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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

March 21, 2012

Actually being persecuted for my lifestyle.. big shocker for me

well you got to love social sites. I was on sodahead, which is an opinion type social place. And i asked a question pertaining to, do you like little caesars pizza. And i put in it, that i didnt like it, til i met Daddy/fiancee. 

 Pink-stars: Mean to vote undecided. Haven't had that in a long time. I liked it as a kid. I run the risk of being blocked but I'm here to express my opinion so I will do so. "until I met Daddy/fiancee.." hmm a little much more info than I needed to read. .. 

 me: Well apparently you do not know what it means. Let's take my id apart and why i put Daddy/fiancee. I am a slave in the BDSM lifestyle, you do know what this is... but if not here, Bondage,Discipline,Sadistic and Masochism.. it is a power exchange lifestyle.... so my fiancee is not my real father, as most think this. He is my Daddy Dom in the lifestyle. And with that, it was not really what i wanted as the opinion o\n the question. If you have a problem with that, then keep it to yourself and not answer my stuff at all. Now, next time, you want to answer my stuff, keep what i put on it, out. And even if you did know what this means, you can keep that to yourself and go on your merry way. there are many other questions to answer. thank you and good bye. 

 pink-stars: You posted included it as part of your post even if you don't refer to it or ask about it. I think it makes it fair game for comment. I figured no problem adding it so I guess you can take a blunt comment. Yes I will be on my merry way. I know that it doesn't automatically mean he's your real father. I don't care if your into that. Just not something I expect to be reading as part of a post on someone's question nor it is something I care to see. People may think I'm prudish or sensitive by my reply above I just think it's extra info that people do not need to see. Yes you didn't ask about it but the fact you mention it in the first place I think makes it fair game for comment. Most people do not include what kind of sexual lifestyle they lead so you have to understand or expect at least one person to speak up. I know I'd expect it if I posted it. I don't really like to argue or have a negative experience here .. wasn't my intention. The fact you were not shy about admitting it I figured you can take my honest response to it. No hard feelings but it's not something I want to read in a post. I will be on my merry way and I don't regret speaking up. It's why I'm here in the first place. Things I don't like either I don't like and won't comment but I will comment on this one. Sexual lifestyle. I don't need to know it. Lesbians, gays I have no problem I admit I'm more sensitive to the lifestyle where people call another "daddy" not really the lifestyle just referring to the other as "daddy". No that you care but I add this as too why and I admit it's my sensitivity to it as why this happened. 

 me: then if you dont want to read it, then get off the damn page. It doesnt make it fair game. It is just my insight and not what i am asking. Well you are wrong. I do not take it lightly that someone just comes out and says well i dont want to read this and etc. There are things i dont like, but i dont comment on it, as to be polite and respect other people's lifestyles. Now good bye. i love how people try to get through loops as to keep going when they are blocked. Why dont you keep on going and just move on. I do not harass people who are in different lifestyles. It is everyone's choices to be in what lifestyle they want. As i stated before hand, there are more questions to answer than just mine. And if you dont like that, then keep on walking, instead of trying to be some time of ass. And you are being prudish by saying i dont want to see this. If you dont like it, dont comment and click the exit button. It's not that hard to do. And another thing, you need to look it up, it's not a sexual lifestyle for a lot of us. I like how people assume so much on that. And even if you dont like that, you can keep going. I dont go up to people who are in a "vanilla" lifestyle and say, hey i hate your lifestyle and say why i dont. Im not that kind of person. And im going to generalize here, i love people who get into this power trips, that hate the lifestyle, all to feel superior.

