the bad guys. 

And from that, to say those things to other family members, it's just not right. I thought, i would not write on this, as to just settle down, as there is other things going on in my life, but i see now, that i have to show it to the world, to show you how horrible these people, who was called my family are. I thought of just letting it go and thought it was the end of it, but i see i will be the top news for the family for a bit, and you know what go ahead.

I love how they call me a drama queen, when in reality they are the drama queens. I was calm and collected when i wrote out all the things that were on my mind. They didn't like the part of me bringing up grandma, but you know what, it's bull shit. Grandma would roll over in her grave is she saw how they treated me. And use her name to say I'm a disgrace, and that they just didn't respect grandma at all.

How is it respecting grandma's wishes, if you just throw things together, and then turn on the first available chance? At first i thought i made a mistake at disowning them again, but after i saw this, i am glad I'm not with them anymore. I have told Daddy the next time family ever tries to contact me, ever look at my blogs, i will be lashing out at them, and i want Him to smack the fuck out of me and say no. 

I don't know why i get this compelling nature when I'm around family. I guess with my logic i can say, is that my mind works before my body and heart can tell me what is going on. I think that they have changed and that they understand what i went through. But you know what, it is exactly what Daddy said it would be. They only got back with me, because they hate my mom and dad, and that it would only last for so long. And guess what, it did. Sometimes i hate Him being right, but I'm done with that family. Time to bury all of it, and be my new self, that i have been for the past three to five years. With that, this rant is done for now, Until next time....