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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

July 8, 2013

How things are going so far in the lifestyle....

July 8,2013

I'm not sure what is going on as of late. But i think the Devil is messing with me a lot. This makes the third day that someone wants to pick a fight for no apparent reason. And its about the lifestyle.

The first two nights was on another site, and i asked a simple question that had a bit of O/our memories in it, and i got so much hatred from it, that i wrote them back, stating that Daddy is abusive and what not. And they think im going to just stay quiet about that? I dont think so. And say that im battling everyone's opinion... and i never knew these people on that site at all and they just had to comment on my question all of a sudden? Just doesnt make sense.

I got upset because i thought i made a friend, or at least open up someone eyes to how BDSM works, but to no avial i find out she used me. Just wanted to pick my brain and to see what makes me tick. And then when Daddy wrote back to her in not a nasty way, she comes back and gives me her ideas on it.

And then today happened. I was talking on a chat site and there are quiet a bit of people in the lifestyle and i had someone who thought he was a dominant trying to tell me that im using God as an excuse to not obey other people, and to not do what Daddy/fiancee wanted. This is a touchy subject for me, as to i know there are a lot who are not religious and in the lifestyle so they will have different views than me. But i already knew he was going to try and twist things on me.

I was trying to tell him that i sin just like everyone else, but he just twisted it to saying that im just using that excuse to not do things in the lifestyle. Sorry, but im not going to do things that go against God. He tried taking that i live with Daddy/fiancee a sin, but how can that when W/we are married in His eyes?

That didnt go well with him so he kept going on. I told him, that i will not do other things with other people, because it goes against God and he just said that i twist the Word and God so i dont have to do it. Because you tell me, how is it Godly to share your body/soul with another person and not taint yourself and your spouse?

I just love how people in this lifestyle judge more so than those who are not in it, but then again, you do have a lot who are not in the lifestyle twist a lot of things and think oh its abusive and so forth. So it can be equal in ways. I just dont get why all the hate, all the fighting as of late. Is it to see how much i can take before breaking again? I dont know, i just hope that im doing well and doing the right thing for God. Until next time.

July 4, 2013

Being a Christian and living the BDSM lifestyle.....

mh:ur a slave?
me:yes, who is owned though
mh:do u massage ur owners feet?
mh:why not?
me:well lets see, for one He doesnt like it, two that isnt one of the things i do
mh:than what do u do?
me:domestic slave, who does S and M
mh:which is?
me:well to what part
mh:what are ur slave chores
me:cleaning up the house, keeping it tidy, doing laundry, taking care of Him and supporting His decisions
mh:define takeing care of him and supporting his decsions
Making sure He has everything He needs for work, making sure His health is in order, or if He is sick, take care of Him, get medicine, etc. His decisions, if they are huge ones, like disowning family, im with Him
mh:hmm so no sex or massages?
me:for U/us very little sex is involved in the lifestyle. And i give Him back massages here and there when He needs them
mh:so ur a slave and not a girlfriend
me:I'm everything to Him. Slave/wife/lover/friend etc
mh:wow how'd u get in this posting
me:it's always who ive been. I just met Him and knew He was the one for me in the lifestyle and outside of it as well
mh:um so he's ur bf
mh:and to be sadstic is a sin fyi
me:He's my fiancee/Husband
but also my Daddy Dom in the lifestyle
me:nope its not
mh:yes it is
me:no its not
mh:yes it is
me:you may think it is, but what W/we do and what God thinks
is what i need to go with
whether you think so or not
mh:well ur belife is false
satan tortures people for sexual pleasure pagans who worship demons were sadstic
me:that is what you think. Me on the other hand i dont think so. And like i just stated, that is between me and God
and no one else
oh come on
you are going to try and pull that one

I keep having this stinking conversation with this guy every time i let him out of the ignore section of the site im on. It never fails, that he starts asking questions and then goes on to try and tell me what im doing is wrong. And with that, this little teenager needs to learn that not everything he thinks is right or wrong in his eyes. 

I was doing pretty much fine with him until he got to the point that S and M is a sin. How is it a sin when it is consent and God doesnt really care about that? That is what i want to know. Trying to state the satan uses it as pleasure with sex.... makes me wonder what the heck he thinks of other lifestyles that do go against the Bible? 

I procreeded to tell him what he thought about disciplining women in the Bible, as to God wants us to be humble and submit to our husbands. And he came up with a hogwash answer and just tore it down. But of course he wanted to try and get the last word in, and try to tell me that what i am doing is horrible and i need to stop it in so many words.

To most who live this lifestyle have told me that what i do is very boring and they do more extreme and horrible stuff. Sorry, but i am a Christian and i go by what God wants. I go by what God commandments say and from there my morals and then what God tells me in my heart. 
 I've tried just settling it with him and just saying, you think what you want, and i will think what i want and just leave it at that. But of course being a teenager and thinking he has all this great knowledge try to go on with it. After a while, i just ignored him and went on with whatever im doing. 

I wanted to post this, and show that no matter what people who think they are Christians try to tear down others lives. Just because you may not understand it or agree with it, but it really is beteween them and God. All you can do is respect and go on with your life. All you can do instead of pushing your beliefs on people and what not. 

My lifestyle is Christian BDSM: being for God first and foremost and keeping His commandments and then the lifestyle. That does not mean im serving two masters and so forth and many state or that im with satan because i love extreme S and M. If you cant handle that, then i advise you to not talk to me really. 

Im not going to wither away and my faith go down because people think they are right in this area. I have talked to God so many times on this and to see if it was right to go ahead and do this. I didnt get any feelings or Words from Him to stop it, so why should i?
 If im keeping the commandments and His laws and being for Him, why cant i? I love how people try to tear people's faith down all because of the lifestyle they lead, especially this one. 

And what makes it a bit more annoying is that it seems he is in it(fake if you ask me) as to asking all these questions and when he didnt like something would pop that in. Either you are involved in this lifestyle with a religion or not, but dont try to come at me and say this and that when you are not in it. Just doesnt have any valid points in my view.

With that, i like to point out, that i am a domestic slave. Yes, i keep the house in working order, i take care of Daddy/fiancee and support His discions whether i like it or not. I am married to him in God's eyes, so i obey. And with that, W/we do S and M, but not to the point i have permnament scars all over my body, body modifications, mocking/playing religious play and what not. So what is the harm of it for me to be involved in this lifestyle or not to others? 

I just dont get at times why people want to poke their noses into other peoples business. True, i do have slave whatever in my name in the social sites im on, but that is because it is who i am and will always be that. And also to find those who are in the lifestyle, try to make friends, understand more of the lifestyle and why people do it, and to open other peoples eyes that a real and honest bdsm lifestyle is different than what they think it is. But that does not give you the right, to come into my space/life and try to tell me what to do.(One of my rules to never obey anyone online or real life). 

I think this just irks me a bit, because i have spoken a few times on religion with BDSM and of course it always come out the same way. Just too many people thinking of only the one way a Christian can be. 
 Until next time.