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I'm 23 now; In the BDSM lifestyle for four- almost five years now. I am a 24/7 slave with a wonderful Daddy/fiancee: who is artcomet.blogspot.com. But as you will see in this blog are the emotions that I go through each and every day- in and out of the lifestyle. This is to show how much I've grown and bonded with my Daddy, how I've dealt with 'the world", and how I dealt with people in the BDSM lifestyle; Enjoy.

December 11, 2013

Adventures of a water nymph... lol going to title it this, as to a lot of things going on...

Okay, now this one is for my blog. Whew today has been a very eventful day for me. I had some lovely conversations with some oh so lovely people.. yea I'm being sarcastic here.

Let's go with the first one I had. I'm on a site called Weirdtown its not a bad chat site, but still you do have your run in with idiots. Being that said, someone ive been talking to for about a week now, goes to ask me, why I don't have sex and what not.

And I told her my reasoning as to why and gave me a typical idiots answer to it. I told her, I really don't feel the need to have sex, and tells me, I just havent had good sex or a good sex partner..
Now this pisses me off.. clearly people are idiots here. There is a condition where you don't feel sexual and what not, and I have it. Sure, sometimes I feel it, but for the most part I really don't. Hell I don't understand or comprehend why people are addicted to it. Don't think I ever will to be honest. Oh well to that..

The next I stated is I don't have enough money nor a home of my own to have children.. its a short way of stating a very long winded explanation to it. And I get sure, condoms and birth control are out there.
Hm, I already said I didnt have money for it, nor am I going to take things just so I can have sex.

And my response back to her I should say, if you look at it, condoms are what three dollars for a three pack, but I'm allergic to latex, so the ones I need are roughly around ten bucks.... and she said she pays four bucks for birth control... hm well someone has luxury, because I know for a fact, for me, without insurance, it would cost around forty bucks a month. I don't know how I will be on it, but with my family and how they are, I'm not taking the chance. And that is what I said.

My priorities are else where. I said you have luxuries I don't. Hell I found out I'm eight percent below poverty line.. that should of told you something right there. Of course does anyone listen or read what I put? I don't think they do to be honest, because I have to repeat myself and finally get snotty with them, before they ever listen to me.

I'm not ready to have children right now, and I'm not going to do that, buy that stuff just to have it and let everyone think I'm a normal person.. because I can honestly tell you, I am no where near normal.

It's like everyone forgets that everyone doesnt live like they do. I'm still worrying about being homeless, than worrying about having sex with my Husband. But someone thinks of me as being stupid as to put bills, food, a roof over my head way before sexual urges and needs.

Is this really how people think? Even if a little thinks like that? IF that is true, then I can see why so many poor people have children, its because they are pressured to think they need sex in order to fulfill all of our earthly needs. And then exhaust programs and get away with it.

I can see that type of thinking already. And I know for sure I'm not going to do that and I told her that. She finally shut up about it, and went on with whatever. I don't mind talking and sharing about my life and what quirks I have and what not, but don't try to tell me how to be.. that just puts me off. And now I'm not sure if I will ever talk to her again.

Then at the same time talking to her, another person starts pming me. He goes on to tell me he is a dominant guy and wants to own me... and only cares if I'm white. I told him, I am married and owned, and not here for that.. and he goes on to gloat, and say that he has so many white slaves, had sex with them and told one to have an abortion and she does it.

That ticked me off completely. I hate those who gloat about being in the lifestyle, that just shows me for one you are not a man, two you are nowhere near a true dom and never will be, and then trying to get me, knowing full well I am owned, yea its not going to happen.

I can see why I'm so picky with people who say they are in the lifestyle, because each time I talk to someone, they gloat about it, want to know about it or they want to own me and do sexual stuff. That is not my objective here. It's to teach what its about, and hopefully have a friend in it, and help give advice or so, when I truly need it in this lifestyle.. but of course I havent found it.

After I saw that, I knew I couldnt just talk to the person anymore. It goes against my beliefs and why should I taint my morals just for the sake of talking to someone? And I told him in a somewhat nice, but I think firm voice/hand that I am not going to talk to him anymore.

Someone who just has an ego, and just flips the whole slave thing, is just bullshit if you ask me. He is 48 years old, around the same age as my parents, and he acts like he is a teenager/ mid twenty year old just getting into the lifestyle. I hate when people are older than you, but act like children, and you are so much younger and have to be an adult... kinda sad. But yea, I even told him I'm surprised I'm even writing you back, because he really deserve it, but I thought he should know his manners are not welcomed at all.

