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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

July 20, 2012

Gotta love idiots in this lifestyle.....

The_Master:wamt to chat?
me:ok but im engaged and owned
The_Master:a shame. But ok. Do you have any pics of you slave
me: nope and you will call me ashpea, not slave
The_Master:I'll call you by your user name, which is slave
me: no you will not
me:and with that good bye

You just gotta love these people who think they are in the lifestyle. They think that by saying oh i will call you what i want, is being a Dom then they need to rethink that. I dont mind talking to be in this lifestyle, i seriously dont. But the ones who do talk to me are just looking for one thing, a slave to own. And it gets tiresome pretty fast.

As this chat was going, i thought he just wanted to chit chat, but of course i had a feeling he had another motive to it. So i wrote right there that i am engaged and owned. To show that i am not looking for this. And i knew that was the response i was waiting for. And he hit all the donts in my profile. So i knew that this chat would go down really fast. 

With that, i do not like people who think they are in the lifestyle or just talking to me in general. Yes, my nick says slave, but do not call me that. As it shows that i am yours when im not. And i clearly stated that to this guy, and he thought he was being all macho and a dom by putting i will call you what i want basically and that is slave. 

From there, i just had to leave. I dont talk to jack asses who think they are better than me. And if they cant respect me just slightly or acknowledge that i am a human being then i would talk to them all polietly. Other than that, you are just going to get my Domme side. Which that has been out for quite some time now(another story for another). Anyways, enjoy the small chat and Until next time. 

July 7, 2012

My thoughts on a question on sodahead about rape

Do sluts ask to get raped?

I do not usually get really angry on here but one thing that pisses me off is people saying sluts ask to get raped. I made a poll the other day about it being no panties day and some guy was saying any girl that did that is an immoral slut who is asking to get raped. I have been raped. I was wearing Jeans and a t shirt. was I asking for it?
How about instead of telling girls not to get raped we tell people not to rape?

Edit: I am leaving this open but ignoring it for it is bringing up bad memories if I do not respond to you this is why.

No one asks for it:
I was raped as well, and it makes me pretty upset that people would do this. When i do talk about the rapes, to people(who i dont know), they always tell me, what were you wearing. Like that is the most important thing they care about. It is to assess and see if i was innocent or if i asked for it. It really gets tiring. It is rape, no one asks for it, why else would it be called rape? It is a forced power exchange that no one needs to go through. And i mean no one. So people who say sluts or whoever deserves it, should be very ashamed. And i see that eight people have said yes, and im ashamed of them for saying yes. 
I usually dont talk about things like this on sodahead, but i thought i should speak up for once on here. :)

This kinda irks me as well. i never really talk about my past with the rapes on sodahead til today. I usually ignore posts like this, but i thought i had to say something on this. I think it is sad that quite a bit of people thought yes sluts do ask for it when no one does. Why its called raped. Well this is my thoughts. Enjoy and Until next time...

My views on sodahead on voting age going up....

Should we move the minimum voteing age to 30?

I don't think you should be able to vote until you have experienced life on your own for a while. You can't make an informed decision if your living off mom & dad and having everything provided for you. Get a job, pay your taxes, try and buy a house, start a family, get some reallity under your belt then you can vote.

I have to comment on this, since it is bugging me a bit. So, you want to raise the voting age because in general most people dont know hardships. Hm, i think this is wrong. Each person, goes through hardships in their own way. Would you let, let's say, a fourteen year old vote, because they are emancipated from their parents and know hardships and being on their own, than a thirty year old? 

You really cant compare hardships/experiences in life to age. And not everyone lives with their mom and dad, dont have a life. That's like saying, okay i dont have a life, since im living with family and its just so much easier, not having a job, so much easier living with people that hate you and call you names and etc. In fact, i think people who live with family who hates them, live in reality a bit more than you think. Just wanted to put my thoughts out there on you saying that it is soo much easier to do all of this stuff because we dont live in reality, we live in a delusional world and dont know hardships at all.

The bottom part is mine and the upper part is the person who asked this question. I just got irked when they think you don't know reality when you are living at home and etc. As i wrote above still stands true to me. Enjoy and Until next time....

Hm i have this huge click of Kinksters i know... funny

ticloak:so is this slave looking for a master or already taken
me:well if you look at my profile in the room it states im engaged, so that will also translate im owned
ticloakohhh bummer !!
ticloaktough luck
me:lol oh yes, for you
ticloak:any of your avaiable slave girl friends whom i can take under
me:see this is why i dont talk to people who think they are in the lifestyle, because then they think im like this person who knows everyone and will be used. Go find your own slave
ticloak:fine fine ,... you dont need to lose your temper for it !!
ticloak:cya later
me:who says im loosing my temper. Only one im seeing who is throwing a fit, is you
yup bye
ticloak:whoa ... why the hell would i ..i just thought maybe you had that big circle of roleplaying friends
me:lol and this is why i already knew you were fake. lol
just here to use
and the one throwing a fit
ticloak:awwrite awwrite

Well i hate when people just talk to me just to use me. Which I've been having that problem for a while now. Been used and it sucks no matter what type of use it is. This person and a few more think i have this huge click of friends that are only kinksters. Just gotta love that huh. How about i have no one i know truly in this lifestyle and it will remain like that for maybe forever. And people are shock when i don't know anyone so they can use and hurt them. Well just read the stupid pm and enjoy. Until next time...

A little late but oh well, Happy fourth of july...

Well wanted to post this even though its been a couple of days after it. Well wanted to say the fourth was pretty good for U/us. The uncle here was trying his best to fuck things up but loved how it all went awry on him instead. 
 The only thing i didnt like this week was that most of O/our food spoiled and had to take it back and get something else. But other than that it was awesome. Makes five years watching them and celebrating this with Daddy. I hope everyone had a good fourth.