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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

July 20, 2012

Gotta love idiots in this lifestyle.....

The_Master:wamt to chat?
me:ok but im engaged and owned
The_Master:a shame. But ok. Do you have any pics of you slave
me: nope and you will call me ashpea, not slave
The_Master:I'll call you by your user name, which is slave
me: no you will not
me:and with that good bye

You just gotta love these people who think they are in the lifestyle. They think that by saying oh i will call you what i want, is being a Dom then they need to rethink that. I dont mind talking to be in this lifestyle, i seriously dont. But the ones who do talk to me are just looking for one thing, a slave to own. And it gets tiresome pretty fast.

As this chat was going, i thought he just wanted to chit chat, but of course i had a feeling he had another motive to it. So i wrote right there that i am engaged and owned. To show that i am not looking for this. And i knew that was the response i was waiting for. And he hit all the donts in my profile. So i knew that this chat would go down really fast. 

With that, i do not like people who think they are in the lifestyle or just talking to me in general. Yes, my nick says slave, but do not call me that. As it shows that i am yours when im not. And i clearly stated that to this guy, and he thought he was being all macho and a dom by putting i will call you what i want basically and that is slave. 

From there, i just had to leave. I dont talk to jack asses who think they are better than me. And if they cant respect me just slightly or acknowledge that i am a human being then i would talk to them all polietly. Other than that, you are just going to get my Domme side. Which that has been out for quite some time now(another story for another). Anyways, enjoy the small chat and Until next time. 

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