 Daddy: Lesbianism and Gays are a sexual lifestyle. BDSM isnt inherently about sex, people use it for sex: just as Lesbianism and Gay lifestyles can be used for sex, but BDSM is about power exchange and control: it is much further from being sexual than Lesbianism and Gay lifestyles because it's not based on sexual intimacy. By your flawed reasoning: you should be subjecting anyone that is openly Lesbian or Gay to harassment about their lifestyle choices simply by referring to it: or showcasing it through avatars and so fourth: that aren't directly apart of the initial discussion. Therefore, should I go around everywhere reprimanding lesbians and gays for displaying who they are, and refer them back to you for the reason why it's fairy game: do you really want that type of responsibility? My Slave/Fiancee/Companion doesn't need to hide who she is, doesn't need to be persecuted for her beliefs or lifestyle simply because she referred to it indirectly. Also, clever way to bypass the block by reediting your original post to circumvent SoadaHead's measures to resolve conflict from progressing. Just because you accept Lesbisism and Gays, but you don't accept BDSM: does that give you the right to ostracize them? You are what is wrong with people today: you are a hypocrite and don't know sophistry from legit reasoning. You contradict yourself every which way: you are like the girls that are skinny with fat friends, who make fun of girls who are fat: but make allowances for their friends... Can you even conceive that notion? Must you turn a pleasant conversation about Pizza into something demented and horrid? Is your life really that empty? Take care, 

 That is exactly the whole thing, that went on a pizza question. i dont get why people want to mess up a fun question with stupid opinions that doesnt even pertain to it. It makes me really upset, as to i have never really be persecuted really for my lifestyle. I have had a lot of people tell me they hate it, and then just block me. But to go onto my page, that i asked a question that didnt even go with what my question was, pisses me off.

 It doesnt show, that hey since i am not hiding who i am, it's okay to justify and bash me because i put it indirectly. I love how people who are very prudish in their ways, have to come onto my stuff, and think they know exactly what this lifestyle truly is. And that is with me, not even going onto their page and put hey im in the bdsm lifestyle.. :P.. i dont do that. I am myself, and i will always say Daddy/fiancee. If you have a problem with that, then stay off my page, as i put a lot of times for this dumb ass. 

 As for the result, i blocked the dumb ass lady and reported her, for bashing me for no reason at all. I know each person has opinions on it, and keep it to yourself. As i didnt even ask that type of question. If you dont like it, then walk away and do what you always do, instead of sticking your nose into it. 

 I think that is what people do not get at all. They put their noses into business that they have no right to. Why butt in, if you do not know this lifestyle at all? You know, i have my opinions and beliefs on things, but you dont see me going around and saying, hey i dont like this, so you should stay quiet. As i respect other's and their lifestyles and beliefs even though i dont agree with it. 

 That's why we are human beings. Is to show care and love even though we dont agree on something. I say this, if it is not harming you, and they are happy with their lifestyle, stay the fuck out of it. I would say intervene if you see someone not happy or being hurt, or it is harming others. Other than that, keep to your own business and i will keep to mine. 

 You think that stating you hate something is not being rude, you have another thing coming. I do not take it lightly, and i will come at you at full force. Do you really think that person you are bashing is going to sit there and take it? if you do, then you are very very wrong on that. 

 People need to learn when to step in and when to butt out. Just writing this, i still feel the emotions of shock and utterly mad. But with that, Daddy stepped in, for my behalf but on His own accord. if you can't like me for who i truly am, is with this lifestyle, i have a saying for this... if you dont like what i do, or who i am, you can step away just as easily as you came in. I do not get attached to people that easily and it's easy to erase someone who is going to bash me for who i am and what i believe and do in life. I took a lot of shit in my life, and i am stepping up and saying no more to it. As to why im writing this huge fucking rant, as to get it all cleared out. This goes for on here, in my real life and etc. Why i am posting this here. 

 I am sick and tired of people coming up to me and saying why they like it or dont like it. It's none of your business as to what i do in this lifestyle. Even if i put Daddy/fiancee, it still doesnt give you the right to butt into my business. You dont see me doing that to your life. I only intervene if someone is truly getting hurt, or making fun of someone. Why cant others do this? Seriously what is wrong with our world today. Sigh, i think this is enough right now or else this is going to be a long ass novel just on this, with my thoughts. Until next time....

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