I told him, that he is not a man and a very sick person to tell anyone to have an abortion. That goes against my very fiber, and will not talk to someone who gloats about it. In his writing he was very happy that she had aborted her child. I take that very seriously.. I think the woman is in the wrong as well, having an affair, and then doing that,s he should be ashamed of herself.

He even told me, that since he was 28, he has been going behind his wife's back and having affairs and having “slaves”. Doing this under her nose. I do not like that at all as well. It is cheating no matter what you think of it.. and to gloat that he has gotten away with something is not right at all, and I let him know about that. And I knew where he was going with it.. he wanted me to cheat on my Husband who is also my Daddy Dom in the lifestyle, and to taint myself just because in the name of him being a so called dom.

Yea, I'm not like that, nor am I stupid enough to leave my Husband/Daddy Dom of almost seven years, and go with a douche? Yea, not going to happen.

That is another thing I was going to write on, you need to watch out for signs that these doms have an ego.. you can just tell from the start. If they have an ego, and say hey I'm a dom, then I think its time to look else where because they are truly not that, just playing around with it.. and getting in it with someone like that, the experience will not be good at all. I know this looks like a novel, but after almost a year of not writing, it has finally come back to me.. and thought to make this into one, instead of a few short ones. Just what has been going on as of late, and that I havent had time really to be writing and keeping up with my blog. But with that, I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully someone out there will learn from this. Until next time.. 

What's been going on lately....

I know i know, im sorry it took this long to actually start blogging again.. been having a hectic year and what not.

a lot of things have been happening in my life. Im back with my family, im talking to my mother a lot more than the rest of them, still its a start somewhere. been a couple of fights so far, but nothing too bad. 

From there, had that horrible arctic storm that went through here, making it almost -50 or so and where im living at the managers had the temp set at 55 degrees, making it feel like damn air-conditioning.. which got me sick. 
Then yesterday night a water pipe burst in O/our apartment building due to it being so fucking cold in the place and then warming up, just couldnt handle it.. so having to smell the nasty water in the basement/mail room. 

Then to what happened yesterday. 

Ive had this guy come up to me probably a month ago or less maybe, asking if i had a boyfriend and what not.. well yesterday i find out, he is sorta stalking me and then comiing up to me, talking to me, about sex, and saying he likes my ass and what not. And he keeps trying to persuade me to go with him and not my Husband and kept saying no "white" man can please you.. yadda yadda yadda.. that went on for about ten minutes, when my Husband got there.. yay for me right? 

Nope, the dude didnt get up, just shook His hand, and didnt move to let my Husband sit next to me, nor leave so W/we could be together.. but doing a power trip on Him and to see if he could get me. 
After that my Husband told me you cant talk to him anymore and i just said okay.. He kept saying he is evil, and not a good person, and glad He got to see him so He could see how he was. And then He kept chastising me because He is my Daddy Dom after all, and saying i should not be meeting or talking to people who are clearly evil.. and of course me crying my eyes out, feeling like i let God down, let Daddy down, and that he would see me in a different light. 

For the next hour, He kept telling me that i shouldnt be doing this and that, but also saying in the same sentences that its not my fault, and i cant help it that evil people are attracted to me lol. And was worrying about my safety. He even went to say, you cant go to the library anymore.. but im glad He came to same conclusion as i did, im going to go, and will tell the guy to not talk to me anymore.. if he doesnt honor that, tell the librarians about it first, if they dont do anything then im calling the cops. 
I'm not going to have people make me a coward all because they are evil and keep their evilness inside.. just not going to happen.
I am glad to say, that i havent seen him today and hopefully the next time i do, its with my Husband so He can tell Him.. i really hate confrontation or saying whatever to people.. i hate being so damn submissive at times, i hate being so damn shy and timid that i cant be myself and be assertive with others. 

Online its easier to deal with evil and idiotic people, but in real life, its a lot harder to get away from it.. because online all you have to do is just ignore or block, but in the real world, they go where you go, so you cant avoid them at all, and then on top of that, they dont honor their word, so it just makes it a hassle. And then you have to involve cops, ugh.. i mean you can do that online, but i think its a lot harder in the real world. 

But yea, you can see how my life goes.. never a dull moment in my life lol. Either something pops up with my lifestyle, or something like this comes up, or something with the house. Guess that is how it is, living on your own lol.