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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

April 14, 2012

You can see how listens to you and who doesnt....

Knight:-steals ur tub so u cant have nice warm bubblie baths.
me:lol well then you would have to steal all of them, silly. You of all people should know im a water nymph for a reason lol
knight:u said u dont that. >.>
knight:and y ME of all people??? >>..>>
knight:u told me u dont like water bondage.
knight:that it was one of ur hard limits.
me:wow, ive done things in the lifestyle with water. lol, but what im talking about it just being a plain water nymph

Lol and you can tell people do not listen or read anything i put down. I was talking to a friend on wire club and he was playing around. Saying he was going to steal my tub so i cant take bubble baths. And i was playing on with me being a water nymph, that he will have to steal all my tubs and what not. For some reason he thought i was a nympho and dont do any water stuff in the lifestyle.

So i had to put it straight to him. And he didnt even know what a water nymph was. So i had to give him the link to what a water nymph was, and from there was trying to dom me. Im not sure if he is playing with that or not, but it is becoming tiresome when he is online. Well enjoy the conversation and Until next time.....

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